It’s been almost a year since the finale of the James Bond franchise, Spectre, and since then we’ve been waiting for the next installment to arrive. Well, that wait is over as Bond 25 has finally been confirmed to be in production later this year.

The first teaser was just revealed and it shows Bond in a very different setting from the traditional English countryside of the previous outings. Instead, we see Bond in South America as he is training an Ecuadorian man to be his new partner. The training involves the man learning how to use a gun and how to properly tie a bow tie. These days, Bond doesn’t always need to rely on his wits alone to bring down his enemies. The 007 team now has access to a whole other realm of gadgetry as they hunt down their foes across the globe. One of the things that makes Bond unique is his ability to constantly update his arsenal to keep up with the times. Now, more than ever, Bond needs to be ready for the modern world.

A Fresh New Image

Bond’s appearance hasn’t changed much since the turn of the millennium as he still has the pale face, blue eyes and neatly trimmed beard that made him so recognizable. But, as mentioned, he’s now living in a world that is very different from the one that existed when he first appeared on the big screen. The franchise has always been intertwined with contemporary culture and pop culture in general so it’s only fitting that Bond’s look now reflects that of his era. A perfect example of this is the way he wears his hair. Back in the day, it was always neatly tied back in a ponytail but now it’s often curated into different looks that fit the times we live in. For instance, when he meets with M in the teaser trailer, Bond is seen wearing his hair in a messy bun which is something that you would only normally associate with a 21st century woman. Similarly, when he takes on the role of James Bond in Deadpool 2, he ditches the beard for a sharper, cleaner look that is reminiscent of Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine character. The world is a different place now and Bond has to reflect that. He can’t be bound by the rules of the past.

A Newer, Better Mousetrap

The gadgets in Bond’s arsenal have also evolved to keep up with the times. When he first appeared onscreen, his iconic Walther PPK pistol was the quintessential tool of a secret agent. Since then, we’ve seen many different iterations of the pistol including ones with folding stocks and even ones that were built into a guitar case. Now, in Bond 25, we see a more traditional look with the Walther once again taking the form of a sleek, metallic rectangle. It’s still a gun that is both useful and stylish enough to be remembered but it’s also something that could easily be concealed in a handbag or even a briefcase. If, like Bond, you’re working today, you might even find yourself traveling with your own little Walther in the shape of a clutch or pencil case. It’s an important symbol of a bygone era being updated for the modern world. To truly reflect the evolution of the times, it’s important to not only update your weapons and your attire but also your adversaries. So if you’re facing off against an opponent in the next breath, you better be able to trade punches or kicks with them or be prepared to be hit from a different angle. It’s the mark of a truly great film franchise: it doesn’t just stand the test of time, it helps shape it.

Less Talk, More Action

The James Bond films are largely character driven stories with heavy emphasis on action. And the new teaser shows exactly that as we observe Bond training his new partner while remaining mostly silent. It is, however, the little moments between the training arcs that make these films special. As part of his preparation for his new role as Bond, Diego Luna, who plays M’s new recruit, learns to appreciate the little things in life. He starts by taking his student on a tour of James Bond’s favorite London filming locations. While they’re walking through the city, Diego stops and points out landmarks and reveals little stories about the movie-making process that surrounds them. It’s these moments that make the films feel so human; these are the kinds of stories that bring us back to the cinema year after year and make us feel like we’re a part of something special. Talking cars and tingling tongues are no longer enough as audiences want to feel like they’re a part of the action. It’s that sense of connection that draws viewers back for more.

The first four films in the James Bond series are available to stream on Netflix. As someone who has been waiting anxiously for the next film in the franchise to arrive, it’s nice to know that the streamer will be bringing us more of what we love in the near future. Let’s hope that whatever they have in store will be just as exciting as the previous films were. Until then, we’re bound to keep thinking of Daniel Craig and his iconic interpretation of James Bond as he makes his final journey to the end of the line. In the meantime, we have Skyfall to reminisce about.