Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner are arguably the most adorable celebrity couple on Instagram. The on-screen chemistry between the British actor and his co-star on the Twilight films is undeniable. However, the actors’ real-life relationship is quite different from what fans see on-screen. According to a new report from Hello! Magazine, the on-screen chemistry doesn’t extend to the bedroom, and things got so heated during the filming of Twilight that the producers had to intervene.

The article claims that the two stars got so carried away during a scene that they shot for the film that is expected to be released this year that the filmmakers had to step in and cut it short. Apparently, director and co-writer of the upcoming film, Mark Waters, had to tell Lautner and Pattinson to take a break because it was getting too physical. While we await the arrival of the new Twilight film, let’s take a walk down memory lane and relive some of the most memorable moments from the series.

Pattinson’s Shirt Gets Unbuttoned

The first time we see Robert Pattinson was walking down the red carpet at the 2012 MTV Movie Awards in a beautiful blue shirt with the collar unbuttoned. The shirt was a casual wear item by designer Stella McCartney and featured a crew-neck with a light blue background. Since then, fans have been wanting to know when they will be able to buy this shirt; especially since it is one of the most iconic looks from the Twilight series. Unfortunately, the chances of you buying this shirt are pretty slim due to its limited production and high-demand. Still, if you do manage to get your hands on a shirt with this design, it will be a true collector’s item.

The “V” Orgy

The first time we see Taylor Lautner playin’ sports in the Twilight film is when he’s at a beach party and, as the camera cuts in for a closer look, he’s visibly struggling not to pop his pants. The scene plays out like a “V”, with the camera slowly panning from side to side and then following the shape of the letter as it spirals upwards. According to the article, this scene was supposed to represent a “V”-shaped alcove, with the bed positioned in the middle for a threesome. Unfortunately, it was so hot in Southern California that day that Lautner felt that he couldn’t take it anymore and had to rush to the bathroom to take a break. In the meantime, fellow actor Chris Hemsworth picked up the slack and rocked his role as Edward’s brother, Alex, with such ferocity that he ended up having to finish the scene. The camera cuts to a wide shot of the three of them covered in sweat, with Alex’s shirt untucked and his pants unbuttoned, an image that is still hauntingly memorable to this day.

Pattinson’s Bare Chest

In the second installment of Twilight, we are introduced to Bella’s (Kristen Stewart’s) family, who are on their way to visit her while she’s in for the summer. One of the first images that greets us as we enter the family’s living room is that of Robert Pattinson with his shirt off. He’s sitting on the couch with his wife, Emily Brown, and their two young children, while wearing only a pair of blue jean shorts. Emily’s shirt is also unbuttoned in this scene, and she is also wearing a pair of blue jean shorts. This film was released in 2012, and the “Naked Beach Party” scene remains one of the most iconic images from the Twilight franchise.

Riding A Hard-Boiled Egg

The scene in which Bella Swan’s (Stewart) blood is being drained from her body into a pan on the stove in order to make her more “vampire-like” is one of the most stomach-churning scenes in the Twilight saga. However, it is memorable for a different reason: While riding a hard-boiled egg on a fork, Pattinson manages to somehow stick the tines of the fork in and out of the egg without breaking it. The scene was so complicated that it took four takes to get right, and even then the producers had to intervene and tell the cast to stop because it was getting too physical.

Sparkling Wine And A Blowjob

The most recent Twilight film is about a werewolf named Luke (Sam Claflin). After being turned into a wolfman by a kiss from a vampire, Luke decides to lead a more human life and settles down with his girlfriend, Stella (Amanda Seyfried). Their sex life is troubled because she doesn’t want to commit to being his everything just yet and, as a result, won’t let him in. When Luke tricks Stella into letting him in, she gives in and the two have wild, passionate sex. Right after they’re done, Luke invites Stella to swim with him at his lake house, which is when we see him pull off one of the most iconic scenes from the Twilight films. As he heads underwater, we cut to black and then see him glisten as he comes up for air. The water in the lake is actually sparkly from the reflections on the surface and it takes some of the film’s best effects to make it look that way. The director of the film, Bill Cadman, told Hello! that the scene was a “watershed moment” for the whole franchise, as it was the first time that the “bigger, more adult” aspects of the series’ subject matter had been shown on-screen. One of the biggest issues that had been keeping the actors from being able to show their real-life intimacy is that they needed to maintain the “vampire” image. This scene helped to pave the way for them to bring their A-game and truly commit to the role. Whether you agree or disagree, this scene will forever be etched into the minds of fans like you and me. It is truly one of the defining moments of the Twilight series.

These are just some of the incredible moments that made the Twilight film series so unforgettable. It is important to note that all of this is alleged to have happened, and it is certainly the case that the two actors are adorable together on-screen. We can only hope that this report is untrue and that these rumors will die down once the film is released.