The body of Robert Pattinson has been a matter of debate ever since he came out as the romantic lead in The Batman. The actor’s unconventional, almost punk-like appearance and vocal cords have made many believe that he is not the traditional Hollywood male beauty ideal. This perception has not been helped by Pattinson’s choppy haircut and his casual approach to clothes and grooming, which has led to a number of fashion faux pas. Now, at least three years since The Batman, many are pondering whether Pattinson is the best choice for the role of Dark Knight or rather, if he is the perfect candidate to play the billionaire Bruce Wayne.

The Actor Behind The Role

Pattinson is known for his quirky sense of humor and off-beat persona, and these elements have definitely made him standout in Hollywood. The Twilight star was initially cast in the lead role of The Batman due to his familiarity with the character from comics and his on-screen chemistry with co-star Christian Bale. While he is undoubtedly an excellent actor, Pattinson is probably most successful when he channelsed the unique attitude and speech patterns of the character he was playing. Not surprisingly, many have dubbed Pattinson’s unique brand of humor as “Batspeak.”

It was this ability to channel the characteristics of a character and exhibit them in a humorous manner that made fans and critics wonder if Pattinson was the right choice for the role of Batman. The actor has never been conventionally handsome, and his role in The Batman was arguably the catalyst that contributed to his increased fame and popularity. Since then, Pattinson has often been compared to his character, Bruce Wayne, and his look has become the stuff of legend.

Hair And Makeup Testaments To Batman’s Uniqueness

Whether they like it or not, many have credited Pattinson with inspiring a “bob haircut” trend, which was then adopted by many male celebrities, mainly Hollywood stars. This fashion choice has become a symbol of rebellion in the same way that the Joker’s iconic laugh or the Batspeak dialect have. To this day, many still refer to Pattinson as “the king of the bob.”

The actor has also faced criticism for not caring enough about fashion. In 2016, the internet went wild when rumors began circulating that Pattinson would finally commit to one outfit and style in order to save fashion-lovers from endless outfit posts. While it is true that Pattinson has worn the same black outfit for the past three years, he has never gone out of fashion. In fact, he has consistently starred in chic and trendy garments.

Even more impressively, he has managed to keep all of his makeup looks for the past three years, which has gained him many fans among fans of beauty and fashion. Many are curious about what products the makeup artist uses to keep Pattinson’s looks so fresh and vibrant. Many of his fans have taken to Twitter to share their love for the actor and his fashion choices, hailing him as “the renaissance man of fashion.”

While it is true that many feel that Christian Bale’s weight loss surgery has improved his on-screen presence and made him look less like a menacing villain, it is also true that many fans love to hate Christian Bale’s portrayal of The Dark Knight. Similarly, while the Joker is undoubtedly a fascinating character and one of the greatest villains in cinematic history, many of his fans are still not fond of Heath Ledger’s performance as he feels that his portrayal was too campy and exaggerated.

Pattinson’s Style Evolution

Since his breakout role in Twilight, Pattinson has become a style icon in the same way that Christian Bale has. The actor has kept true to his rebellious roots and has not shied away from expressing his personality through his style, whether it is intentional or not. While Christian Bale wore a suit and tie more often than not throughout his tenure as Batman, Pattinson has typically opted for a more casual look. This can be seen in the way he has chosen to style his hair, which has become increasingly shaggy with each passing year. He has also consistently worn T-shirts throughout his career, often with amusing slogans on them.

Pattinson has also developed a taste for off-white shirts, which he often wears with yellow or orange accessories. He has worn t-shirts emblazoned with slogans and ironic comments since the beginning of his career and continues to do so now. Additionally, he has collaborated with designer Martin Scorsese on several occasions and has even worked as a style advisor on the filmmaker’s sets.

In short, while many have been impressed by Robert Pattinson’s commitment to fashion and style, they have also questioned his choice to play Batman due to his appearance and vocal cords. Now, at least three years into his role as the caped crusader, it is time for the world to answer the question: Is Robert Pattinson the perfect choice to play Batman?