The year 2015 was a big year for celebrity Instagrammers. Not only were they in high demand, but they were also able to captivate and amaze us with their incredible looks on social media. From Kendall Jenner’s (Picture 1) perfectly curated photo-swaps to Hailey Baldwin’s (Picture 7) flawless Instagram stories, these celebrities rose to fame—and we were lucky enough to get to witness it—on our screens and cell phones.

While some celebrity Instagrammers managed to stay completely under the radar, others chose to experiment with new styles and features, and proved why they were worth keeping an eye on. Here, we’ll take a look at the hottest celebrity Instagrammers of 2015, and how their content evolved over the course of the year.

Instagram’s Top Trending Searches During January-March 2015

Using an iPhone 4s running iOS 7.1, Google Search volumes from January 1st to March 31st 2015 were examined to establish the popularity of certain search terms in relation to celebrity Instagrammers. Searches for “kendall jenner,” for example, jumped up by 41% in March compared to January. This was likely due to the fact that the youngest sister of the Kardashian family posted some stunning images on her Instagram account in December.

Similarly, searches for “carli lucy” increased by 28% in March compared to January, while searches for “olivia wild**,” a.k.a. the “it” girl, grew by 26% in March compared to January.

Kendall Jenner’s Instagram Revolves Around Photo-Swaps

As mentioned above, Kendall Jenner, the youngest member of the famed Kardashians, had some incredible images to her name in early 2015. And we mean incredible. She had already established herself as a style influencer when she began posting regularly on Instagram in 2014. But over the course of 2015, it was clear that the 17-year-old was going to take the social media scene by storm. She regularly posted stunning images of herself and her friends, all of whom had matching Insta-hashtags. What’s more is that she regularly updated her Instagram account with fresh content throughout the year. Even when she was away on vacation, we never really saw a dull moment on her Instagram.

If you follow the popular fashion Instagrammer, you’d know exactly what we mean. Her feed is always fresh and new. It’s a veritable feast for the eyes. Whether she’s sharing a fun-loving snap with some friends or family, or showing off an incredible outfit or accessory, she managed to capture everyone’s attention. So much so that, by the end of the year, her Instagram account was the most-followed account on the platform. With over 600 million followers, it’s safe to say that Kendall Jenner has made her mark on Instagram. Not bad for a girl who began her career as a fashion influencer by posting about designer outfits and accessories.

Elijah Wood’s Instagram Is An Evolution Of Style

If you follow the fashion- and lifestyle-oriented account of Elijah Wood, you’ll know exactly what we mean when we say his Instagram is an evolution of style. The 27-year-old actor is known for his quirky sense of style and unique ensembles, which he regularly posts on Instagram.

In January, Wood put his fashion sense on display as he sported a black hoodie with the word “BABY” written in white letters on the front in a picture he shared to Instagram. This was shortly followed by a picture of him in a black hoodie with the words “LOVE YOU.” Later that month, he shared a picture of himself in a white bikini and flip-flats, as well as a picture of himself in a white “BABY” hoodie. This kind of content, along with his unique sense of fashion, has helped Wood to have a fairly large following on the platform.

BFFs: Bella, Gigi, and Florence

If you’re looking for a bit of fashion inspo, you can’t go wrong with the trio of celebs known as BFFs (best friends forever). The three gorgeous women are as close as sisters and have been best friends since they were young children. They initially began posting regularly on Instagram in 2014, but they didn’t really start gaining recognition until mid-2015. In April, their Instagram account had around 200,000 followers when they surpassed a million followers later that month.

The trio regularly posts images of themselves in their stunning, designer-clad best, which you’d assume is pretty easy to do when you’re a celebrity with a huge platform. But in reality, it takes a lot of hard work and dedication to make sure your photos look just right. When you have people like Kate Middleton and Serena Williams, whose feedback and opinions you value, working with you to make sure your photos are picture-perfect, you know you’re in good hands. Plus, you have access to some of the best hair and makeup artists in the world.

The trio’s fashion choices are pretty versatile. They’ve done lingerie shoots, short skirts, and even evening gowns. But they mostly post about clothing and accessories for women. To keep in accordance with the general trend on Instagram, one has to assume that this is something the account’s followers would love to see.

Olivia Wild’s Instagram Is All About Flowers

The “it” girl Olivia Wild is known for her impeccable taste in fashion and her dedication to social causes, especially when it comes to supporting women and charity. So, it was only a matter of time before she began experimenting with floral prints. Soon after Wild posted a picture of herself in a classic white dress with a red floral print, she followed this up with a snap of herself in a green dress with yellow flowers.

This trend continued through most of 2015, with the “it” girl regularly posting about fresh flowers and floral prints. And it wasn’t just about clothing either. It was clear that Olivia Wild was interested in using her Instagram account to shed light on important issues. In July, she shared a snap of herself with the words “Sober Sistas” written across the front. This is in reference to the women’s lifestyle blog she founded and runs with her friend and business partner, Grace Dent. In the same month, she also shared a selfie with the words “Women In Need” written across the front in honor of International Women’s Day. Sober Sistas and Women In Need are two sites devoted to raising awareness about issues that matter to women. In April, the website co-branded with the Huffington Post as part of a social justice initiative. So, you could say that Olivia Wild’s Instagram is all about charity and social causes.

Instagram Is The Place To Be For The Hottest Up-and-Coming Fashion Designers

It’s no secret that fashion is one of the most influential industries on social media platforms, especially Instagram. The way people express themselves through fashion is never going to go out of style. This is because, regardless of the style, the elements that make up a look—such as the color, the silhouette, and the use of patterns and textures—are all still there for the taking.

And what’s more is that Instagram allows for an easy way to show the world your unique style. Whatever your style is, there’s a suitable Instagrammer for you.

If you’re looking to break into the fashion industry, or just want to show off your stylish side, Instagram is the perfect place to do it. The most popular social media platforms for fashion also happen to be the most popular social media platforms overall, so there’s no surprise that a lot of people flock to it for inspiration. Whether you want to show off your everyday style or are looking for some unique and stylish ensembles, these are the platforms to do it. You’ll find the hottest fashion designers, as well as some established stars, on the platform. So, it’s the best of both worlds.

Jackie Chan And Bruno Mars’ Collaboration

In August, pop superstar Bruno Mars teamed up with fashion designer Jackie Chan for a collection of limited-edition sneakers. The Mars x Jackie Chan Collection was inspired by the music legend’s upcoming album, “24K Magic,” which is available October 28th.

The collection features six different types of sneakers, which Mars and Chan call the “Musical Arrangement,” and were available for purchase at select stores such as Barneys New York, as well as online retailers such as