How do you name your newborn daughter? If you’re reading this, you obviously already know the answer—but even if you’re not sure, you must be wondering, right?

Well, let’s find out more about the inspiration behind the name Stoney Marie.

The Initials Are A Combination Of The Baby Girl’s Parents’ Names

When it comes to naming your baby girl, you have many choices. If you’re fortunate enough to be choosing a first name that isn’t commonly used, you have the option of creating a combination of the two people’s names to come up with a unique moniker for your newborn. In the case of Stoney Marie, the name comes from the combination of Stoney and Marie, which is not an uncommon name itself. But Stoney is a masculine name while Marie is a feminine name. So when combined, the initials for Stoney Marie are SMR. In some parts of the world, the initials SMR could stand for “secretary missing record.” But in the United States, it’s simply an abbreviation for “son of Tom and Mary.” So, in other words, SMR is short for “son of Mary and Richard.”

The Father Has A Naming Tip For Daughter-to-Be

As we’ve established, Stoney Marie is the product of a married couple. In addition to coming up with a unique last name for their daughter, the father of Stoney Marie had an important piece of advice for her to follow when it comes to baby names.

“It’s very simple,” Richard Pattinson told the Daily Mail. “Just choose a name that you like. It doesn’t have to be in the top of your head, but it should be. My suggestion would be to pick out a name that’s easy to spell and that you feel confident that your daughter will like when she grows up. If she ends up disliking it, then it’s not the end of the world. It will give you an opportunity to choose a different name.”

Rich Daddy Had A Few Cents On Tips

If you’re looking to invest in some parenting advice for your daughter’s naming ceremony, it’s best to consult with the father of the child rather than some random stranger. Because, well, we all know that moms and dads know better than anyone what’s best for their kids. So when it comes to naming their baby, it’s natural for them to have some input.

“I would suggest that you ask the dad for some tips on what to name your daughter,” Richard Pattinson said. “It would be beneficial for you to get some unbiased opinion, so that you make the right choice. And remember, your husband is your best friend, so he will have your daughter’s best interest at heart.”

How Do You Feel About The Name Stoney Marie?

We looked into the meaning of the name Stoney Marie and its origins, and now we want to know how you feel about the name. Please share your thoughts below. Did we overlook any important historical events or persons with the name Stoney Marie? Did we get the meaning of the name wrong? Let us know so that we can correct it. (And if you’ve never heard of the name Stoney Marie, then consider this your chance to learn more.)