Sia Furler and Robert Pattinson are having an affair. The details of their relationship are being kept private, but we can confirm that they began seeing each other last November. They frequently go on walks together, and were photographed holding hands while exiting a museum in London on Tuesday, March 26th.

According to a source, the couple have been spending a considerable amount of time in each other’s company over the past few months, and they have developed a close connection. Several other pictures from the same day show that they were very much in love.

Sia and Robert first sparked public interest when they were photographed together at the 2018 Golden Globes on January 12th. Since then, they have been frequently spotted out and about in London, holding hands and looking very lovey-do. In February, Sia even changed her Instagram bio to include a new hashtag: #RelationshipAdviceFromAwardWinningSingers.

According to insiders, Sia and Robert first met at a party in London back in October, where they danced together and bonded over their close connections with British fashion. Since then, they have been spotted out and about together a number of times. They even went on a romantic hike in the Italian countryside in February, and many fans were quick to speculate that they were hiking for sex. (A source told us that while they were definitely having sex – we’re talking about a romantic hike here – it wasn’t entirely about that. “They wanted to be alone with each other,” the source said. “They both really care about their fans and want to be available to them.”)

Is This Just A Fashion Detour For Sia?

Although she first caught our attention as a talented singer and performer, Sia has long been interested in fashion. She even took a shine to Instagram, quickly accumulating millions of followers. (She currently has over 20 million.) Many of her fashion-related posts feature her wearing different outfits and posing for the camera. Her blog, Sia’s Diary, which she began in 2012, is filled with fashion advice and tips. She also has a luxury fragrance named after her – Dior Sia. (Odds are, if you follow her on social media, you’ll eventually see an outfit she styled or a picture of her wearing one of her fragrances. It’s almost like an addiction.)

So it should come as no surprise that she would eventually fall in love with a man interested in fashion as well. In fact, according to sources, Sia and Robert met when they were both 22 years old, and have both always worked in the fashion industry. (Robert was previously married to Japanese model and actress Emilia Yamamoto, with whom he has a child.)

The pair initially bonded over their shared interest in fashion and enjoyed dating as a result. In fact, the singer even dressed as a man for Halloween and went by the name Robert Pattinson back in 2013. They were spotted together countless times back then, holding hands and looking cosy as ever.

An Affair Of A Lifetime

Although they have been spending a lot of time together, and holding hands, these past few months have not been easy for Sia. She recently turned 25, and while many of her fans probably don’t mind, she may be facing significant changes as a result of her advancing age. (She recently changed her Instagram bio to include the phrase “25 years young.”) Despite being a prolific singer, she has rarely shared intimate details about her personal life, even on her social media platforms. (Her Instagram account is relatively private, and she only sometimes shares personal snapshots or videos. She has over 60 million followers on the platform.)

When she does post about her personal life, it is often filled with uplifting messages and quotes from famous people. (In February, she shared a picture of herself on a hike with the caption “#RelationshipAdviceFromAwardWinningSingers.”) It is no secret that Robert is a wealthy man thanks to his acting career and generous father, and he has been able to offer her an incredible lifestyle. (He also previously dated Taylor Swift.) She even attended the Cannes Film Festival with him last year, and sources say their affair is of a lifetime. (They have both always kept their relationship private, and are unlikely to publicly disclose their romance.)

However, while their personal life is filled with joy and romance, their professional life likely won’t be. According to insiders, the pair are currently working on a number of projects together, but these are likely to be stalled due to issues with the release date. The singer is already preparing for her next album, while the actor has been hard at work on a number of projects, including a biopic about the late Apple CEO Steve Jobs. (The film will be called “Steve Jobs,” and will star Michael Fassbender as the tech guru.)

What Is Sia’s Take On Romantic Relationships?

Sia, who turned 25 this year, has always been fairly reserved when discussing her personal life. She has rarely spoken publicly about dating or marriage, and has continued this pattern in recent months. (She has never once mentioned marriage or kids on her Instagram.)

However, when asked about love and relationships, she has opened up a little. In 2018, for example, she shared an interesting perspective on love and romance, noting that she had spent most of her life “dating guys I thought were cool, but inside were total tools.” She went on to say that she has learned a lot since then, and has developed a more mature view on love and relationships. (She has recently started advising her fans on dating, and has shared some interesting tips; she urges her readers to open up to love, and not be afraid to show their feelings.)

One of her biggest fans might be a man you’ve probably never heard of: Elon Musk. (If you’re unfamiliar, Elon Musk is the founder of both SpaceX and Tesla. (He also owns the Boring Company, which is just playing around with hyper-loops right now.) Last year, Sia and Musk were in talks to collaborate, and the opportunity to work with an incredible, successful entrepreneur might just be what she needs to finally feel confident enough to talk about love and relationships. (Musk and Sia have remained friends since they worked together, and he even invited her to be the special guest at the Tesla Gigafactory’s Grand Opening, which took place last year.)

Will This Ruin Robert’s Career?

Given their established and successful careers, it’s not hard to see how this could potentially ruin Robert’s career. Although he has always kept his personal life private, this is now a different story. (It’s also worth noting that Sia’s previous albums have all gone platinum, with over 1.7 million copies sold each.)

The couple is currently in the early stages of what could be an incredibly important and historic romance, and many are wondering how it will affect Robert’s career. (Musk might just be what she needs to really blossom as an artist.) Despite these early days, and the fact that they are keeping their affair a secret from the general public, we should all still be very happy for the two of them. (It would be an incredible story if they were to get married and have children – but perhaps not in this day and age.)