The world is currently in the throes of a fashion renaissance, with people across the globe wanting to express their individuality and uniqueness through their clothes. One of the most talked-about men of this momentous time is none other than Batman, as his unique, stylish taste has not gone unnoticed.

The Dark Knight Takes On The Fashion Industry

Since making his big-cat debut in 1992’s Batman Returns, the character has starred in more than two dozen films where he’s taken on various roles. While the movies have varied in quality, there’s one undeniable fact: Batman usually delivers when it comes to fashion. So it should come as no great surprise that he’s currently the central figure of the fashion industry’s biggest revival, with his stylish and iconic taste having laid the foundations for today’s trends – from grunge to streetwear.

After nearly three decades in the making, the Batman Robert Pattinson collection is finally scheduled to hit stores. The high-end clothing label debuted its first look at the eclectic fashion personality’s fall/winter 2019 collection in London today. Inspired by everything from manga to Gothic literature, the collection combines the classic look of the Dark Knight with trendy, contemporary elements, such as tartan and gingham prints. Let’s take a closer look.

The Classic Look

The inspiration for this season’s collection came from the Gothic horror manga and anime Shingeki no Kyojin (The Rising of the Shield Hero). In the series, an epidemic of superhuman abilities called the nanomachine attack causes animals and regular people to gain superhuman abilities, with some even taking on the appearance of humans. Many of the characters in the series are teenagers or young adults, which is exactly the demographic that inspired the design team at EB Games Australia.

The group was looking to capture the essence of the bold and unique characters they admire, and decided to create a collection that pays tribute to these remarkable individuals. The result is a timeless combination of masculine charm and a refined sense of style.

The Contemporary Elements

One of the interesting things about this collection is how it brings together two opposite yet complementary trends: the retro and the contemporary. The menswear-inspired looks are completely appropriate for today, while the influences from the 1950s and 1960s give the collection an authentic timelessness.

The designer chose to highlight modern-day influences, such as tartan prints and graphic T-shirts, alongside vintage garments, such as vests and polka dots. These two seemingly disparate design elements come together to form a cohesive look, creating something fresh and bold.

Armed And Dangerous

One of the major influences behind today’s Batman fashion renaissance is undoubtedly the late Robin Williams, who portrayed the character in several comedy films, most notably Good Will Hunting. In 1998’s Batman Forever, Williams’ character famously quips, “How can you be 70 years old and still hunt thieves?” This line not only became an instant catchphrase, but helped to define Williams’ iconic performance as a detective who uses his wits and intellect to outsmart the criminals he pursues.

Although the films are comedies, they’re not exactly kid-friendly, containing scenes of violence and gritty detail, which is why it’s no great surprise that today’s stylish Batman has attracted a millennial audience. In keeping with the no-nonsense persona of the character, the designer has used simple yet effective graphic T-shirts as the base for the collection, followed by polka dots in jacquards or check prints, which provide the perfect amount of color and pattern for the modern man.

This approach makes the collection stand out even more, as graphic T-shirts are an underused but extremely effective element of men’s fashion, used primarily for sportswear. It’s not just about using the right silhouette for a graphic Tee, but making sure that the combination is both stylish and effective, as there are often a million different ways that this piece of kit can be styled.

The Look Is Timeless

Of course, when it comes to fashion, style and trend always come hand-in-hand, with style often inspiring or influencing trends, but not always. When it comes to the Batman collection, it’s safe to say that the designer wanted to evoke the spirit of the comic’s original 1960s design, with the inclusion of tartan and gingham print, alongside a nod to the character’s more recent film appearances. These elements tie the collection into a more contemporary design aesthetic.

However, this was no easy task, as it’s not simply a case of putting together a combination of the two trends. The designer had to work hard to create a cohesive look, despite the considerable differences in design and pattern and the fact that they’re from opposing trends. Yet, somehow, he’s managed to do it, and the end result is a unique collection that will hopefully become a timeless fashion inspiration.

The pieces in the collection are simple yet effective, with bold and unique patterns, such as gingham print, used in conjunction with the simple yet effective graphic T-shirts. It would appear these are the building blocks for simple but stylish yet effective modern men’s wear.

The great thing about this collection is that it’s completely relevant now, having been inspired by both contemporary and vintage trends, and it will undoubtedly continue to be relevant for years to come.