People often ask us which celebrity we find the hottest; you know, the one that we find ourselves drawn to, regardless of gender. Well, we can definitely answer that question: it’s Rob Pattinson. We could spend all day looking at his incredible body, admiring his enviable masculine beauty and perfect muscle tone. What’s not there to love?

Fortunately, we have the internet to keep us entertained and to make our lives easier. And, as you might imagine, there are so many hot pics of Rob on the internet. Luckily for you, we’ve curated this list of the website’s sexiest pics of Rob Pattinson. You’re going to enjoy them more than once!

The Ides Of March

March 15th was a big day for fans of Rob Pattinson. It was the day that he finally took off his shirt and flashed his tattooed six-pack for the world to see. Of course, this wasn’t the first time that Rob’s shirts were open due to heat or sunshine; we remember the time that he took off his shirt at the beach during an interview and revealed the tattoo on his stomach. But, still, we weren’t prepared for the shock of seeing his entire beautifully-sculptured torso on the big screen. It was like seeing a celebrity for the first time, and we were blown away by how gorgeous he was. We especially loved his arms and how well they matched his hair and eyes. Like many of his tattoos, the one on his lower back was designed by artist Olly Moss and represents the three seasons: summer, winter and spring.


When it comes to being sexy, there’s definitely no such thing as perfection. But, when it comes to perfection when it comes to men, we think that Rob has perfected the art of being gorgeous and holding his gaze. While we don’t get to see a whole lot of his face, we do get to see plenty of his perfect, muscular body. So, if you’re looking for a god-like figure that is incredibly tempting, and whose image is guaranteed to leave an impression, then Rob is your man. We wonder how many women he has turned down sex-wise? One thing is for sure: he has turned down many a womanly advance. But, if he’s ever actually been in a romantic relationship, we don’t know about it. He certainly seems to have perfected the art of keeping secrets.

A Bit Of A Nerd

No one is really perfect, but we think that Rob is pretty close. He’s often portrayed as this beautiful, perfect specimen that we can’t help but fall for, but he definitely has his quirks. While we can’t say that we know him well, we know that he’s a bit of a nerd. In numerous interviews, he’s admitted to loving video games, comic books and graphic novels. He also enjoys traveling, going to the movies and spending time with his family. Does this sound like the perfect boyfriend or lover to you?

The Walking Dead

If you’re a big fan of the horror series The Walking Dead, then you’ll probably be excited to learn about a project that has been in the works for a while: the live-action AMC series based on the hit show. Weighing in at nearly 40 years old, the production is being described as a “reinvention” of the horror classic (and namesake of the zombie apocalypse series). While we wait for more details to emerge, it’s only fair to assume that this project is at least three or four years away from completion. In the meantime, you can always check out the free fan films that have been released online by the crew at Newtec Studios. And, if you’re looking for some new reading material, we recommend checking out The Walking Dead comics. While not being perfect, we think that this modern-day zombie tale is pretty darn good.

An Incredible Body

It’s not exactly a secret that Rob is an incredible specimen. We all saw him naked for the first time during the premiere of his film Pattinson, and we’ve been salivating over his muscular physique ever since. Of course, he isn’t the only actor to show off his six-pack, but he’s one of the most recognizable faces in the entertainment industry, which makes it slightly more interesting when tabloids and the like spread rumors about his weight loss schemes and workout regimens. But, at least according to the gossip mill, it seems that Rob has been losing weight and working out consistently in order to maintain his incredible physique. Is this really what’s behind all the rumors and chatter? We’ll have to wait and see.

An Air Of Conspiracy

We can’t say for sure that Rob is hiding something, but it’s certainly a question worth asking. He’s been open about his past, including drug use and his struggle with depression. It would be one thing if he had never spoken about his personal life, but he has always been more than willing to share details about his upbringing with the world. So, it would be a bit hypocritical of us to suggest that he might be keeping something from us now that he’s been so open about his history. But there is one thing that we know for sure: he is a master at keeping secrets. He has never been one to give out his personal phone number or email address and has always declined to take part in any kind of interviews that didn’t pertain to his acting career. So, there’s no way for us to know what he’s been doing behind the scenes or with whom he’s been spending his time. It might just be that he’s perfecting the art of keeping secrets…

In the meantime, we have hundreds of photos to behold, and it’s only fair to assume that these will remain a mystery, at least for now.