Roderick Pattinson, son of the late film star William and more recently the boyfriend to actress Katy Perry, has moved into a £30,000 a month residence in Belgravia.

The property, a six-bedroom townhouse, is one of a clutch of townhouses that make up a private urban development surrounded by leafy streets and close to London’s Natural History Museum. In total, the collection of elegant homes has been bought by a British billionaire, Ronald Bassett for £30 million.

Bassett, who also owns a mansion in Belgravia, told The Wall Street Journal that he had bought the place because he wanted a change from his London townhouse, which he described as “too small”. Bassett said that he liked living in a ‘crown’, referring to the private urban development.

When the mansion was first listed for sale, its representative said that it came with a private pool and garden, along with a concierge service, putting it out of reach of most people. The sale of the townhouse, which is not far from the location of Batman’s parent’s grave, was negotiated directly between Bassett and the seller. Pattinson has been a popular entry on the list of celebrity home buyers following his father’s death in 2003 and subsequent foray into the property market.

The Royal Connection

Pattinson’s move to London is connected to his relationship with Perry. The actress and singer, who has a five-year-old daughter, Rainbow, with the singer, bought a home nearby a few years ago.

“When we first got together, I moved in with her and her daughter to be closer to her,” he told The Times in 2012. “Rainbow is an amazing kid and gets on with everyone. She’s really funny, too. Being a dad is the best feeling in the world.”

It is not yet known exactly what role Pattinson will play in Perry’s life, but as her boyfriend he will be expected to attend various events and parties, including the annual Perry Christmas Party, which he did last year.

As well as being the son of a famous actor, Roderick has degrees in journalism and marketing, and previously worked as a writer and marketer for Estee Lauder and Ralph Lauren. Most recently, he worked in Italy as a brand manager for Ettinger Tequila.

The 24-year-old, who was educated at Eton, said that he had chosen to move to London because he wanted to become an agent, but also admitted that he found the city full of opportunity.

“I’ve always wanted to be an agent, but the amount of courses and the cost of studying make it almost impossible for a 21-year-old,” he told The Independent in 2013. “But if you get a good tutor and do well, it’s definitely within reach.”

Since 2009, London has been the destination of choice for the rich and famous. Since the recession of 2008, property prices have soared, with the average cost of a home now standing at £314,250. Those lucky enough to secure top-tier property deals may well wonder how they could ever spend a sleepless night in a London hotel, let alone a whole day.

Forbes magazine has named London the world’s most expensive city for luxury hotel rooms. According to the publication, the most luxurious bed-and-breakfast in London is the W Hotel, located in the wealthy neighbourhood of Mayfair. The hotel’s “presidential” suite, boasting a private indoor pool, costs £20,000 a night. Other notable London hotels where guests can enjoy a luxury experience include the Ritz Carlton, where a classic “grand tour” of London takes you on a tour of the city’s most famous attractions; and the Four Seasons Hotel, where a “summer promenade” brings guests an outdoor pool, private beach and panoramic views of the city.

Notably, none of these hotels are within walking distance of one another. London is the most populated city in Europe and, as such, far from lacking in attractions for tourists. Those travelling to the UK for work might find themselves with plenty to keep them busy during their stay. The opportunities for contract work – whether as an agent, publicist, or freelancer – are good and competition is high. In fact, Lonely Planet has named London one of the best cities for finding a job, along with New York and San Francisco.

The Boudoir Connection

Pattinson, who has been referred to as “the king of Instagram”, has more than 5.9 million followers on the photo-sharing app. In April 2015, he became the youngest person to attend the Royal Ascot Racecourse with Perry. The couple, who have dated for two years, were seen clutching hands as they watched the race from the stands.

The following month, he took to Instagram to share a throwback picture of himself in a black tracksuit with Perry’s daughter, Rainbow. The couple were later photographed cuddling on a sofa at London Fashion Week.

A few weeks later, he shared another picture of himself in a black shirt, this time with a snake – a reference to the couple’s shared love of snakes, which they have been seen carrying around with them since 2012. On both occasions, the pictures received more than 2.7 million views.

Before moving to London, Pattinson studied economics and political science at Oxford University. He then worked for the international consultancy, McKinsey & Co, before taking to social media.

Keeping Up With The Joneses

In London, the “normal” price for a home is now well over £300,000. The most expensive neighbourhood is undoubtedly Kensington, followed by the more fashionable and expensive neighbourhood of Chelsea. Those who can pay the above-average prices are likely to be more than satisfied with the high standard of living that the city has to offer. While many may find the prices exorbitant, others might see it as a bargain since they can get high-quality property that would not be out of place in a film noir detective story.

As well as the film studio behind the blockbuster series Game Of Thrones, London is home to a number of other large production companies, including, Sky TV, the BBC, Channel 4, and Big Film.

According to figures from Questrom Real Estate, the television and film industries are responsible for the largest number of job offers in the city – with 89% of all real estate job offers coming from within the media, communications and entertainment industries. There is also plenty of work for publicists, marketers and sales people – particularly in the retail and luxury industries.

Pattinson will not be the only famous person to move into a newly built townhouse in London. Other famous property buyers include Kate Winslet, Hugh Laurie and Simon Cowell.

Those interested in investing in London property should do their research before committing. Due to the capital’s expensive housing market, it is crucial to purchase a good-quality property that will not depreciate in value. Having a trusted real estate agent by your side during the process can prove invaluable, as can visiting several different properties, rather than being locked into a single, virtual view of a home. Finally, luxury buy-to-let property in London is a good option, as long as you can afford the monthly payments – and the ever-rising costs of living there mean that even a small sum of money can quickly add up.