A wedding invitation should be as special as the big day itself. And what better way to make it special than by using some of the world’s most popular brands? That’s right, we’re talking about Suki Waterhouse and her amazing designs! You might be familiar with her work, as it’s been featured on numerous magazine covers, including Vogue, Marie Claire, and more. She’s also graced the cover of Hello! magazine and Elle UK, to name just a few. Her unique and distinctive style has made her famous and established her as the queen of the wedding dress industry.

It might seem like an easy enough task to emulate her famous look, but it requires a little bit of practice. Luckily, we’ve got you covered on this front. Here’s how to make a wedding invitation look like one of Suki’s dreamy designs, perfect for the big day.

Find Your Signature Flower

As we mentioned above, the most effective way of imitating Suki’s look is by using one of her signature blooms as the focal point for your wedding invitation. If you’re blessed with an exquisite flower that suits your theme and colors, go for it. However, if you’re looking for a quick fix, there are plenty of other beautiful blooms that you can choose from. If you really want to stand out, check out the orchids from Waterhouse, as they’re a timeless choice and extremely beautiful.

Choose The Right Paper

There are tons of papers to choose from when it comes to printing your wedding invitations, and this is something you need to take into consideration. If you want a classic look, you should go for parchment or stock paper. They’ll give your invitation a classy, old-school look that you’ll love.

On the other hand, if you want an elegant look, you should opt for paper that’s smooth and shiny. This will help your print stand out even more, as your guests will be able to see it more clearly. For a country club or other fancy-type of wedding, you might want to go for linen or cotton paper, as these are usually used for writing invitations and other luxurious tasks.

Find A Designer

When it comes to creating unique wedding invitations, some people believe you can’t go wrong with the traditional route. As we mentioned above, you might want to go for parchment or stock paper, as these are widely available and very easy to work with. If you’d like something a little different, however, you should consider trying out a designer. These experts will help you bring your vision to life, crafting unique invitations that are a perfect blend of beautiful design and functionality.

There are tons of designers out there, so you’re sure to find someone whose style resonates with you. Additionally, many designers will offer a variety of options, giving you a chance to choose a design that suits your needs. When it comes down to picking a wedding dress, there are many factors to consider. From the type of ceremony you’ll be holding to your budget, it’s essential you find a dress that suits you perfectly. There are also plenty of stunning options from which to choose, so you’re sure to have a hard time choosing just one. If you’d like some help, we’d recommend you get in touch with one of our fashion experts today, as they’ll be able to tell you which dresses suit you best, based on your needs and budget. They can help you find the perfect dress, one that will make you feel like a dream come true.

Play With The Layout

It’s essential you play around with the layout of your invitation to ensure it looks just like Suki’s. Start by putting your text on the page, followed by your photos. Vogue and other fashion magazines usually start with an article on fashion and style, followed by a beautiful face or two and more stories. It’s a pretty standard setup, but it makes a massive difference simply by following this rule. Once you have your photos in place, it’s time to move on to the next step.

Personalize It

Even if you go for a designer suit, you’ll want to give your invitation some personal touches. Depending on your budget, you can choose to hire a designer to do the work for you or you can take a DIY approach. If you opt for the former, make sure you go for a design that’s easy to replicate, so you can use the same wording and layouts on every invite you send out. Be as creative as you can with your wording, using your wedding date or some other details from your wedding day, as these are usually the details that guests will be looking forward to reading about. If you choose the latter, you can take your time and be as creative as you want. Just make sure you keep the overall theme of your wedding to give it that Suki Waterhouse magical touch.

There, now you can create unique wedding invitations that will have everyone talking. As we mentioned above, the key is to keep the overall look and feel of your wedding while incorporating the details that made Suki famous. Stand out from the crowd by crafting unique invitations that will become a memorable keepsake for you and your guests.