It’s been a while since the premiere of Gotham, the highly-anticipated prequel series to the immensely popular Batman trilogy, and a few months since we saw Dick Grayson’s (played by Adam Westwood) last outing as the caped crusader, but the world of Gotham still holds a special place in our hearts — especially now that we know more about how Batman (played by Ben Affleck) and Robin (played by Damon Wayonsg) ended up together.

So, how did Batman & Robin’s relationship turn out? According to a new fan theory, the Dynamic Duo may have found a happy medium where they can co-exist in harmony; one that doesn’t require them to fight crime together. It seems that as the years went on, Robin became more and more reluctant to don the costume and prowl the city streets with his mentor. But, for some reason, Batman never got rid of that need to protect people, and in doing so, found a way to make being Robin a meaningful and integral part of his life.

Perhaps the most interesting part of this fan theory is how it was able to emerge from the ashes of another. Last year, after the finale of The Dark Knight, fans speculated that Batman had met his match in Catwoman, played by Anne Hathaway. The theory went that since Barbara (played by Erin Richards) was the one who ultimately sent Batman to Prison, she would grow to resent him and want to even the score. As a result, it was widely assumed that Catwoman would eventually turn against him and try to kill him. In a stunning twist, it was later revealed that the villainess had, in fact, helped Batman save Gotham, and it seems they will now be working together to protect the city from various threats.

Was Batman’s Prison Term What Kept Him Away From Robin?

When we first meet Dick Grayson in Gotham, he has just emerged from five years of being Batman. He is a broken man, scarred both physically and mentally by his time in the role. During his stay in Arkham Asylum, he was subjected to torture by a sadistic psychiatrist, and the sight of his younger sibling, Jason, being brutally beaten by a group of thugs, broke Dick’s heart. Not wishing to be the good guy anymore, he made his way to Metropolis, where he meets a young girl, April, and decides to take up the mantle of Robin.

But was Batman’s prison term what kept him away from his young partner? The character would go on to inspire the creation of a whole new Robin, Tim Drake, who would be the first mainstream Robin to not have been exposed to the horrors of the Dark Knight’s world. While in prison, Dick received therapy and spent a lot of time with other inmates. This allowed him to rehabilitate and see the good in people, which is the complete opposite of how he was as Batman. This is why, even now that he has served his time and has returned to Gotham, he feels that his old life is a complete mystery to him and doesn’t understand how he ended up there to begin with. It’s also why he is hesitant to put on the cowl and walk the streets as Batman again. Even the most diehard of fans would admit that five years is a long time to be away from the person you love the most in the world. This, of course, is assuming that they ever truly loved each other in the first place.

A Matter Of Time

Even after five years, it’s still very much a gray area as to whether or not Dick and Batman were ever truly over. While Jason is now a grown man and his mental issues are under control, the trauma of his childhood still affects him, and not in a good way. It’s led him to be a complete shut-in, unable to leave his house, and it’s heavily implied that he still sees Batman as the monster who stole his family and kept them apart. While Jason seems to have accepted that his relationship with Bruce is over, there is always the chance that the two could one day put their differences aside, forgive each other, and spend a happy, contented life together.

The thing about Batman is that, despite his enormous success and popularity, there is always something more he can be doing. With all of the negative press he has gotten over the years, people have begun to believe that he doesn’t need anyone, and that eventually, his partners will learn this and leave him. But this couldn’t be further from the truth. Whether it’s trying to find the best coffee machine for the bar or going on fact-finding missions for the sake of justice, Batman is a man of endless curiosity and a never-ending quest for more knowledge.

Fate Loves Dick

Ultimately, it seems that Dick Grayson’s time with Batman was not a complete waste of time. Far from being a hindrance, it turned out that it was the key to his eventual rehabilitation. In addition to giving him a new lease on life, spending time as an inmate exposed Dick to lots of new things, which brought a whole new dimension to his character. A lot of the things that he learned in prison would find their way into his Robinhood, helping him to become a more confident and outgoing person.

For instance, he became more observant, learning how to look at a situation from all angles and see its strengths and weaknesses. This would come in handy during his time as a detective, when he would analyze crime scenes and deduce the culprits, something that he had not been able to do as Batman, who saw only the results of his actions. As a result, he would go on to become a better partner, a better leader, and even a better person. And this is why, when Gotham finally finds its peace, it is the perfect place for Dick to return, and even give Jason his blessing to become the new Batman.

What Will Happen To Alfred?

Another important aspect of this story is what will happen to Alfred (played by Richard McGonagle) now that all of this has transpired? As the oldest son of a wealthy family that could afford to pay for his schooling, Alfred had always aspired to be a butler, and spent years training under the tutelage of an expert in the field. But at the end of the day, he only ever wished to be a family man, and be a part of something bigger than himself. When all of this is said and done and Jason takes over as Batman, what will become of Alfred?

In one scenario, he could stay in his employ and become a sort of supervisor/mentor to Jason. But perhaps the most interesting possibility is that he could take up shop with the other burglars, who he now sees as a family. Alfred is a man of faith, and sees the arrival of Jason as an opportunity to spread his Christian beliefs. He could even help to found a church, which he attends regularly.

Whatever the future holds for Alfred, it seems that the man who raised him with such care and dedication has much to be thankful for. As a result of his five years in prison, he learned the value of family, finding a new purpose in life, and he even has a chance to leave a lasting legacy through his adopted son.