Just when you thought the whole world had accepted your natural curly hair, along came Robert Pattinson to remind you that there are other ways to wear your hair. The 27-year-old Brit has managed to catch everyone’s attention with his unique haircut choices. Although he has always kept his hair short, it was never anything out of the ordinary. Well, let’s be honest—we’ve all seen his hair lying around his trailer park-like home in the Pacific Northwest. It’s likely that the entire world knows what kind of hair care regimen he follows (seriously, that man must be loaded).

But just as hair care has helped him look so fantastic, it’s also helped him keep his hair fresh and beautiful. In fact, he’s inspired countless people to try out different shortcuts to achieve a similar look. If you want to look like Robert Pattinson, then let’s have a look at how you can pull it off.

The Works

While other men his age are hitting the spa for a good old-fashioned pedicure or splurging on a luxurious massage, Pattinson is usually spotted with a pair of scissors in his hand. The “Water for Elephants” actor has always been dedicated to keeping his hair short and scissor-friendly. He’s managed to keep his hair this way by using a few simple tips and tricks.

First of all, he relies on gel to keep his hair hydrated and looking healthy. Second, he relies on his scalp cream to keep his hair follicles moisturized. Third, he uses a wax, which he says makes his hair look richer. Finally, he uses a combination of coconut oil and almond oil to tame his hair’s natural curly texture. He has stuck with these products since the beginning and they have definitely helped him keep his hair short.

Be Selective About The Styles You Choose

While there are several ways to go about cutting your hair, Pattinson relies on a specific pair of scissors to ensure he gets a sharp and clean cut every time. These shears are made by the famous Marc Jacobs company and are often referred to as “the mother-in-law cut.”

Pattinson is a traditionalist when it comes to how he manages his hair. He grew up in the UK, where he was influenced by several different cultures. He has always been a firm believer in not following trends and instead sticking to what he knows. For example, he has never worn pink and he doesn’t intend to start now. He also feels that his hair is at its best when it’s short and clean. So, if you want to look like the young and dashing Brit, then be selective about the styles you choose. Keep those you know work well for you and ditch the others.

Hydration Is The Key

Since water is important in maintaining a beautiful coat, it follows that your hair needs enough hydration to keep it looking healthy. The most important thing for hair hydration is a good dose of protein. You can get this from food sources or supplement formulas. Just make sure you get enough protein from the right places to keep your hair healthy and looking full.

When you have too little protein in your diet, your hair will start looking dull and dry. Not to mention that it can become a bit fragile, which is something you do not want to have happen to a guy with such beautiful hair.

Blowdry Has Never Been More Important

A good hair day for Pattinson starts with a deep cleansing treatment and a blast of hot air, which we know as a hair dry. A quick 30-minute blast of heat is all it takes to make his hair look healthy and full. Since the 1950s, hair drys have become a central part of getting ready for the day. If you want to look like the beautiful and talented Brit, then you need to make sure you do your hair justice. This means using the right products, setting your hair in the right way, and ensuring you get the most from every treatment you perform.

For years, hair drys have mostly been used to add some volume to hair. This has largely been because of the limited range of styles available. There were no such things as hair dry extenders, which can now be found at any drugstore. These products aren’t created to match your hair’s full range of movement, so don’t expect them to give you perfect curls every time you use them. Instead, find a product that works well with what you have and never fear, low-quality hair products—they will eventually break down and cause you damage.

Be Brave

Like any other part of your body, your hair is able to grow in extraordinary ways. Some people are blessed with luscious locks that they can toss around with impunity. Others have to work at it and put up with a lot of frustration. You can reduce this frustration by being brave. Even though you may feel like you’re the only one who has to deal with this constant cutting, it’s really not the case. If you’re determined to keep your hair short, then others will surely take inspiration and try to cut their hair in a similar way.

You’re going to go through changes as you continue to grow your hair. While some of these changes may be for the better, you’re going to have to face frustration along the way. Just keep the scissors in your hand and try to remain determined. Soon enough, you’re going to find yourself raising your hand in triumph as you finally saw your hair grow throughout the years you spent cutting it off. The look on your faces will be worth it!