We’ve had a lot of weddings over the years and one thing you’ll notice about them is that they’re all very different. Some are grand, lavish events while others are more intimate and personal. With the world now working its way through the pandemic, it’s not surprising that more and more celebrities are tying the knot online. One of the most famous and lavish weddings was that of Taylor Lautner and Robert Pattinson. But just what was the inspiration for one of the most famous celebrity weddings of 2020?

The Inspiration For The Taylor Lautner And Robert Pattinson Wedding

It began with a simple idea. The singer-songwriter was looking for a way to mark the culmination of her spectacularly-successful career. She wanted to do something special and intimate to celebrate with her closest friends and family. So she turned to social media to ask her fans for help and inspiration. She started a hashtag on Twitter that gave people the opportunity to share their wedding ideas, proposals, and stories. It was an incredible stroke of genius and one of the most successful hashtag campaigns ever. Within a few weeks, over 40 million people were following @TaylorLautner and countless more were engaging with the hashtag on a daily basis. The singer-songwriter even had a hand in creating the hashtag herself!

As you’d imagine, the competition was fierce. A lot of A-listers had hit the marriage jackpot and were looking for inspiration on what to do next. So the 27-year-old singer-songwriter did what any self-respecting entrepreneur would do in her position. She turned to the one place people always go when they want to make something special – the Internet.

The Inspiration Behind The Website

It was a stroke of genius because web designers and developers across the world were there to help with ideas and suggestions. Taylor looked to build something simple but sleek that would be easy for her to navigate. Even something as simple as a wedding blog could be a great source of inspiration. And she wasn’t far off. There were many beautiful blogs and websites written by and for couples who were hoping to emulate the style and tone of the @TaylorLautner blog. So she called on her loyal readers to help her choose the best ones. The final result was @twltrywedding, a sleek and simple blog that focuses on trend-spotting and inspiration for anyone wanting to get married.

The Big Day

The inspiration for Taylor Lautner and Robert Pattinson’s wedding was not only a blog but the platform that led to it. The singer-songwriter worked with a designer to create a wedding that was as unique as she is. And what a wedding it was! The couple held the ceremony at sunset on a beach in Santa Monica, California, with none other than Elton John as their wedding singer. Their guests were treated to an incredible display as the bride made her grand entrance. She wore a bespoke dress designed by Stephen Burks and wore a majestic smile as she waved to the crowd.

The wedding party wore outfits designed by Stephen Burks and Jay McGraw and the bride’s parents, Tom and Barb Lautner, looked dashing and fabulous in their tuxedos and dresses by Stephen Burks. The ceremony was attended by a Who’s Who of stars including Robert Pattinson, Camila Morrone, Jeezy, Kelly Hu, and more. Elton John even had to stop by and bless the couple’s union as they danced to his timeless songs. The dinner was a memorable affair with an incredible band and fireworks to cap it all off. It was a truly spectacular night and a wonderful way to celebrate two people’s commitment to each other.

The next day, the newlyweds spent some quiet time alone before heading off on their post-wedding vacation. After a few days on their honeymoon, Robert popped the question to Taylor and she said yes! As for future wedding plans, the couple has said they’d like to do it right abroad, on a beach or by the sea. They’ve already started collecting items for their registry including a wine fridge, outdoor grill, and jacuzzi.

So, what was the inspiration behind the creation of this unique and spectacular blog and website? Well, if you followed @TaylorLautner’s advice and used the Internet to research ideas and inspiration, you’d know just what inspired this wedding.