We’re not even a week into 2019 and already we’ve seen some dramatic changes to celebrity Instagram. Gone are the days of uninterrupted carefree fun. Now, we as a society are focused more intently on our phones. Thanks to the pandemic, we’ve had a chance to see the world through a different lens. A more intimate one. The way society used to be is no more. We’re now living in the age of the filter. Celebs are using our phones’ advanced capabilities to shape our perception of reality. We can watch them cook, paint, pose, and film themselves from any angle we choose. It’s an age of heightened self-awareness and digital scrutiny. These tools have enabled us to become more selective about the information we give prominence to. We’re now able to see more clearly the images and content that make up someone’s life. We are no longer obliged to consume everything they put out there.

Keeping Up With The Kardashians

One of the first big changes we noticed was on the Kardashian-Jenner family’s Instagram. After months of insisting that the world was better off without them sharing nearly every aspect of their lives online, they’ve now had a change of heart. They’re sharing more intimate details than ever before, whether it’s through stories or solo images. It’s as if they’re daring us to criticize them for changing with the times. The difference is that they’re doing this for our own good. They understand that we want to see them but it’s hurting our mental health to look at endless amounts of happy, uneventful content. They want to help us process our own feelings of jealousy and inadequacy. They want to help us be our better selves.

Similarly, we’ve seen a lot of celebrities come forward and share their stories of anxiety and depression. It wasn’t always like this. Back in the day, people were much more likely to keep their mental health issues private. It wasn’t until fairly recently that celebrities began coming out of the closet and being completely open about their struggles. But the reason behind this paradigm shift is obvious. Since we’re always looking at their instagram stories, they want to ensure that we know exactly what we’re getting into. People with mental health issues aren’t fun to be around. They’re often quite unstable. It’s not until your friends or family members have been through a similar experience that they realize the full extent of their problems. But by that point, it’s often too late. Their demons have already taken hold and it’s difficult to help them without risking further damage.

Hollywood Is Navigating These Changing Seas Very Well

It’s not just the famous people that are going through this new normal. The entire Hollywood community is feeling the effects of the pandemic. It’s changed the kind of roles that people want to play. It’s changed the way people behave. It’s changed the way we look. And while it’s not always for the better, it’s still early days and things are bound to get better. The same can be said for the entertainment industry as a whole. It’s always been a bit of a chaotic and volatile place. But the world has changed and it’s only been for the better.

These are trying times, to be sure. But the changes that have come about are for the better. We’re all in this together and it’s only going to make us stronger. There are still a lot of challenges to overcome, but with a little bit of planning and adapting, we’re sure that Hollywood can overcome this too. And when it does, it will be for the better. We will have felt a part of something bigger than ourselves and that is a good thing.