This one’s for all you Twihardiacs. Remember when Twilight came out and everybody was obsessed with it? People couldn’t stop talking about it, sharing their opinions on it and generally just enjoying the little series?

Well, guess what? It wasn’t just limited to books: The idea of a romance between teenage vampires sparked a massive online craze, with articles, discussions and memes all reflecting on the phenomenon.

Now, years later, it’s time for the spinoff. While the Twilight Saga is undoubtedly thrilling and enjoyable, it’s clear that the craze was a little bit too much for its creators. Enter Good News, the first film in the franchise and, as it happens, the first big-budget Hollywood romantic comedy of the 21st century. With tons of references and inside jokes not only for fans of the original books, but for anybody who’s ever spent a minute in the Twilighters’ fandom, this stylish and incredibly funny film will leave you laughing, cheering and generally having a good time.

The Film.

Good News tells the story of Charlie Fields (Robert Pattinson), a well-liked and hard-working teacher who unexpectedly gets a break from his school when it closes down due to a snowstorm. While he’d rather be with his students, he’s forced to spend the week alone in a cabin, reading the Twilight books and taking care of the dogs.

Fortunately, he finds refuge in fellow teacher Kate Winslet’s (Mia Wasilla) school, where she’s forced to spend the week teaching as well. The pair eventually strike up a friendship, which eventually leads to them sneaking off to spend some private time together. On their walk, they spot a wolf pack and are saved from certain death by a group of outdoorsmen (led by Woody Harrelson), who then proceed to bring them back to camp.

The rest of the group initially want nothing to do with them, considering them to be criminals and fugitives from justice. But Charlie and Kate’s relationship grows stronger as they spend more time with the campers and get to know them better. In the end, everyone comes around and accepts the new found friendship, allowing Charlie and Kate to ride off in a sweet finale that perfectly captures the spirit of adventure that inhabits all of Good News.

The Dogs.

The canine population of Good News is mostly kept under control, with a decent portion of the film dedicated to watching them chase down and catch wild mice, though a few other dogs do cause problems for the main characters. The best of the bunch is Max, an energetic and curious Golden Retriever who befriends both Charlie and Kate, and even helps them on their journey to be together. Max is clearly the film’s MVP and is as much a member of the main cast as the humans.

The Comedy.

Good News is hilarious. Some of the film’s funniest moments come from the interaction between Mia Wasilla’s Kate Winslet and Robert Pattinson’s Charlie Fields. Despite having only a few scenes together, the two actors are able to sparkle on screen and deliver one of the film’s highlights when they share a private conversation in the woods. For anybody who loves a good Romantic Comedy, this is one to watch.

The References.

Even for fans of the Twilight series, Good News will still have plenty to offer. The film contains numerous shoutouts and references to the original books and their fans, with references to such classics as Edward Cullen (Robert Pattinson), Bella Swan (Kelly Rowland) and Jacob Black (Taylor Lautner). But the film doesn’t stop there. There’s also a reference to Interview With a Vampire, another work by author Stephenie Meyer, which is arguably one of the most influential vampire novels of all time. So if you’ve never read it and are unsure of the premise:

“Vampire. It’s not about being a vampire, it’s about believing you’re a vampire. And who doesn’t believe they’re a vampire, at least a little bit?”

Overall Impressions.

Overall, Good News is not only a lot of fun and very entertaining, but it boasts an incredible amount of talent behind and/or in front of the cameras. As a movie, it’s not only funny and sweet, but it also showcases incredible visuals and a wonderful score by Patrick Carney (aka the voice of the iPhone).

But most importantly, Good News understands its audience and gives them something they’ve never seen before in a romantic comedy: characters they’ll genuinely root for, whose romantic journey will resonate with them. So if you’re looking for a film that’s original, wry and will make you laugh and cry, then look no further than Good News.