Ever since the dawn of time, photographers have been enamored with capturing the essence of true beauty. Countless fashion magazines and style blogs exist because of this undying desire to bring the world the best of what beauty has to offer. One of the most prominent creators of this style is none other than the late Robert Pattinson, the actor best known for portraying the Penguin in the most recent Batman installment, The Dark Knight Rises. While we may never know how much this project meant to him, as he tragically passed away in August 2014, we can still enjoy his incredible aesthetic through his photographs and know that he would want us to remember him this way.

The Influences of Classic Hollywood

If you’ve been following the latest news on Batman, then you’ll know that while this character may not be as modern as we’ve seen in some of the other superhero franchises, he still very much embraces classic Hollywood. This is very evident in his work as he frequently draws from a variety of sources, including silents, the golden era of Hollywood, and the comics of the ‘40s and ‘50s. While most people know the movie version of The Dark Knight as the blueprint for this cinematic anti-hero, it was originally based on the late ‘40s DC series of the same name. The same can be said for one of his most iconic images, where he plays the saxophone while wearing a very stylish tuxedo. The influence of classic Hollywood is also apparent in his choice to play the villainous mastermind Bane, who was first introduced in the 1996 movie, Superman Returns and then again in The Dark Knight Rises. While some consider this to be just a passing fancy for the actor and claim that he will never play this type of character again, we can still see how much this influenced his choices behind the camera.

The Influences of ‘90s Fashion

Another thing that stands out about the fashion in Batman’s world is how ‘90s everything looks. This was most likely the result of the fashion designers he was working with at the time wanting to emulate the ‘70s and ‘80s grandeur that he so effectively embodied on camera. It wouldn’t be surprising if he requested Armani suits for himself and henchmen as he climbed the ranks of crime-fighting. In addition to this, he was also big on sunglasses and would frequently be seen sporting a fedora or a classic pork-pie hat. The influences of ‘90s fashion are most prominent in the set of The Dark Knight Rises where he is seen in stylish sunglasses, bandanas, and military attire. While we may never know what type of clothing he would have picked had he lived longer, one can only hope that he found some vintage pieces that he could have wore with pride.

The Influence of Comic Books

Speaking of ‘70s and ‘80s fashion, it wouldn’t be a surprise if the actor had a deep attachment to comic books. After all, in addition to Batman, he had a long association with the literary character, Wolverine, and played a werewolf in the 2005 film, Wolfman. One can only imagine that these two worlds would have collided in some way and that he would have seen himself as a bit of a hybrid. The same is true for the cinematic world of comics where prominent characters like Ben Affleck’s Daredevil and Henry Cavilla’s Judge Dredd often appear in comic-book form. While we may never get a straight answer about what drew him to comics, it’s clear that they had an influence, and not just on the big screen.

Creating The Robert Pattinson Aesthetic

While Batman may not always be referred to as the “poster child for coolness,” it’s clear that he has a style all his own. However, how did this style come to be? As mentioned before, we don’t know the whole truth about the actor’s death, but there are a few theories floating around regarding how he died and what type of style he was living. According to some sources, he was found in his trailer with a gunshot wound to the head. It would seem that he was murdered by one of his handlers, who also happened to be his manager at the time. As per usual in these types of situations, no one witnessed the murder but suspicions immediately fell upon the handlers. It also wouldn’t be the first time a celebrity was found dead with a gunshot wound to the head; consider the 2015 cases of Amy Winehouse and Prince.

While we may never know for sure how Robert Pattinson came to be killed, we can still draw some interesting parallels to his life and style. One thing is for certain, he will forever be remembered as one of the greatest style icons of all time. While most people know him for his acting career, it’s clear that a lot more went into his fashion choices than just a passing fancy for the actor. Even after his untimely death, people will continue to be inspired by his style.