My top 10 favorite movies changed over the years. When I was growing up, my mom would often take me to the movies and I would enjoy myself so much that I would fall asleep in the theater. Now that I’m older, I watch movies differently. There are certain movies that I think are perfect for anyone and everyone. Whether you’re a fan of action movies or drama, these are the movies that will leave an impression on you. Here are my top 10 favorite movies.

10. Dirty Dancing (1988)

Dirty Dancing is probably the most popular and recognizable film among my top 10. The movie is set in the 1950s and tells the story of a young woman named Dusty who leaves her family in New York City to go to college. There, she meets and falls in love with a much younger man. They decide to marry, but soon realize that their needs are different and that they may not be compatible. Ultimately, they come to an understanding and decide to be honest with each other. They grow tired of the empty promises and lack of commitment, and decide to let go of their illusions and be adults. While the plot may seem a little clichéd, it’s told with such an upbeat and optimistic tone that it really feels fresh. And the dancing is amazing! Everyone knows the famous scene where Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey dance together for the first time, but you may not know that it was filmed in 8 different cities across the country. In addition to the dancing, the costumes are fabulous and the soundtrack is amazing.

9. The Breakfast Club (1985)

The Breakfast Club is one of those rare movies that feel like they were made for everybody. It’s a very upbeat and optimistic movie with a lot of heart. The film follows five girls as they meet each other for the first time in a dorm room and decide to spend the day together. The movie opens with one of the five girls being late for class because she was chatting with a boy in the hall. When she arrives, she finds the other four in the lounge, getting coffee and talking about boys and relationships. It’s not long before they realize that they have a lot in common and decide to become friends. The movie then cuts to the next morning, where the five wake up, eat their Breakfast Club sandwich and drink their coffee. It’s an innocent and quirky start to an extraordinary morning. The costumes for the five friends are gorgeous and the soundtrack is memorable. And the last scene where they sing along to Madonna’s “Vogue” is so iconic that it’s been used in TV commercials, magazine spreads and even a GAP ad. It’s definitely one of my favorite movies of all time.

8. Ferris Bueller’s Day Off (1986)

Ferris Bueller’s Day Off is the quintessential 1980s action comedy. It’s set in June of 1986, which was the peak of the decade. One day after school lets out for the summer, Ferris Bueller decides to take the day off from being a schoolboy and have some fun. He calls his best friend, Cameron, who is also a schoolboy, and invites him to join him for an adventure. They go to a restaurant, where Ferris orders food for both of them and then the two of them spend the day exploring Chicago. The two of them drive around in Ferris’ vintage car and go to a baseball game, where they sing “Happy Birthday” to Ferris’ grandma. Ferris Bueller’s Day Off is fun, quirky and full of wonderful one-liners. The best part is that Ferris doesn’t do anything that most teenagers wouldn’t do. Instead, he gets to do what he wants, when he wants, which is made especially for him by his father. It’s a classic coming-of-age story, but with a twist. Cameron doesn’t turn out to be a nerd, like Ferris expected, but a cool and collected individual, which Ferris respects. I guess you could say that Ferris Bueller is a role model for many teenagers today, which is pretty cool.

7. E.T. the Extraterrestrial (1982)

E.T. the Extraterrestrial is one of the most iconic sci-fi films of all time. It’s directed by Steven Spielberg and written by Douglas Trumbull. The film follows a young boy named Elliot, who has a close encounter with a mysterious creature named Elliott. The two of them bond over their mutual love of nature and animals. Despite their initial fright, the two of them become fast friends. Elliot’s father, a psychologist, tries to find out what happened, but Elliot is convinced that the encounter was just a fluke. He doesn’t want to talk about it, doesn’t want to see the creature again and eventually, decides to cut it out of his memory. The movie is a masterpiece. It has an absolutely incredible score by John Williams, which is one of the best action movie scores ever written. The performances by Elliot’s family and friends are also incredible. Spielberg has described the film as “part magic show, part M*A*S*H, part Disney movie and part horror movie.” It’s a combination of all those things, but mostly, it’s just a masterpiece. And the best part is that despite the fact that it was made in the 1980s, it feels like it could have been filmed today.

6. Pretty Woman (1990)

I can’t talk about my top 10 favorite movies without mentioning Pretty Woman. I think Pretty Woman is one of the most perfect rom-coms of all time. Richard Gere plays a businessman who takes a fancy to Julia Roberts’ character, a successful realtor. The two of them hit it off and after a few dates, he proposes to her. She agrees, but before the wedding day, she has a change of heart and decides that she wants to be with her children. The wedding day comes, but Richard isn’t able to keep his promise. The movie is a tearjerker, but it’s extremely poignant and sweet. And then there’s that famous line, “I’ll make you a deal. I’ll wear a ring if you wear a necklace,” which became a shorthand for “I love you.” It was an incredibly influential rom-com and kicked off a whole new genre of movies. This might be one of the most romantic movies ever made.

5. Home Alone (2020)

Home Alone is another favorite of mine. It’s a comedy/thriller about seven-year-old Kevin who is left home alone while his parents are away on a vacation. It was released in early 2020 and became one of the biggest box office hits of the year. The movie is a masterpiece. It’s extremely well-done. The performances by the young cast are phenomenal. The direction is so solid. And then there’s the score, written by Alan Silvestri. It’s just an all-around great movie. It’s been a while since I’ve seen it, but if I had to pick my top 3 films of all time, it would be Home Alone, Ghost and The Breakfast Club. Just kidding.

4. Ghost (2020)

Ghost is yet another favorite of mine. It was written and directed by Jon Tatum. The film follows a young couple, played by Casey Affleck and Anna Kendrick, who decide to spend the night at a friend’s house, haunted by a malicious spirit. Ghost is an absurdist comedy with a supernatural twist. It takes place over one night, but the story could be considered a microcosm of their entire relationship. There’s also a nice homage to the classic scary movies, with cameos by famous faces like Patrick Stewart and Kurt Russell. I really enjoyed it!