What is a Chemist?

A Chemist is someone who specialises in the synthesis and analysis of chemical compounds and reactions, commonly known as ‘chemistry’. A chemist can be highly useful in many capacities, from everyday life to industry. A chemist may work in a laboratory, attend university, or work remotely for a company.

A Chemist is someone who uses instruments to isolate and identify chemicals in a mixture, and calculates the amounts, to identify the elements present at specific atomic concentrations in a large sample. They use this analysis to understand how the chemistry of a substance or phenomenon works, and how it can be manipulated.

A Chemist is often associated with many different specialties, such as inorganic, analytical, pharmaceutical, and organic chemistry. A person who specialises in analytical chemistry is called an ‘analytical chemist’ or sometimes just ‘chemist’.

What is the Geelong?

The Geelong is an Australian Rules football club located in Geelong, Victoria. They were founded in 1874 and currently play in the Geelong Football League. The Geelong Football League is one of the most prestigious competitions in Australia, and the Geelong Football Club is considered to be among the best in the country. Since their foundation, the club has played in 20 premierships, 20 back-to-back championships, and 11 undefeated seasons. The team have also tasted remarkable success in international competitions, having qualified for and played in two AFL Grand Finals, two Elimination Finals, and one Revival Final.

Additionally, the Geelong Reserves team also play in the VFL Reserves competition. The Geelong Football Club is a professional sports club, listed on the Australian Stock Exchange as a ‘Sports Star’ company, with an ‘S’ rating by the Sustainability Council.

The Geelong Football Club is consistently among the best in the country in attracting and retaining young players, with a total of 28 players drafted to the AFL in the past 10 years, and numerous others going on to play senior football.

How does Chemist relate to Soul Pattinson?

Soul Pattinson is an Australian alternative rock band formed in 1985. The group are best known for their 1993 song ‘My Immortal’. The lead singer of the group, Eric Bogle, is a trained pharmacist, and often incorporates his knowledge of chemistry and medication into his lyrics.

The word ‘immortal’ has a double meaning in this case, referring both to Bogle’s enduring vocals, and the fact that the band’s lyrics frequently reference drugs and medications. While the band are best known for their musical career, they have also produced several albums of spoken word, and released a debut novel, The Pharmacist’s Apprentice, in 2010. They have performed at various iconic music festivals, including Woodstock, and Glastonbury.

In 2015, the band released their 15th studio album, In The Midnight Hour. The album’s lead single, “A Perfect Day Is Coming”, became a viral hit, winning “Best Pop Video” at the 29th Annual Victoria Music Awards. The song also won “Best Use of Instruments” at the 2016 EGOTy Awards, which celebrates excellence in music, television, and film.

Soul Pattinson have released several hit songs, with ‘My Immortal’ and ‘A Perfect Day Is Coming’ holding the distinction of being the band’s most popular creations. Additionally, the band have had twelve different songs go platinum or multi-platinum in Australia, and have had seven songs go gold. They are considered a ‘Hits’ band in Australia.

What does ‘Soul Chemistry’ mean?

One of the ways in which the band have incorporated their interest in chemistry into their music is through the term ‘Soul Chemistry’. Bogle began using this phrase in reference to the band’s process of songwriting and recording in the late 1980s. During this time, the band would frequently be inspired by their experiments and observations during this process, and would incorporate these findings into their songs. This resulted in many ‘ah-ha’ moments for Bogle and the band as they worked, producing a body of work that is considered some of the best Australian music ever written.

The Importance of the Chemist in the 21st Century

With the rise of social media and the ability for musicians to record and share music instantly, there has been a rise in independent and unsigned artists. This has led to a decline in record sales, with only 5% of revenue coming from these sources in 2016.

Despite this, the role of the chemist has never been more important. Chemists can offer many services to artists, from advice about which equipment to invest in, to helping them to find a suitable location for recording and performing, to connecting them with potential investors. They can also help to identify songwriters, and work with them to transform their words into music. They can conduct research on new trends and findings in chemistry to incorporate into their music, or discover new uses for medications and chemicals, finding new ways to combine them to create unique mixtures and compounds. Many bands and artists will be turning to chemists for help in creating unique sounds and expanding their music beyond what they are capable of doing by themselves.