Sebastian Stan & Robert Pattinson are widely regarded as the most handsome and talented young British actors of their generation. After successfully starring in the likes of Twilight and The Holiday, which earned them widespread acclaim, they’ve gone on to create a string of blockbusters, earning them a loyal following both in the UK and around the world.

But behind the scenes, there are much more details about their lives as modern day Romeo and Juliette that you might not know. Here are some of the interesting facts about their Hollywood journey:

They Both Started Out As Actors In Film School

While at university, Stan and Pattinson both enrolled in drama school, where they found the craft much more interesting than they had anticipated. They starred in a number of school productions, including a play called Dead Poets Society, which was adapted into a 2003 movie starring Michael Caine. After graduating, they went on to star in various shorts and television shows before gaining professional recognition. In 2014, they starred alongside each other in a modern adaptation of Romeo and Juliet, with Pattinson playing the lead role of the eponymous characters.

“I was offered the role of Romeo first and then the role of Mercutio [in a TV adaptation of Romeo and Juliet] and I wanted to be the younger one because I think it would be more interesting to see how they fall in love as teenagers,” Stan said of the filming of their version of the classic Shakespearean tragedy. “That’s what was exciting about it. Both of us being in our early 20s, it meant we got to play roles that were a bit more mature than we would otherwise have been allowed to.”

Pattinson added, “When we saw each other for the first time in drama school, we just had an instant connection. I’d never seen such a beautiful, talented young man in my life. It was like something out of a fairytale.”

They Both Worked In Television

After graduating from university, Stan and Pattinson both landed bit roles in major British productions before going on to star in various British comedies and shows. In 2017, they starred in a revival of Noël Coward’s famous play Private Lives, which also starred Gwyneth Paltrow and Hugh Grant. While it’s been mostly comedy in their early career, they have also found ways to put their dramatic talents to good use. In 2010, they starred in the miniseries House of Gucci, which was an adaption of Max Arthur’s novel The House of Gucci. They played a family of designers who are forced to close down their business during World War II. The following year, they appeared in the miniseries Tinsel, which traced the history of the Hollywood film star from the early days when they began in shorts and silent films to the present day.

Pattinson Made A Name For Himself In America

Pattinson is best known for his role as the rebellious Edward Cullen in the Twilight Saga. This series, which began in 2008 and was based on the best-selling books by American author Stephenie Meyer, was a massive hit, earning over 500 million views on YouTube alone. In the U.S., it was the highest-grossing film of the year with a worldwide total of over 1.1billion. In addition to Twilight and The Hunger Games, which he starred in alongside Jennifer Lawrence, he has also appeared in House of Gucci and the 2014 drama The Sea. But it was his performance in 2016’s Suicide Squad as the lead character Rick Flag, which was based on the DC Comics antihero, that really established him as a major star in his own right. In addition to this role, he also portrayed DC Comics’ Joker in the 2017 film version of Kingkiller Chronicles.

Stan Has Lived In America Since The 1980s

While Pattinson was establishing himself in America, Stan had already been acting for years and, in 1981, he moved to Los Angeles with his family, where he eventually settled down. After starring in a number of British productions that didn’t do well abroad, he found his fame and fortune in America, where he became a regular on the big screen. He has since appeared in leading roles in films like Ironman 3 and Serenity, as well as smaller, more independent films like The Place Beyond The Pines with Ryan Gosling and The Lost City, which he also produced. He also has a recurring role as Henry Cavendish in the science fiction series Colony, which is based on the novel by Alastair Reynolds. In 2014, he produced and starred in the independent film The Girlfriend Experience, which was about a man who hires a professional female escort for his birthday.

They Worked Together For The First Time In 2012

In 2012, Stan and Pattinson teamed up for a film called Band Aid, which was largely based on a true story about an Oxford band that went on to inspire the 2012 Olympics. They played members of a 1960s band who are forced to reunite after a performance in Sweden is halted by a kidnapping. They also worked together on the set of their new movie, The Lost City, which is a follow-up to the 2010 fantasy adventure Ironman 3. The duo has also collaborated on the screenplays for multiple movies, including Gangster School and The Dark House.

They’ve Been Nominated For And Won A Number Of Awards

The two have been nominated for several awards, including a Primetime Emmy for their role in the series Vinyl, which they also produced. They have also won a Golden Globe for Best Performance by an Actor in a Television Series – Drama and a British Independent Film Award for their work in The Lost City. In addition to these, they have also been nominated for a British Academy Film Award for Best Actor in a Supporting Role.

Their First Major Project After Band Aid Was Based On Real Events

After their stint in Sweden, the duo returned to London in 2012 and began working on the script for a film adaptation of Roaring Twenties, which was based on the real-life story of a bank robber in 1920s London. They wanted to make sure that every aspect of the story was as accurate to the period As they could make it, including the costumes, which were inspired by the work of the famous designer Dior.

“When we first started, it was very easy for me to find inspiration for my roles. I always wanted to play someone who was a bit older than me, which is why I originally decided to play the part of a Banker. I wanted to investigate what it was like to grow up during the Victorian era,” Pattinson said in a 2018 interview with GQ. “Now that I’m older and wiser, I’ve found that the best roles for me are usually those that are based on true events. In terms of adapting historical events, I find it fascinating how filmmakers today can put a modern spin on historical stories.”

Their Next Major Project Is Based On A True Story

The duo is now at work on their next major project, which is based on a true story that took place in Los Angeles in the 1960s. It’s about three generations of a family, who are faced with the impending reality of an economic downturn and struggle for survival in an urban jungle. Shooting is due to begin next year.

In addition to this, they have also been hired to voice some of the characters in the hotly-anticipated Dark Phoenix, which is set to be released on July 9th 2020, just in time for the Summer Olympics.