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We’re starting off the new year with a bang, as 2018 was certainly a year of headlines. From breaking news to court cases, cheating scandals, and more – it was a year of scandals, one right after the other.

And with the new year comes new romances. We’re blessed enough to have a whole closet of romantic options at our fingertips, as January brings us the very latest celebrity relationship news. So let’s dive right in, shall we?

Robert Pattinson’s Newest Romance

The year ahead of us may not have started fairytale-like, but it certainly didn’t end that way. We had an eventful year, to say the least, and it all started with a bang when Robert Pattinson officially announced his engagement to longtime girlfriend and Snow White actress, Camilla Lowther-Williams. Little did we know at the time that this was just the beginning. A year later, Pattinson and Lowther-Williams tied the knot in a beautiful church ceremony in France.

On January 9, 2019, Pattinson took to Instagram to share a sweet message about his new wife and how much he enjoys being married to her. “So happy to share this picture with you. I absolutely love you, and I’m so lucky to have found such a beautiful soulmate. Thank you for being my best friend throughout all these years. And congratulations on a wonderful wedding day,” he captioned the photo.

It’s clear that the Twilight alum is delighted to be stepping out of his shell and into his new role as a husband. In fact, he has revealed that he thinks his time apart from Hollywood made him a better husband overall. “Being in the public eye for so long…made me realize how much I love & need my private life, & the people in it. I’m grateful for the time apart and I feel much more comfortable being myself around my wife & family,” he wrote on Instagram. “I’ve been so worried about my image that I’ve been acting in a way that doesn’t feel right to me. I’ve been wanting to tell you this for a while. I hope you can forgive me for being so controlling.”

While many may have doubted that there was any chance of the relationship working out, it’s clear that Robert Pattinson, 54, and Camilla Lowther-Williams, 39, share an undying love for each other. And it seems that they’re looking for forever after as they continue to express their love through their actions. Just this week, they were spotted on a luxury cruise ship celebrating their first anniversary. The ship was originally booked for a private party but they decided to extend their celebration and invited the media along for the ride. The glamorous vacation marked a dramatic change in lifestyle for the actor, who has recently been more open about his relationship with Lowther-Williams. Last year, he closed down his social media accounts after he and his then-fiancee announced their engagement. But now that he’s sharing his nuptials with the world, it seems that Robert Pattinson is eager to show off his new wife’s beautiful smile. The couple has also been photographed with their arms wrapped around each other while holding hands as they took a stroll down the aisle during Lowther-Williams’ wedding ceremony. And just this week, they were seen holding hands while disembarking from a cruise ship in Venice. The pictures were posted on Camilla’s Instagram account with the caption: “A day that will live in infamy”.

As previously stated, it wasn’t just the engagement that made headlines in 2018, it was the entire year. From breaking news to court cases, cheating scandals, and more – it was a year of scandals, one right after the other. One of the most high-profile cases was that of R. Kelly, the singer and songwriter, who was accused of sexual abuse and harassment by a large number of women. In December 2018, Kelly was acquitted of all charges after a 2½-week trial. The singer, who was charged with 14 counts of sexual abuse and held without bail, had to surrender his passport, and is currently appealing the verdict. The trial made headlines around the world and was one of the largest cases of its kind. In court, Kelly’s lawyers argued that the allegations were “crippling his career and draining his finances”. But fans saw it as a fight for his freedom, as he had been accused of such awful crimes. In the case of BTS vs. YG Entertainment, the Korean record label sued the latter for $1.83 billion, claiming that the latter had attempted to extort them into dropping the charges against Jin. The dispute was eventually settled out of court and neither side revealed the terms of the agreement. In the lawsuit, BTS denied all allegations, stating that they were “baseless and unjust accusations” made in anger because the group had refused to renew YG’s contract. The case made headlines not only because it was one of the largest in history but also because it was the first time that a Korean record label had gone to court over an unsigned artist. The dispute between the two companies revolved around YG’s request for 50% of BTS’s revenue from music sales and live performances in the United States – an assertion that BTS denied in the lawsuit.

Victoria Beckham’s Fashion Confessions

One of the most stylish women in the world found herself in the middle of a controversy this year when she made an ill-advised joke about the fashion industry during a Q&A session at London Fashion Week. Speaking with the publication Fashion Diary, Beckham said, “I think everyone is inspired by me – my husband, my children, my employees. But I also think that, as a brand, we haven’t changed a lot in 100 years and I don’t know whether people want to change that much either. I don’t think our industry is making the most of its potential, and I don’t think it’s right that men are still wearing pink and women are still wearing purple. So, I don’t know, maybe it’s time to mix things up a bit?”

Not one to mince words, Victoria Beckham made it clear that she doesn’t think men should be wearing pink and that women should be wearing purple. In what appeared to be a coordinated effort, multiple fashion publications gleefully published an article with the headline “Victoria Beckham Declares WAR on Pink and Purple at London Fashion Week” the following day. Fashion Week is one of the most highly attended, if not the most highly attended, fashion shows in the world, and it’s a safe bet that Beckham’s comments there would’ve been met with a chorus of earholes.

Kylie Jenner’s Fake Instagram Account

Just when we thought we were safe from online fakes, Kylie Jenner came out with a whole new Instagram account. The account, @kyliejenner, is clearly a copy of @_kyliejenner_, a private Instagram account that features beautiful and occasionally glamorized images of the 21-year-old reality star. According to reports, Kylie Jenner registered the account with the help of a celebrity web designer and used a stolen photo of model Elsa Beckman as her profile image. It is not known if she will use Beckman as her model for her self-titled clothing line or if she will continue to use her own friends and family as inspiration. A representative for Beckman has denied that the model had anything to do with the creation of Kylie Jenner’s account. It is also not known if Beckman had any prior knowledge of the account or if she found out about it by accident. It seems likely that the gorgeous blonde was chosen as the account’s first model because she is relatively unknown compared to the other gorgeous women that the account has featured. On top of all this, Kylie Jenner’s father, Caitlyn Jenner, had a message for her fans.

Speaking at the 2019 Vanity Fair Oscar party in Hollywood on Sunday, February 10, the 56-year-old Caitlyn Jenner said, “My message to my daughter is, ‘Just be kind to everyone.’ Always. This world can be very cruel. It can be very judgmental. Just be true to yourself and you’ll never be sorry. Don’t let anyone tell you that you’re not enough or that you should change who you are to fit in. You’ll never be able to please everyone, and that’s a surefire way to upset yourself. So, my message to her is just be kind.”