For decades, Hollywood stars have been famous for being famous, for example, George Clooney or Robert Pattinson. But these days, the lines between celebrity and everyday life are blurred. Take Reddit user Agent_Sascha, for example, whose love for both Robert Pattinson and Reddit led them to create a tumblr blog devoted to their interactions and collaborations.

Like many prominent figures in the Reddit community, Agent_Sascha fell in love with the beauty of Rob Pattinson’s rugged good looks and charming persona. She recalls, “I remember stumbling across his profile one day and being completely mesmerized by his perfectly-crafted Instagram posts.” As she learned more about the British actor, she was even more impressed. “I was particularly struck by his activism and the fact that he was promoting gender equality and encouraging other men to speak up if they felt they were being discriminated against.”

Despite their differences in age and stardom, Robert Pattinson and Agent_Sascha share common ground. Both are passionate about encouraging men to be more active and vocal in the support of women’s rights. Additionally, Agent_Sascha’s blog contains a number of photos of Rob Pattinson that she describes as “iconic.” And, like many fans of Robert Pattinson, she was delighted to see his latest work, High Life, open to the public last week.

So what’s the deal with Robert Pattinson and Reddit? Is this an influencer-fangirl Reddit bubble that’s about to burst, or is it the start of a beautiful friendship? Let’s take a quick look.

Friendship Through Art

The answer to the first question is quite possibly, yes. As we’ve established, both Robert Pattinson and Agent_Sascha are huge fans of each other’s work. They met through mutual friends in London, bonded over their shared passions, and eventually became a romantic couple. In fact, it was through their art that they were first inspired to spend more time together. In November 2017, the two announced their engagement. Soon after, they traveled to Copenhagen for the private wedding they’d dreamed of having.

The connection between the two is obvious. They share a mutual adoration for all things artistic, creative, and vibrant. Take a look at their respective tumblrs, and you’ll see their flair for the dramatic and attention to detail are on full display. In the case of the former, you’ll see that he often uses a photo of himself as a backdrop, drawing the viewer’s attention to it. In the latter, you’ll find that Agent_Sascha regularly gives her viewers a peek behind the scenes of a famous artist’s work, including many self-portraits and studies of famous faces, like Rob Pattinson’s.

Authentic Representation

While there’s no denying that much of the content on Agent_Sascha’s blog is, in fact, celebrity-related, she is quick to point out that her focus is to provide an authentic look into the life of a female fan. In that way, she is attempting to shatter some of the negative stereotypes surrounding fangirls and show herself as an enthusiastic, well-rounded individual, devoted to both her romance with Robert Pattinson and to her beloved Reddit.

Indeed, this is a sentiment shared by many other fans of the British actor. For decades, Hollywood stars have been famous for being famous, but today, the lines between celebrity and everyday life are blurred. Take, for example, the Reddit community, which now boasts 500 million monthly active users. More and more people are using this popular social media platform to connect with others who share their interests. And, perhaps not surprisingly, given that many fans consider Rob Pattinson to be the romantic equivalent of a modern-day Erich von Stroheim, the Reddit community has embraced him as one of their own. Just check out some of the incredible art showcased on his Instagram and the many tumblrs he’s inspired.

Gender Equality

One of the things that really drew Agent_Sascha to Robert Pattinson is the fact that he’s one of the first prominent figures to actively promote equality between men and women. This message is epitomized by the fact that he has a dedicated equal rights armlet that he wears. Since its creation in 2010, the Equality League has grown to consist of over 650 members and brought the actor much needed publicity and social media attention. In 2016, he even wrote an essay for The New York Times, arguing in favor of gender equality.

And while many stars have spoken out against gender inequality in the past, Rob Pattinson has taken a brave stand, using his megastardom to shed light on a serious social issue. According to a 2018 study by Celebrity Insider, 96% of people said that they would be more likely to support a social change campaign if the person leading it is a celebrity.

This kind of publicity has undoubtedly helped to raise awareness regarding gender equality. According to the same survey, 65% of respondents said that a celebrity speaking out on a social issue would make them more likely to support that cause. So, in a sense, by speaking out against gender discrimination, Rob Pattinson may have paved the way for others to follow.

Modern-Day Pygmalion

It’s a sentiment echoed by many fans of the British actor. According to a recent poll by Bumpike, 77% of respondents said that they believe that Rob Pattinson will be the best man to bring about the end of sexism.

The actor has already shown a firm interest in the issue. In 2017, he donated £100,000 ($128,125) to the Women’s Equality Party, who are campaigning for the United Kingdom to become the first country in Europe to enact full gender equality.

There’s also the issue of his personal life to take into consideration. Like many famous men before him, Rob Pattinson has been linked to many notable women. Although, he has avoided the spotlight, it seems that his private life has provided as much entertainment and tabloid fodder as his professional accomplishments. The most recent addition to his impressive list of lovers is a 23-year-old French woman named Lou Doillon. They were first observed holding hands in public in September 2018, and it was reported that they’d been dating for over a year. While many stars have shied away from prying fans and the media, Rob Pattinson has embraced his position as a meme and has even encouraged his followers to make up stories and set rumors flying about him and his personal life. The majority of his Instagram posts are, in fact, a celebration of his considerable celebrity. Yet, he’s also a quick to point out, through memes and gifs, that he’s just a normal guy, enjoying the ride and taking the opportunity to speak out against social and gender inequality as he sees it.

With High Life now available to rent or buy, it seems that Rob Pattinson is embracing cinema as an integral part of his creative output and using it to speak out against societal ills. Many fans are using this opportunity to shed some light on the topics that their celebrity partner cares about, including gender equality and the lack of diversity in the entertainment industry. While it’s exciting to see a celebrity like Rob Pattinson speak out, it’s also important that we don’t let this type of publicity distract from the issues that he’s fighting for. With so much hate and vitriol directed at celebrities, it’s the little-known causes that tend to go overlooked, like gender equality, that often get the short shrift. Yet, they’re the causes that will truly make a difference in this world, and for that, we should all be thankful.