I’ve been obsessed with British actors ever since I first saw them on movie screens. It started with my beloved Daniel Day-Lewis and Jonny Lee Miller and now it’s Robert Pattinson’s turn to be the center of my attention. I mean, come on, even the title of S.O.S. Pre-Ordering is evocative of the Cosmo series that began it all for me back in 2010. But more on that in a bit.

An Actor Is Born

The first time I ever laid eyes on Robert Pattinson was in a movie theater. I don’t even remember which one it was, exactly, but I know it was an independent film. Most likely a foreign film, as Britain’s biggest multiplex, the Odeon, didn’t open until the early 2000s. It was probably released around 2005, which would put it somewhere in the middle of the independent film boom that was happening at the time. What I do remember is the feeling I had when watching him on screen. It was almost as if he was a character in one of my own stories — and I loved it.

From Indie Film to Blockbuster

Although I had no idea who he was at the time, the first film to feature Pattinson was definitely the big-budget adaption of Stephen King’s acclaimed novel, The Dark Tower. I remember seeing it on opening night and being completely mesmerized by his performance. He plays the dual role of Roland Deschain (a gunslinger who travels the land in search of a way to save his home) and the man who hires him, the charismatic man known as Jake Chambers (played by Michael Landon Jr.).

Pattinson’s portrayal of the infamous gunslinger was so riveting that many compared it to the work of the late, great actor, Yul Brynner. I was only 17 years old at the time, but I was fully aware of his talent — as was the rest of the world. He went on to star in the 2006 sequel, The Dark Tower II: The Gunslinger.


For the next few years, Pattinson would be attached to several big-budget films, most of which were based on existing literary works. He played iconic characters in John Wick, Prey, and The Librarian, each one in a different phase of his life. While filming Prey, he revealed that he doesn’t actually read a lot of books, instead choosing to immerse himself fully in the world of the material. When asked whether he ever gets bored with his role as John Wick, he quipped, “I never get bored, as I’m always playing someone else.”

A Changing Of The Guard

Once he graduated from the ensemble cast of Prey, Pattinson declined to star in any more high-profile projects. Instead, he focused on small-budget indies and character-based films. He was a part of the ensemble cast of the dark comedy, What We Do In The Shadows, which explores the strange world of New York City’s most famous vampire, Vladislav. It was, in many ways, a career comeback for Pattinson, who had largely abandoned acting in the early 2000s after several high-profile, serious missteps. One of these was Wonderland, a 2008 adaptation of the Lewis Carroll classic, Alice In Wonderland. Directed by Peter Jackson, it featured an ensemble cast, including Pattinson, Johnny Depp, Anne Hathaway, and a pre-Batman Michael Caine. While the fantasy film didn’t do particularly well at the box office, it gained a huge amount of critical praise and is widely considered one of Jackson’s best films. The director has even cited Pattinson as one of the primary inspirations behind the film. After watching his work on that one, I’ll never again question whether or not he’ll be able to pull off a funny performance.

A Change Of Seasons

In 2013, Pattinson reunited with King for the first time in 22 years when they adapted his novella, The Gunslinger, into a film. The movie was a critical and commercial success, which led to several other projects being developed from King’s backlist. At the time of writing, there are more than a dozen projects in various stages of development, with more to come.

Pattinson’s Style

If there’s one thing we know about Robert Pattinson, it’s that he has a unique fashion sense. It’s best described as something that’s a combination of Stephen King and Ryan Gosling. (I know, I know… a strange combination, but hear me out.) The English actor has been known to dress sharply, even outrageously, for his roles. It began with his work on the Stephen King adaptation, The Dark Tower. While filming that, he made headlines for outrageous dressing practices, stepping out in full regalia including stilts and giant prosthetics. He later reprised his character from that film by way of a viral video, ‘Tower Style,’ in which he dances, swings on a trapeze, and poses in a variety of King-esque outfits.

The Evolution Of The Actor

Over the years, Robert Pattinson has evolved his style, often incorporating elements of different periods into one look. Here’s a list of his best style moments over the years:

Early Stylings

It’s hard to pinpoint the exact moment when Robert Pattinson first became the actor we know today. Early on, he tried his hand at modeling before transitioning to acting. He walked the runway for several high-profile fashion houses, including Burberry, Diesel, and more recently, Marc Jacobs. As a stylishly handsome man, it was only natural that he would begin incorporating his gorgeous looks into his on-screen characters. While he never fully confirmed or denied the rumors, it’s widely believed that he may have been in a relationship with actress Kristen Stewart for several years. If so, it would explain a lot about his style choices. (Photo courtesy of Getty Images)

The Fashionably Late 80s

It was at the tail end of the eighties that Robert Pattinson made a significant style evolution, moving away from his initial slick-rock look and into a more sporty fashion scene. While he’s always kept a colorful, if slightly eccentric, wardrobe, these later years have seen him evolve into a stylish, fashionable man. He’s frequently been spotted wearing designer swimsuits and expensive watches. If only he could find the time…

Dandy To Chic

Around 1994, Pattinson began developing a style all his own. He stopped wearing the colorful clothing he sported in his younger years and adopted a more refined, classic look. (Photo courtesy of Getty Images)

The Cosmo Series

In 2010, Robert Pattinson helped to jumpstart the rebirth of the romantic comedy genre with the cinematic adaptation of his best-known novel, The Cosmo Series. Starring alongside Genevieve Bujold, the film was a critical and commercial success. (Photo courtesy of Getty Images)

Set in Paris, the story follows two star-crossed lovers, Anna (Bujold) and Luc (Pattinson), who are torn between following their hearts and opting for caution. To make matters worse, Anna is determined to keep her engagement a secret from Luc. The latter is so consumed with jealousy that he attempts to kill her during one of the novels’ many romantic interludes. When Luc is found out and cast out of the church, he returns home where he vows to seek revenge on Anna. With the help of a friend, he sets out to kidnap her and hold her hostage. While the story might sound crazy, it’s pure romantic comedy and it was one of the first films to find mainstream success after the financial crisis of 2008. It’s been followed by several other entries in the series, with the most recent release, S.O.S. Pre-Ordering, being the final film in the trilogy.

Pattinson In Real Life

As fantastic as it might sound, Hollywood actors are usually not who you’d want to hang out with in real life. This isn’t because they’re bad people, but because the nature of their work can put them in very risky situations. Fortunately, this hasn’t happened to Robert Pattinson. He’s always remained relatively safe and, perhaps more importantly, has always chosen his partners wisely. While he’s never married, he’s been in a long-term relationship with photographer, Anna Wise. The two have a son together, Moses Robert. The family lives in a beautiful home in Hampstead, north London. Outside of work, he enjoys spending time with his loved ones and travelling the world with his camera.