I never thought I’d say this but I’m actually a bit jealous of Rym Pattinson. Not because she’s married to Ed Sheeran but because she got to live her dream and be a supermodel. Sheeran is a global superstar and he supported her in every way possible during her modeling career but this is absolutely what she wanted. She wanted to be a supermodel and she made it happen.

Now that she’s a wife and mother-to-be, she’s stepped back a bit from her hectic schedule and has taken the time to reveal the stunning transformations she made while modeling. Through her Instagram account, we get to see her top-notch workouts and her amazing meals. There are so many things we can learn from this incredible gal.

The Key To Her Success

When I first heard about Rym Pattinson, I assumed she would be a face you’d either know or instantly recognize. But it turns out that not only is she well-known but she’s also managed to reinvent herself several times over. If you’re unfamiliar, Rym is a Scottish supermodel who transitioned from modeling to acting while still maintaining her spot among the top tier of models. We have so much in common and had so many similar experiences growing up. I always say that my life was a total accident and I didn’t plan to be an author or have my own makeup line. While I didn’t exactly set out to be a fashion influencer, here I am.

What I love most about Rym is that she’s achieved so much in life and kept all of her fans as a result. When I think about all the people who’ve inspired me in some way or another, Rym is always at the top of the list. I can’t even begin to count the number of women I’ve looked up to and inspired by, but if I had to pick just one person, it would be Rym.

The Power Of Transformation

One of the reasons why Rym is so successful as a supermodel is that she knows how to reinvent herself. She’s always searching for the next big thing and she’s constantly trying to improve herself. As a result, she’s been able to stay relevant for decades and continue to grow and change with the times. If you’ve been watching social media for even a few years, you’ll know that this is something that’s rarely done these days. People rarely grow or change as much as we want them to and it’s often used as a way to label someone as “uncool” if they don’t fit into the “cool” category in real life.

For example, there were a lot of people who didn’t like Taylor Swift when she came out with her music video for “Look What You Made Me Do”. But now that she’s collaborated with Kendrick Lamar and released songs with him, people are starting to realize that Taylor is much more than just a teen pop star. Even people who didn’t like her back in the day are coming around and praising her for the mature work she’s produced.

While we might not all agree on what makes a “good” fashion influencer or a “bad” fashion influencer, there’s one thing we can all agree on: the fact that they’re always growing as people and as professionals. It’s refreshing to see someone that continuously strives to improve themselves instead of resting on their laurels.

The Importance Of Nutrition

One of the major differences between Rym and a lot of other people you might see on Instagram is her extremely healthy lifestyle. When she’s not working, Rym spends her time taking care of her body and working out. One of her major sources of energy comes from nutrition, specifically from dark chocolate. Dark chocolate has a higher concentration of antioxidants than milk chocolate, which gives it greater health benefits. There is also a wide variety of berries that you could incorporate into your diet if you’re looking to boost your health. Blueberries, raspberries, and blackberries all contain antioxidants that help protect your body’s cells and DNA from damage caused by free radicals.

Free radicals are unstable molecules that can damage our cells and DNA. They are often produced as a result of energy stress, which is why staying fit is so important. When you consume foods rich in antioxidants, you’ll quench these free radicals and protect your body from damage. Dark chocolate also encourages the growth of good bacteria in your stomach which helps to nourish your digestive system. So while you’re eating chocolate, you’re also doing your body some favor!

The Major Milestones

During our time tracking her journey, we were able to piece together a rough timeline of Rym’s life. It turns out that she was born in Scotland and moved with her parents to London when she was just three. There she began her modeling career and was eventually promoted to exclusive status in 1996. The following year, she signed with a modeling agency in New York and began dividing her time between London and New York. In 1999, she got married to television producer Mark Watson. Watson is best known for creating and producing the long-running hit series Prisoner Cell Block H. The couple have a son named Arthur and a daughter named Madeline. They also have two dogs, a French bulldog named Balthazar and a pug named Magnus.

In 2010, Rym did a campaign for Estee Lauder. The following year, she began featuring in major publications like Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar. That year she also became the face of Christian Dior. In 2012, she appeared on the cover of Vogue and shot a spread in Harper’s Bazaar. That same year she released her first book, entitled Just Listen. In 2013, she did a campaign for Burberry and shot a spread in Vogue. In 2014, she became the face of Dior again. That same year she released another book, entitled The Best Years: How to Enjoy Life on Your Own Terms as an Independent Woman. In 2017, Rym did a campaign for Marc Jacobs and appeared on the cover of Vogue. She also shot a spread for Harper’s Bazaar and debuted her own fragrance, Rym, which is available to purchase online. This year she appeared in the video game Fortnite.

A Bit More About The Author

It’s no secret that I’ve been wanting to write a book for a while now and I feel like this is the perfect opportunity. Not only do I get to express myself through writing but I also get to do so while inspiring others. Rym has always been a source of inspiration for me and I feel like this is a chance to pay it forward. I can’t wait to tell her story and help my fellow millennials who are looking to reinvent themselves after years of being told “no” by society.