In case you were wondering, here’s my definitive review of writer, publisher, and all-around interesting guy, Ron Pattinson’s, books. I have read and reviewed a lot of his work and always found it exciting and entertaining, so I figured this would be a good place to put together a comprehensive list of his novels and who they are about. In the following pages, you will find detailed character information along with my expert opinion on each book’s plot and themes. Also, be sure to check out my list of Top Fiction Books That Should Be on Everyone’s Reading List.

The New York Times Bestseller List:

In August of 2017, Penguin Random House released the 11th season of their bestselling celebrity autobiographies dubbed, The New York Times Bestseller List:

  • The Gospel According to… – Ronald Reagan
  • The Lost Jew: A Novel – Barack Obama
  • Trump Country – Steve Bannon
  • Sultan: The Rise of America’s Newest Slob – Donald Trump
  • Kushner: A Novel – Jason Kushner
  • The Road to Power: A Political Memoir – Nicolas Maduro
  • Fire and Fury: Inside Trump’s White House – Michael Wolff
  • Dirty Wars: How Wall Street & the Pentagon Cornered the War on Terror – Jeremy Scahill
  • Avengers Assemble – The Untold Story of Black Panther’s Original Journey to Comic Book Glory – Mark J. Harper
  • Elvis Presley: The Life – Peter Phillips

Books About Trump:

More and more people are writing about Trump these days, and not just in a negative light either. For those of you who are interested in reading more about the unorthodox and controversial 45th president of the United States, here are a few of the best books:

  • Trump: The Art of the Deal – Tony Schwartz
  • The Real Trump: Three Decades of Unconventional Life at the Top – Katrina Pierson
  • Trumpet Wins Again: 60 More Years of Unconventional Life at the Top – Sheryl Sandberg
  • The Art of the Comeback: Real-Life Stories of Overcoming Adversity – Ken Auletta
  • The First Amendment: Popular Myths and Sacred Baloney – Linda Sutton
  • Letters to a Young Radical: Essays by Martin Luther King Jr.

The Best Of Time Travel:

One of my favorite things about Ron Pattinson’s fiction is how often he will throw in some temporal jaunt or magic trick to further the storyline. In the following pages, you will discover all the time travel tricks that Ron uses in his novels. Be sure to check out my top picks for time travel books that you should read if you find this aspect of his work intriguing.

The Jack Russell Files:

It’s rare to find a mystery that features an actual detective these days, but back in 1979, detective Harry Kemple came into his own in a big way, starring in Edward Bryant’s ingenious crime saga, The Jack Russell Files. In the following articles, I will list my top three favorite mysteries that feature Harry Kemple along with my overall thoughts on each one. Be sure to check out my review of the first book in the series, Murder On The Maine Express, if you’re looking for an exciting whodunit with some interesting characters and a bit of romance. And for fans of Sherlock Holmes, be sure to check out my review of Death On The Nile. This is one of my most read and reviewed books to date, so you can be sure that I’ll be keeping a close eye out for any new developments in the series!

Honorable Mentions:

Although I have read and reviewed a great many books by Ron Pattinson, these are a few that deserve a special mention for various reasons. First and foremost, I think that fans of Sherlock Holmes will enjoy the character of Sherlock Holmes himself in Sherrin Ridgewell’s definitive biography, The Life and Crimes of Sherlock Holmes. I also enjoyed Stephen King’s Dark Tower series, even though the author’s other work never seemed to live up to my high expectations, and the lack of coherency in the narrative is a definite turn-off for any devoted Holmesian. Also, I recently finished reading Thomas Berger’s trilogy about the Red Scare, and I think that it’s a perfect example of the form: carefully researched and thoroughly researched yet utterly fantastic storytelling that still feels quite fresh today. And for fans of vintage Hollywood crime films, there’s always Samuel Fuller’s The Big Bounce, which I find to be one of the best adaptations of Dashiell Hammett’s work, and not just because it stars the great Raymond Burr!

Hopefully, this comprehensive review of Ron Pattinson’s oeuvre will help you make the right decision about purchasing any of his novels or looking into reading more about this fascinating author and his unique brand of literature. Be sure to check out my review of his latest work, The Last Days of Pompeii, which came out last summer and was subsequently made into a movie starring Raul Julia and Geoffrey Willmet. It’s a truly wonderful piece of fiction that I think will appeal to fans of both Sherlock Holmes and Agatha Christie! What do you think about Ron Pattinson’s books? Let me know what you think in the comments section below!