One of the most recognizable faces at the San Diego Comic Con is Robert Pattinson. The British star took the time out of his schedule to meet and greet fans at the annual event over the last weekend. He signed autographs, took photos, and even attended a couple of panels. While there were a lot of fans waiting in line for their chance to meet the Twilight star, there were also a lot of media members who came to cover the event. Here’s a recap of what happened.

Robert Pattinson’s Arrival & First Impressions

The most anticipated part of the event was the arrival of Robert Pattinson. As expected, the Twilight actor arrived in San Diego on Friday, July 12, in a black Uber. He was accompanied by his mom, Karen, and stepfather, Tim. Tim is an American actor who’s best known for his role as Mike Brady on The Brady Bunch. He was previously married to actress Melanie Griffith from 1978 until their 1983 divorce. They have a daughter, Madeline, who’s also an actress.

When Robert Pattinson arrived at the convention center, he entered through the VIP entrance. From there, he made his way to the press room where he was greeted by photographers and members of the media. He shook hands and exchanged pleasantries with the journalists while Karen stayed in the background as a smiling presence. She didn’t interact with fans, but instead remained by her son’s side the entire time.

An Autograph-Signing Session With Legend

Friday was a big day at the convention for Twilight fans as it was the day that Robert Pattinson signed autographs and took photographs with fans. The English actor, who recently wrapped up filming on the highly anticipated sixth installment of the Twilight saga, was dressed casually in jeans and a white tee shirt. He signed every autograph that was presented to him and even joked with the fans that were there just to meet him. He didn’t make any exceptions and happily posed for photos with every fan that came by.

Karen stayed close by her son the entire time and made sure that he didn’t overdo it by signing too many autographs or posing for too many pictures. In the end, it was a pretty hectic day for the actor as he signed over 300 autographs and took about 200 photographs with fans. He kept a smile on his face throughout the entire session and even got some fans to laugh as they remembered Twilight and its many memorable scenes.

A Look At The Twilight Fandom In Person

While Twilight is one of the most popular franchises of all time, it’s still a relatively new phenomenon. The franchise started in 2012 with the first movie, On the Road, which was followed by more installments in the series and a spin-off, New Moon. All the films were directed by Chris Weitz and co-written by Andrew McKenzie. The most recent installment in the Twilight series is Twilight Saga: Eclipse (2010), which was written and directed by David Slade. It’s estimated that around 150 million people have seen the Twilight films so far.

While Eclipse was the first installment in the Twilight franchise to score underwhelming box office returns, it didn’t destroy the series. In fact, it even became something of a sleeper hit, which revived interest in Twilight and helped push the franchise to new heights. In 2019, Twilight is one of the most popular topics at San Diego Comic Con. Besides the main event of course, there are also a few smaller gatherings dedicated to the Twilight fandom. For example, there’s the Twilight Roundtable, which is a casual conversation between Twilight stars, including Robert Pattinson. There’s also the Twilight Theater, where attendees can watch movies from the series and its spin-off. The list of gatherings goes on and on, with fans from all over the world gathering to celebrate the Twilight Saga. It wouldn’t be a San Diego Comic Con without a dedicated area for Twilight fans, now would it?

A Few Panels & Q&As

There were a few panels and Q&As that were dedicated to the Twilight phenomenon. Besides the main event, which was dedicated to the entire franchise, there was also a mini-festival, called Twilight Days, which just focused on the first two films, On the Road and Twilight. Besides the two-day event, there was also the Twilight Fan Club Party, a four-hour long party that was thrown in celebration of the franchise’s eight-year anniversary. The event took place on Friday night at the Manchester Grand Hotel and featured live music, food, and drink. There were also a number of activities, including costume contests and panel discussions. Most of the panels were pretty entertaining as they were filled with fans who had either seen the films or read the books. The guests were a mix of hardcore fans and newbies who had been swept up in the franchise’s massive popularity.

Robert Pattinson’s Mom Keeps A Close Eye On Him

While the majority of fans were there to see and meet Robert Pattinson, his mom was simply there to make sure that he didn’t overexpose himself. Before the event, she expressed her concerns about fans going above and beyond to get an autograph or a photo op with her son. “I’m just here to keep an eye on him and make sure he doesn’t overexpose himself,” she told the Los Angeles Times. “I’m just here to make sure he has some fun. It’s a lot of work having your own kids, so I’m just trying to make sure he has some fun times while he can.”

Even though she was there to keep an eye on her son, Karen still managed to have some fun by interacting with fans. She signed autographs, took photos, and even made some short videos for fans. While she wasn’t extremely comfortable with all the attention, she did seem to be having fun.

Karen has been a very supportive mother to her son throughout his entire acting career. She even traveled with him to London for the premiere of the latest Twilight film last year. Besides being there for the events, she also manages his personal life and works as an executive producer on his films. It’s been a busy decade for Robert Pattinson, but it seems like he’s finally found his footing and is living his best life. With his incredible looks and charm, it’s no wonder why he has managed to keep fans happy for so long.