We already knew that Robert Pattinson is a stylish man; however, his latest haircut hints at a new fashion-forward style. The 27-year-old actor recently chopped off his long locks and went for a trendy pixie cut. While we’re not sure if he went for a makeover or if it was just a haircut that he’s always sported, this is one style that we’d like to see more of. So, let’s examine his new haircut and what it means for men’s fashion.

A Trendy Pixi Cut

Pattinson’s new haircut is quite a departure from his naturally heavy hair. Back in 2011, he sported a massive beard that he kept until this year. But with the exception of a few brief clips, we haven’t seen the actor without his signature full beard. And while it’s always been there, it’s been relatively dormant for the past few years. So naturally, when the camera stopped rolling, the 27-year-old actor headed to the barber’s chair.

The pixie cut is one of the most popular haircuts amongst millennials. It’s exactly what it sounds like: a short haircut that ends at the eyes. If you’re unfamiliar, the pixie cut was originally designed for women in the 1950s but has since taken over the male population. It’s basically a cross between the mullet and the Caesar cut with an edge of the fringe cut. So, while men have traditionally worn the beard as a symbol of masculinity, they can now sport a stylish pixie cut and still maintain some of their unique qualities. Talk about empowerment.

The Beard Is Back

It seems as though the end of the filming schedule for The Batman brought out the inner-child in Pattinson. After four years of being grounded by Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and Suicide Squad, the actor finally got his long-awaited break. And what a break it was. Pattinson got to finally play the role of the Dark Knight and was able to showcase his acting talents in a much greater way. And we can’t forget about Jackie Robinson, either, as the character’s style icon.

Pattinson’s new haircut is a clear reflection of his character’s badass side. However, just because he’s playing a character doesn’t mean that he has to embody all of his traits. But he gives it his all, and it certainly works. While the actor has never been one to shy away from his eclectic fashion choices, he has definitely kept a sense of order to his wardrobe. But now that he has some freedom, we’re sure to see him experiment with more unique and interesting looks. And that’s all we wanted to see. Keep up the good work, Robert.