Most men will agree that the way a man wears his hair is a style statement. However, not many will admit that their hair has a purpose beyond just looking cool. Being unoriginal is never a good idea when it comes to beauty- especially when it comes to men’s fashion. Most likely inspired by Disney’s ‘Beauty and the Beast,’ British actor and singer Robert Pattinson has chosen to go au naturelle with his hair in the latest film adaptation of the classic fairy tale. This is a stark departure from the character’s iconic silver hair as glimpsed in the 1989 film. It is safe to assume that the fashionable young man playing the role of Beast will require a new hairstyle for the film version. Perhaps the most prominent of these changes will be the haircut. We will take a look at some of the changes that this new haircut will bring about for Pattinson and how fans of the classic Disney film will feel about these iconic fashion choices.

The Evolution Of A Haircut

The most obvious change that comes with the haircut is its length. While the actor’s hairstyle in the ‘Beauty and the Beast’ film was full, he has chosen to go for a more modern and individual look in the recent adaptation. Gone is any trace of the floppy, 80s haircut that Pattinson sported in the 1989 movie. This is a far cry from the long hair that he sported in the ‘Twilight’ films, where he played the part of Edward Cullen. Here he has chosen to play the part of Beast, and as the character’s name suggests, his hair is a far cry from the ‘human pin-up’ look that his actor friend Channing Tatum sports in the films. This is also in line with what his character is meant to look like as per the original Disney story.

A Shorter Haircut

If you’re one of the millions of people who’ve watched Disney’s ‘Beauty and the Beast,’ you will know that the prince’s hair is an important part of the story. The length of the haircut will vary from one of the film’s pivotal scenes to another, and sometimes even within the same scene. However, in most cases, the closer the film version gets to the original version, the shorter the haircut will be. Here’s a rough guide to the various lengths of Beast’s haircut in the various adaptations of the story:

  • 0.75 inches (19 mm)
  • 0.5 inches (13.8 mm)
  • 0.25 inches (6.4 mm)
  • 0 inches (0 mm)
  • 0.125 inches (3 mm)
  • 0.0625 inches (1.5 mm)

A Larger Growth Pattern

Another major difference between the film and the recent adaptation is the amount of hair that the character grows in each adaptation. In the case of Robert Pattinson, he’s gone from sported a full head of hair to a more modern and individually styled haircut. The character’s hair also gets slightly thicker in each adaptation, as seen in the second, third, and fourth pictures above. This is most likely to hide the fact that he’s a bit older in each new iteration of the story. We can assume that this is to maintain the mystery of the character as per the original story. He also gets progressively grayer in each new rendition as seen in the first two images above. A more youthful appearance is vital for any leading man as he gets older.


The fifth and final difference between the two is the presence or absence of a beard. In the original Disney film, none of the characters had beards, which is why this is such an important part of the story. However, in the remake, it seems like everyone has a full and bushy beard. Even Gaston, the hunchback of the village, who was supposed to look more withered and ancient, appears to be freshly shaven. Perhaps this is a nod to the character’s iconic role in the song ‘Beard Is Beautiful.’ This is also very different from the way the character is usually portrayed in other media and on screens everywhere. Typically clean shaven, the only time that you’ll see a full beard on a character is when he’s older and wiser. This is very much in line with the actor’s persona, and it would appear that this is a deliberate fashion choice.

One of the most iconic roles of Robert Pattinson is that of Edward Cullen in the Twilight saga. His character was always clean shaven, and his fashion choices were typically simple and elegant. The fact that he’s gone for a more modern and individual look in the case of the Beast character is certainly a surprise, and it comes as no real coincidence. Just like in the case of the film’s title character, it seems like this is just one step toward a brand new look for Robert Pattinson. However, this is only the beginning. As he gets older and grayer, we will see more and more fashion choices that we’ve never seen from him before, and we will have to keep up with his ever-evolving style. If you thought that his style was interesting up to this point, just wait until you see what’s next.