Since the beginning of time, there have been rumors of a romantic relationship between Stephen Bear and Vicky Pattinson. However, only a select few knew that the pair were an item until very recently. After news broke that they were dating, many people were curious as to what was their real story; whether they were just friends who had gone public with their feelings or something more. Turns out, they had been dating for quite some time and got engaged earlier this year. So, what’s the real story? Let’s take a look shall we.

A Long-Standing Friendship

Like many other celebrities, Stephen Bear was discovered via social media and quickly became a fan favorite. The actor, known for his role in TV series Sex and the City, tweeted about Pattinson back in 2014, expressing how much he loved her music and how much he respected her talent. He even made a brief appearance on her debut album Im Your Man, performing a duet with Pattinson on the track Taste. The two had previously collaborated on the song Love Bite, which they performed together on stage in 2013. This past year they were seen holding hands while walking down the street in London. Many thought that this was a sign of their budding romance, not realising that they already shared a special bond as friends.

A Decade Of Loyalty

The actor and the fashion designer have been friends for almost a decade. They met when they were 15 and quickly became best friends. Back in 2011, the pair performed Love Bite at London’s Royal Albert Hall, accompanied by their respective teams; Bear’s team consisted of band members and Pattinson’s friends. Since then, they have remained close, often seen attending each other’s child events and fashion shows. At the 2020 Golden Globes Awards, Pattinson wore a stunning golden gown, which she shared with Bear. The two have always been very protective of each other, even when just friends. During a 2016 interview, Pattinson spoke about the time she broke up with her then-boyfriend, stating that Bear was there for her when she needed him the most. In light of the devastation that Covid-19 caused, it is touching to see how much they have remained loyal to each other during this pandemic.

A Match Made In Heaven

In 2021, Pattinson revealed that she had been in a relationship with Bear for almost a decade; dating back to when they were 15. The two finally went public with their blossoming romance in March this year. Just a few months later, on 31st October, they got engaged. A source told The Sun newspaper that the couple had been planning the proposal for quite some time, as Bear had even bought her a diamond ring. Once they were given the seal of approval from their families, Bear popped the question. The engagement party took place in November, and the happy couple were married on 16th December in a private ceremony. It was yet another romantic gesture from Bear, who has a history of proposing to women he’s dated. This time, the proposal was done entirely online using video conferencing software. According to The Sun newspaper, the venue was hidden among the trees on Bear’s New York City estate. The wedding was attended by about 150 guests, including Stephen’s three children and Pattinson’s parents. Following the ceremony, the newlyweds enjoyed a reception al fresco under the stars. The happy couple made their first public appearance as a married couple on 29th January, attending the UK premiere of their movie Empire in London. Their union was celebrated on social media, with many celebrity friends and fans offering their congratulations.

A Match Made By (Fashion) Design

While the average Joe may not always be aware of the history between these two very famous friends, they couldn’t help but notice the matching designer diamond earrings and necklace that Pattinson wore during their wedding. The two designed the costume for Grease, the musical adaptation of the classic film Grease, which was released in October of this year. The gown bore a striking resemblance to that worn by Pattinson in the 1978 film. It was an iconic design, which she wore to acclaim both on and off stage. When interviewed about the costume, Pattinson stated that she wanted to pay tribute to the films she admired most as a young girl: “My childhood consisted of watching old-school Hollywood films like Gone With The Wind and Sunset Boulevard. So it was important for me to dress the part.” When asked about her fashion choice, Bear responded: “She’s always done my hair and my fashion since we were 15. So, this is just a continuation of that.” In another interview, this time with British Vogue, Pattinson stated that she designs her wardrobewoman outfits with Bear in mind, sharing that she “always has his tastes in mind.” She also cited him as the “ultimate style mentor” and said that he “inspires” her. In light of all this praise, it’s no wonder that many wondered whether this was just a publicity stunt or whether the two were truly meant for each other.

A Royal Affair?

While we may never know for sure whether or not the two are actually bona fide romantic partners, it’s clear that they have something special. This much was made evident by the fact that, when the pandemic hit, they chose to remain exclusive to each other and cancelled their wedding ceremony. They are both widely respected in their fields, with Pattinson’s unique point of view and Bear’s renowned charm making them a celebrity couple in the making. We can only hope that their public partnership is just a matter of time.