While it would be sacrilege to deprive the millions of fans who watched the highly anticipated wedding videos of their fairytale wedding ceremony, there were quite a few scenes that were left on the cutting-room floor. One such scene, in which Robert Pattinson and Julianne Moore get very intimate, had to be left out due to time constraints. But it didn’t dampen their enthusiasm for the project, and they insisted that the scene be included in the final cut. So here it is, one of the sexiest scenes of the year (so far). Let’s take a look at it and see what makes it so special.

The Setup

The scene starts with Robert Pattinson arriving at the apartment he shares with Julianne Moore. The actress is waiting for him inside, and it’s quite clear that they’ve been through a lot together. Their love for each other is overflowing, and it shows in every facet of their interactions. They even kiss hello, as if they’ve been apart for years and are finally able to be with each other again. It’s a magical moment that’s full of genuine affection.

It’s also full of sexual tension. Robert is wearing a white shirt with the collar open, while Julianne sports a blue dress with a train. They’re definitely not the sorts of clothes you’d normally see two high-profile celebrities wearing in public, but the camera doesn’t lie. And it makes the viewer wonder what else they might be wearing underneath that sheer blouse or that revealing dress.

The Dance

It wouldn’t be a proper sex scene if there weren’t some form of passionate kissing or groping to accompany it. And boy, do they ever kiss in this scene! They start off gently with a few pecks on the lips, but before long, they’re passionately making out. There’s so much tongue and so much nuzzling that your screen will probably turn white, just like the walls of the studio where it was shot!

But it’s not just about the kissing. Robert begins to explore Julianne’s body as she lies on the floor, and it seems like he has a tendency to stick closely to her body. He even lays down next to her and starts to run his hands all over her. Julianne seems almost as eager to satisfy him as he is to gratify her, and you can tell that this is going to be one wild night!

Things get even more interesting when they sit down on the couch and begin to explore each other’s bodies. This is when things really start to heat up. Julianne takes off Robert’s shirt, and his muscular arms are on full display. But it’s not just his arms that she finds intriguing; it’s the entire upper portion of his body. She explores his torso, feeling his broad shoulders and lean waist.

It doesn’t take long for them to get back into the mood, and this time, they really take the time to go at it. While Julianne starts out submissive, taking all of Robert’s instructions and responding to each one perfectly, it seems like she may have found her true calling in life. She gets on top of him and begins to grind her pussy against his stomach. It seems that she knows her way around a fuck-fest, and she’s eager to exercise her newly found skills.

While she rides him in reverse cowgirl, she’s able to take off his pants and shits him all over her hand. It seems that her ability to please him with her mouth and hand is enough to make him erupt. He spurts all over her and the couch, and she seems to love every bit of it!

When they finally come down off their high, they fall into a peaceful sleep, holding each other close and happy that another day has passed. It’s a tender moment, but it’s also one that has the potential to become quite steamy. Just look at those gorgeous legs!

The Aftermath

It might not be apparent at first, but this sex scene is actually a prelude to something a little more serious. We finally see the somber faces of Moore and Pattinson as they sit across from each other. They’ve been married for some time now, and it seems that their intimacy is something more than just physical. They’re obviously still in love, but there’s also an undercurrent of sadness in their embrace.

It’s a moment that seems to cut right to the core of what their relationship is all about. They couldn’t be any more different than the way they were on the night they first fell in love. Back then, they were both pretty reserved and didn’t exactly bring their A-game to the fore. But in the years since, they’ve honed their craft and are able to bring their best selves to the forefront. This is what makes their bond so special and makes their sex scenes such compelling viewing.

Even when they’re not making out or getting physically intimate, their chemistry is undeniable. They’re clearly acting and bringing their A-game to the screen, but there’s also something quite real about their on-screen connection. It comes off as authentic and unforced, and it’s definitely something to behold. It might not be for the faint of heart, but it’s definitely a sight to behold. This is a love story destined for the silver screen. Or in the case of this scene, celluloid.