It Has Become Quite Popular Among Both

If there is one area that the 21st century has excelled in, it is in terms of creating niche markets and filling them with products designed to serve a specific purpose or fulfill a desire. One such niche is that of the Batman enthusiast, and the perfect jacket to serve as the caped crusader’s wardrobe addition is the Batman Robert Pattinson Bomber Jacket. This combination of Batman and Robert Pattinson has become so popular that it was even featured on the cover of the latest issue of Dazed Digital magazine.

The Product Is A Mix Of Fashion And Function

An element of what makes this particular product so special is the fact that it is a combination of form and function. The silhouette of the jacket is derived from that of a classic British bomber jacket with the addition of a decorative strip of gold, white, and blue across the chest and on the collar. This decorative motif is emblazoned on the back in an image of the American bald eagle, the symbol of the United States. This unique combination of fashion and function serves as a testament to the versatility of the 21st century, and the ability of designers to come up with creative solutions to the problems people face on a daily basis.

Pricing Is Perfect For The Contemporary Consumer

This year’s version of the Batman jacket is priced at just $350, a fraction of the cost of most luxury items on the market, making it a luxury item within the reach of the everyday consumer. This pricing makes it perfect for fans of both Batman and Robert Pattinson, as well as for any other enthusiast or casual wearer who might want to sport this stylish item.

The design team at Burberry worked with a 3D printer to bring the distinctive white feathers of the British birds to life in a full-color, printable pattern on the inner flap of the jacket’s chest. This detail was not available in the original artwork and serves as a unique touch that makes this design stand out even more. This particular pattern is also printed on the back of the jacket, in the form of a shield flanked by two blue and yellow stripes, as well as on the collar and on the bottom of the collar’s turn-down collar, bringing the color scheme back around to the front.

This Is One Design Team That Filled Its Entire Schedule

This particular design team drew upon all of its available resources to produce this year’s edition of the Batman jacket. Not only did it utilize a 3D printer to bring the unique pattern to life on the inside of the jacket, but it also turned to the internet to find images of both Robert Pattinson and Batman that it could base this design upon.

The attention to detail that this design team was able to bring to this project stands in stark contrast to the rushed and poorly executed garment that was worn by Ryan Gosling’s character in the 2012 film, Gangster Squad. This is most likely the result of two separate groups of designers, with very different approaches to creation. One must admit, however, that the jacket worn by Gosling’s character was based on this year’s design and was one of the inspirations for the item.

The versatility of the 21st century continues to amaze with unique and creative designs like this that transcend basic garment functionality and evolve into a piece of art. This is no doubt the result of designers being inspired by everything from literature and mythology to television shows and comics.