Ever wonder what sets successful people apart from those who seem to have it all going for themselves? What do Scott and Charlie – iconic American brand names that were once extremely fashionable but have now transcended the fashion cycle – have in common?

As it turns out, they have a lot in common. Let’s highlight a few of these similarities and see how you can incorporate them into your life.

Successful People Are Inspired

You may be familiar with the concept of paying it forward – providing benefits to others to make up for what you perceive to be your own shortcomings. In a similar vein, Scott and Charlie were both highly successful entrepreneurs who made their fortunes through their own hard work and determination. They both invested heavily in their own education and grew highly valuable networks as a result. They also contributed generously to their communities and became known for their passionate, selfless leadership.

It’s likely that you have at least some of Scott’s characteristics integrated into your own personality. For example, you may have a strong work ethic and value hard work and results over quick fixes, or you may be naturally generous. The list of similarities goes on.

They Are Pro-Active In All Aspects Of Life

Perhaps the most intriguing similarity between Scott and Charlie is their seemingly boundless energy. Even in retirement, they’re still busy performing and being active. They are constantly investing in and expanding their networks, creating new opportunities and expanding their life experiences. They are always driven by ambition and a desire to remain engaged with the world.

Scott and Charlie’s prolific careers speak to the effectiveness of their approach to life. They don’t believe in wasting time, and they certainly don’t believe in limiting themselves by not exploring new opportunities. The fact that they’ve managed to stay so busy and productive in their later years speaks to the determination and passion that propelled them throughout their lives.

They Have The Courage Of His Conviction

Perhaps the most inspirational aspect of Scott and Charlie’s lives is their unwavering sense of conviction. Over the course of their storied careers, the two iconic business leaders were repeatedly proven right. They had the courage to stick to their guns and never wavered in their belief that American consumers would embrace their vision for a luxury goods conglomerate. Scott and Charlie’s unwavering optimism helped them persevere through harsh economic downturns and enabled them to identify new opportunities in places where others saw none.

Optimism and a strong work ethic are arguably the two most important personal qualities for a business leader. However, what makes Scott and Charlie exceptional is that their optimism and work ethic are deeply intertwined with their sense of conviction and unwavering belief in the American dream.

Final Takeaway

Overall, it’s clear that Scott and Charlie had a significant impact on business and society as we know it. They’re an inspiration to countless business leaders and individuals who they’ve helped along the way. Their entrepreneurial spirit, desire to give back, and strong work ethic are all values that would be beneficial for any aspiring business leader to integrate into their own personality.