Robert Pattinson’s press conference in San Sebastian, Spain, on Sept. 20 was a bizarre spectacle. The actor stood before a giant red curtain and a room of reporters and photographers and fielded questions about the future of his relationship with his Twilight co-star, Kristen Stewart. Then the press conference abruptly ended, and everyone went home, except for Pattinson himself, who walked out to his waiting Volvo and drove away, looking glum.

Pattinson’s press conference was the result of months of speculation about the status of his romance with Stewart. The couple have been linked to each other since they shot to fame playing a teenage couple fated to fall in love in the massively popular Twilight series. Both attended the British School in Los Angeles and later moved to New York City, where they began their film careers. But, in 2014, Stewart moved to southern France to be closer to her family, and since then, Pattinson has rarely been spotted without her by his side.

‘Twilight Saga’ Collapse?

What do we know about Rob Pattinson’s private life? We know he dated Kristen Stewart for two years before they started a relationship as filming the Twilight films. We know he dated Japanese model and actress Miuccia Prada for a year. And we know he dated Alexa Chung for a few months in 2016. But beyond these facts, little is concrete. Just a few weeks ago, there were reports that Stewart had called off their engagement, and now she’s with Pattinson.

Pattinson’s split from Stewart was sudden and, as of yet, seemingly unannounced. But with all the press attention focused on him lately, perhaps it’s not all that surprising. What is surprising is that he’s been seen in public with Stewart. In fact, just the other day at one of his events, he was spotted walking hand in hand with her. And while there’s been no official confirmation that the pair are still an item, they certainly seem to have moved back in together.

‘Twilight’s’ Influence?

When it comes to the Twilight films, many people assume that they were a major influence on the actor’s life. After all, he played the dashing and romantic lead in four blockbuster films based on the saga. But while the films are undoubtedly part of the reason he’s in such high demand, it’s not as if the 27-year-old has neglected his acting career. In fact, he has had quite the opposite. Since his debut in 2006’s Twilight, Pattinson has worked hard to establish himself as a leading man and prove his skill as an actor. He has also used his newfound fame to push for more diverse roles in Hollywood.

Pattinson’s most recent film, the crime drama High Risk, co-starred Nicole Kidman and premiered at this year’s Toronto International Film Festival. And while he may not always get the roles he wants, he does seem to consistently land the parts he needs. With his newfound status and clout, it wouldn’t be surprising if he starts to see more opportunities in the future.

No Regrets, But…

So, what does the future hold for Rob Pattinson? While it’s far from over, the actor seems to be feeling a bit of a comedown after his whirlwind romance with Stewart. The couple’s breakup was covered by every news publication in the world, and their reunion was splashed across the headlines. But now that the whirlwind has died down, he’s faced with the fact that he may have wasted a year of his life. As for Stewart, she’s had an even bigger comedown to deal with, and now that she’s with Pattinson, it seems their relationship was never going to last. It’s safe to say that while the two may continue to have professional relationship, their romantic union has been firmly placed in the past.