Pattinson is an English surname mostly found in Yorkshire and Nottinghamshire, although it is now largely recognised as a synonym for Parsonage or Preston. It is thought that the surname Pattinson evolved from either the German or Scandinavian surnames Penninger or Peterson.

One of the more famous bearers of the surname Pattinson is the English poet and artist William Blake. Blake is most famous for painting the classic ‘Jerusalem’ which hangs in the gallery at the British Museum in London. Blake was also a renowned watercolourist and his artistic temperament can be seen in his depictions of nature. Indeed, many of Blake’s works are filled with symbolism and references to religion, particularly Christianity. For example, in his poem ‘The Little Fish’ Blake refers to the Holy Trinity.

The English poet William Wordsworth is also another famous figure associated with the Pattinson surname. Often seen as the ‘English Newton’, Wordsworth is perhaps most famous for his ‘Lyrical Ballads’ collection which was published in 1798. Some of the other famous people with the surname Pattinson include the cricketer and clergyman George Francis Pattinson and the architect Charles Edmund Pattinson.

A Life in Chemistry

The life of a chemist can be incredibly exciting and, at times, seemingly endless. Students enter the field with little idea what is in store for them and, although some specialise in areas like pharmaceuticals or agrochemicals, the vast majority work in areas that they regard as routine. This can vary from basic research to synthesis and analysis of compounds, preparation of samples for study or testing and, finally, the publication of their work. Many a career has started with a simple interest in chemistry and, as a result, led to a lifetime of passion and, occasionally, adventure.

Why Study Chemistry at Nottingham?

Nottingham University is one of the big four English universities, offering courses at both graduate and undergraduate level. In addition to a range of traditional subjects, students can now study towards bachelor’s degrees in subjects like chemistry or economics as well as postgraduate degrees like Master’s in Business Administration and Master’s in Project Management. This broad degree offer is a great way to gain confidence and find a suitable ‘starting point’ for further study.

The university has a long history in both teaching and research, with many world-leading scholars and researchers having passed through its gates. It has a particular strength in chemistry, with many reputable research groups, but also offers a solid business and economics offering. Students should, therefore, not shy away from taking up a study of chemistry at Nottingham. It’s a great option for those who want to be able to progress in their chosen career while also gaining some valuable transferable skills.

A First Steps For Those Seeking Academic Study

If you’re seeking further study, you’re probably wondering where to start. Ideally, you’ll want to secure some academic papers to act as a guide and, for those in the later stages of your studies, a good degree will definitely put you in a good place for a job.

It’s worth noting here that academic study can be incredibly demanding, particularly as a first step towards higher study. You’ll need to maintain a good standard of academic work throughout your studies, which could set you back. It’s essential that you choose your studies carefully and know what you’re getting into, as well as what benefits you’ll need to accrue from them. Some students, therefore, might decide that an undergraduate diploma is enough to establish them in a chosen field and avoid overexertion in their early years.

How will my Chemistry course help me in Future?

As a student of chemistry, you’ll certainly be taught a range of practical skills and you’ll have the opportunity to put these into practice. In addition to learning specific, technical skills like organic synthesis or inorganic analysis, you’ll also be tested on your application of knowledge gained in the classroom through essay and case study questions. As a result, you’ll not only be able to demonstrate your technical knowledge but also your intellectual curiosity and ability to apply it. These are all valuable qualities in a professional chemist.

Chemistry is a Valuable Academic Career

Chemistry is a valuable academic discipline and can lead to many exciting careers. The wide variety of opportunities makes it a valuable choice for students who are looking to gain more formal education and establish a career in an academic setting. With many traditional subjects being redefined during the pandemic, chemistry is one area that has remained relatively unchanged, ensuring that it remains a ‘safe’ option for students looking to further their education.