While some relationships are meant to be kept private, others—like Soko and Robert—find their way into the public eye. The super-smooth DJ and the American rapper have been spotted canoodling numerous times over the past few years, but even their closest group of friends didn’t know exactly what was going on between them. The couple finally opened up about their relationship status in an interview with Wonderland magazine. Here, they dish on the challenges and joys of dating in the public eye.

A Public Romance

When Soko and Robert first started dating, they were determined to keep their relationship a secret. “We didn’t want to be the subject of gossip or have people talking about us behind our backs,” Soko told Wonderland. “So we kept our romance a secret from the people close to us. We didn’t even tell our families until the end.”

The couple’s initial attempts at keeping their relationship under wraps failed, and as time went on, their fame continued to attract more attention. When Soko and Robert appeared on an episode of MTV Cribs, fans spotted them and began to take pictures and videos of the candid moment. In response, the pair put out a joint statement about the #MeToo movement and encouraged fans to use its power for good.

The Press And The Public’s Perception Of Romantic Relationships

Although Soko and Robert have denied rumors that they’re engaged and committed to each other, their relationship status has still been a point of speculation. The public’s fascination with celebrity romances has led to a rise in stories about celebrity pairs that have denied they’re in a relationship. In light of this trend, Soko admitted that she and Robert often feel misunderstood. They want their love to be viewed as “a beautiful and perfect thing” that doesn’t revolve around their careers.

“It’s hard to feel like you’re a normal couple, when people are always asking questions about your relationship,” Soko said. “I feel like, as much as we try to keep it private, it’ll never fully be private. People will always have something to say about us. It’s hard to escape that.”

Robert agreed, adding, “That is definitely a challenge. Because we are always going to be linked to each other in some way, shape, or form. So, you know, even when we’re not linking, people are going to be like, ‘Oh, that’s so good’.”

Their careers have also kept them apart; Soko is based in London, England, and Robert spends a lot of time on the road touring and performing. This has allowed the couple to grow their romance further in the public eye. At the same time, their busy schedules mean that it’s hard for them to spend much time together. According to Soko, they’ve had to develop other aspects of their relationship to make it work. For example, they’ve had to rely on text messaging and video calls to maintain their connection. This is particularly challenging considering that Robert is based in Los Angeles and Soko is living in London; it’s almost impossible for them to spend time together in person.

How Texting And Video Calls Have Helped Soko And Robert

Keeping their relationship a secret didn’t stop Soko and Robert from taking advantage of new technologies. Soko explained, “I feel like technology has made it easier for us to be together. It’s made it easier for us to stay in touch, and to see each other when we don’t get a chance to be physically together.”

They’ve used this time to build a strong connection despite their busy schedules and distance from one another. “We’ve been able to grow our relationship, and develop this emotional and physical connection,” Soko said. “In this way, technology has helped us; it’s not hindered us.”

The couple has also had to learn to rely less on their physical relationships. In the 1990s, dance clubs were a prominent part of the urban landscape, and many celebrities and hipsters partied regularly in them. These days, with many people worried about staying fit, gyms have become less popular, and the concept of going out for a drink with your friends seems more alluring. This has made it easier for Soko and Robert to indulge in their romance. According to Soko, “I think that, for a long time, going out to dinner with your boyfriend was probably the most romantic thing you could do. And, you know, I think that still holds true today.”

The Luxurious Side Of Dating A Celebrity

Dating a celebrity isn’t all fun and games. In this role, you’re likely to encounter a number of pitfalls, from paparazzi to public scrutiny. When discussing these issues, Soko identified three “luxuries” that come with dating a celebrity.

The first is privacy. Unlike most people, celebrities have entire teams of people protecting their privacy. They won’t put themselves out there unless they feel they have something to gain from it; therefore, they don’t have to answer to the public. This gives them the ability to keep their personal lives completely separate from their professional lives, and it helps protect them from the paparazzi who try to sneak photos of them when they’re not expecting it. It also means they can continue to enjoy their lives and keep their relationships under the radar.

The Social Media Influence

With so much going on in their lives, it’s no surprise that Soko and Robert have turned to social media to stay in touch. The platform has given them the ability to follow their passions and keep in touch with the people who matter to them most. While social media may not always be the most reliable form of communication, the celebrity duo have found a way to make it work for them.

Last year, Soko launched a fashion blog, and the feedback has been extremely positive. The couple’s story has also been covered by numerous publications, including The Huffington Post and Daily Mail, and they’ve accumulated a sizeable following. In addition to keeping in touch with their followers, the couple use the site to announce special deals and discounts, as well as to share photos of themselves.

The Financial Benefits

Dating a celebrity can also mean big bucks. In her interview with Wonderland, Soko revealed, “[Robert’s] net worth is seriously in the billions. He’s signed with a major label and has some really successful songs and mixtapes under his belt.” She went on to add, “That’s allowed us to have a really good time. To be able to spoil yourself a little bit. To be able to go on luxurious holidays and buy the things that you want.”

It’s not just about the money; it’s also about the perks. When you’re famous, almost everyone wants to work with you, and that includes businesses that haven’t necessarily associated with you prior to your fame. The couple have received multiple invitations to appear on popular television shows and have even been offered film roles; however, they’ve turned them all down. In addition to staying away from the limelight, they want to maintain their privacy as much as possible.

Soko and Robert have also managed to keep their romance a secret for so long that it’s given them a taste for privacy. “I definitely want to keep this new phase of our lives as private as possible,” Soko told Wonderland. “I don’t want to put a label on what we have. I think that’ll only do us justice.”

After years of denying their relationship, Soko and Robert have finally embraced it, and they want to keep their newfound privacy for as long as possible. What do you think? Is this the first thing they should be doing together? Let us know in the comments below.