Since launching its real estate website,, in 2017, luxury real estate agency, Ryan Pattinson, has seen a surge in interest from home buyers searching for a luxurious experience on their next purchase.

The agency is best known for its ultra-high-end, iconic London properties, like the Cheesegrater on Brick Lane, which it recently sold for £47 million, as well as for pioneering the ‘well-laid-out, modern apartment’ in Knightsbridge.

With property prices soaring and interest rates low, now is a good time to be in the market for a pricey home. But what exactly is contributing to the increase in homebuyer interest?

A Suitable Alternative to Traditional Real Estate Agencies

Thanks to the proliferation of luxury real estate websites catering for discerning homebuyers, it’s now easier than ever to source a suitable alternative to traditional, old-school real estate agencies.

The difference in quality of service between a traditional real estate agency and a luxury real estate agency is immediately apparent. Traditional agencies’ main aim is to secure the biggest possible price for a property, often driving significant pressure to close deals as soon as possible.

In sharp contrast, luxury real estate agencies place the needs of their clients at the forefront of their thinking, employing highly trained, experienced real estate agents who will work diligently to find a suitable property that meets their client’s needs. Additionally, these agencies will go the extra mile to ensure their clients are well-informed and comfortable with the process. Furthermore, traditional real estate agencies typically outsource important tasks, such as valuation and legal work, to external companies, which can lead to significant delays in the buying process.

As a result, buyers who are seeking to purchase a home or invest in a property with the help of a traditional real estate agency are likely to experience a multitude of headaches down the line, due to the sheer volume of administration involved.

Home Buyers Can Now Access Information On More Than One Property

Thanks to recent technological advancements, like touch-screen interactive maps and online search functions, luxury real estate agencies are able to offer home buyers a much broader range of properties than ever before.

Previously, potential buyers would be restricted to viewing properties that were physically on display at an agency. However, with virtual tours and 360-degree immersive images, real estate websites can truly showcase the luxury of a property, without the need to be on the site itself.

As a result of this increased choice, home buyers can now access key information on more than one property in a single, combined search. This is clearly beneficial in terms of saving time and effort, as well as allowing buyers to make more informed choices. Should they decide to proceed to purchase, the property details and marketing material will be more readily available than ever before, significantly reducing the chance of missing out on a suitable alternative.

The Property Details Are Unexpected And Wonderful

Beyond the range of services that come with a luxury real estate agency, like valuations, mortgage advice, and searches for similar properties, buyers will find the site’s ‘Get In Touch’ section particularly useful.

Here, potential buyers can contact the agency directly, should they have any questions regarding the purchase or planning of a property. As well as being a useful contact point for potential buyers, the ‘Get In Touch’ section also provides any interested parties with vital contact details for the agency’s key personnel, like the agency head and managing director.

The ‘Get In Touch’ page is also where users can find the property’s key external contacts, like surveyors, inspectors, and legal professionals. This direct access to key personnel and external contacts is extremely useful in ensuring that potential buyers are neither misled nor inconvenienced by missing out on any crucial information.

Why Should Home Buyers Research The Area They Are In?

When considering a possible purchase of an apartment or house, buyers must bear in mind that the property they are interested in may be located in an area that is prone to flooding or other natural disasters.

As such, it is vital that buyers do some research into the area before making any decision. They can consult the government’s flood risk maps to determine where flooding is most likely to occur. Additionally, buyers should make enquiries with local authorities and check the building plans to ensure that the property is designed to withstand such occurrences. Ultimately, these pre-purchase checks will help to ensure that the homebuyer’s decision is sound and that they are not buying a property located in a dangerous or unstable area. At the very least, it will raise any red flags that need to be addressed before the purchase can be ratified.

Home Buyers Can Now Research Properties In Advance

Thanks to recent technological advancements, like online maps, google searches, and smartphones, research becomes much simpler and more convenient for home buyers.

Before the advent of the internet, research would be significantly hindered by geography. For example, a buyer in Surrey would not be able to access government-issued flood risk maps for Northern Ireland. Similarly, the buyer would not be able to access property price and search engine data for other counties in England.

With the ability to access geo-restricted information on the internet, potential buyers can now do their research online, before even leaving their home. Additionally, with the resurgence of QR codes, all of the necessary contact details for the property can be readily accessed by simply scanning the code with a smartphone camera.

This convenience is invaluable for busy buyers, who may not have the time to physically travel to the various offices and websites that provide important property information. In such cases, online research and subsequent communication with the property seller is entirely feasible.

Home Search Focuses On Multiple Options

With the internet allowing for instantaneous communication and digital navigation, real estate websites can really step up their game and offer potential buyers a ‘One-Stop-Shop’ for all of their home-related needs.

When performing a property search on a real estate website, buyers can expect to see a range of properties, both large and small, from which they can choose, based on their own preferences.

Additionally, should a buyer decide to proceed to purchase a property, the property details and relevant real estate agency contacts will be made available to them, without the need to visit a physical office. This will undoubtedly save the buyer both time and money, as well as provide them with an efficient buying experience.

However, despite the many advantages that a luxury real estate agency website can offer, it is still important to do your research before committing. Remember that a buyer should always try to work with a registered agency, as it provides key legal protections should anything go wrong during the transaction.