You may have heard by now that Rob and Kristen’s new movie, On the Road, was just released. While the film itself has been widely received as an entertaining spectacle, it has also provoked much discussion regarding its supposed historical significance. One of the most prominent issues that arose from the film’s release was the fact that Rob and Kristen’s song-and-dance numbers have not aged well, and many have questioned whether or not this was intentional on the part of the filmmakers.

It’s true that Rob and Kristen’s musical numbers in On the Road are among the least bit effective aspects of the film. The problem is that, throughout the entire film, these numbers are jarring and often feel out of place. Moreover, even when the song and dance are used to good effect, (for example, in the film’s opening sequence or the Midnight Club sequence), they never live up to the standards established by the actors’ previous musical performances.

Why Did the Filmmakers Go This Route?

It’s evident that, for the filmmakers, the appeal of On the Road is in the larger-than-life performances by the renowned Hollywood stars, especially in the sequence set in New York City. For this reason, the filmmakers opted to include these numbers even though the overall quality of the song and dance numbers is poor. Indeed, one might question why they even bothered.

However, as previously stated, these numbers are very enjoyable for the viewer. Moreover, it was a bold move by the filmmakers to use an established pop music star and to pair him or her with an emerging pop star. As a result, the pop music scene was given an opportunity to display its power, and many are hailing On the Road as a major step forward for pop music in cinema.

Was It a Product of the Times?

Another prominent issue that arose from On the Road concerned the fact that it was released during a time when movie musicals were extremely popular. Indeed, it was one of the most significant box-office successes of all time, and it helped to further establish Kristen’s acting credentials. Moreover, it was inevitable that comparisons would be made between On the Road and the classic musical Grease, which was released almost 20 years earlier. Furthermore, it was well known that Rob and Kristen had a love for musicals and would often watch them on Broadway or in London.

The year of On the Road’s release marked a significant turning point in the careers of both Rob and Kristen. In fact, Rob emerged as a serious contender for the Best Actor Oscar after his performance in On the Road. Since then, he has gone on to become one of Hollywood’s biggest leading men, and Kristen has achieved worldwide fame as one of the most interesting and prolific actresses of our time. It seems, then, that a good portion of the credit for these accomplishments goes to the song and dance numbers in On the Road, which not only helped to launch the careers of two extremely talented actors, but which also established a new standard for musicals in cinema.

In summary, then, while On the Road’s overall quality is quite poor, it’s evident that this was intentional on the part of the filmmakers. Indeed, they may well have seen this as a unique opportunity to establish a new standard for musicals in film, and they may well have succeeded. For this reason, it’s important to acknowledge and celebrate the song and dance numbers in On the Road, because, even with all of its flaws, this represents a significant moment in the annals of cinema.