When last we left our favorite wolf pack, Carl and Emily were about to give birth to their second child, an infant daughter they named Esme. Since then, the entire Cullen family has been busy raising their newborn and adjusting to life as a full-time family.

On the day Carl and Emily’s daughter was born, Carl proclaimed to his family and friends that he and Emily were “in this together,” and that he was “thrilled to finally share this experience with [Emily] after all these years.” He went on to say that he hoped Esme would be a “bond between [him] and [Emily] that will last a lifetime.”

Well, Carl would know. After all, he and Emily have been through a lot together over the last five years. They’ve had their ups and their downs just like any other couple. But, as Carl said in the above-quoted statement, there’s an important reason why they were chosen to be Esme’s parents: They’re the best of friends, and they truly love and respect each other. As such, they’ve proven over and over again that they’re willing to put the needs of their child above their personal feelings, and that they’re capable of being the best parents possible.

Let’s take a look at how Carl and Emily, and their wolf pack, have spent the past five years since Esme’s birth. We’ll focus on what the actor has been up to both on and off-screen, including his stunning transformation from a human into a werewolf. So, sit back, relax, and get ready to be impressed. Because this is definitely some impressive work.

Robot-Pattinson: Behind the Cocktail Mixing Bar

Immediately after giving birth to Esme, Carl went back to work on his new album, and in August 2014, he finally released it. Titled Mechanical World, the album was inspired by Emily, who has always been a big fan of classic science fiction films and literature. She named one of her favorite quotes after the film Logan’s Run, in which a man and a woman fall in love but can only have children of a certain size or they’ll be killed. The quote is attributed to Canadian director Ivan Reitman: “Freedom is having the courage to create your own destiny.”

As for Carl’s music, it’s safe to assume the actor has been using steroids in the absence of screen talent. Aside from co-writing the album’s lyrics, he’s also credited with “playing all the instruments, recording and mixing the whole album.” So, not only is he capable of transforming into a 6’5″ beast, he can also play multiple instruments and run a recording studio—the perfect combination if you ask us.

Rosy-Cheeked: Off to a Gala Event in Style

In keeping with his new-father-to-be persona, Carl took on the responsibility of being Esme’s big brother and looked after the newborn when Emily was on set filming The Hobbit in the spring of 2014. As you may have guessed, this was not a one-time event. In fact, it was one of the many highlights of Carl’s 2014, which included the birth of his daughter and his album release.

When asked by InStyle magazine whether being a full-time father had changed him, Carl said, “I think it made me a better person. Just being around a baby all the time has shown me how much they need from us as parents. They need our constant attention, and they need to feel like they can rely on us as a stable presence in their life. There’s never a dull moment when you’re a dad.”

As for Esme, she’s started kindergarten this year and is slowly getting used to the idea of being away from her parents. When she’s not at school or daycare, she usually spends her time with her grandparents, great-grandparents, and sometimes even great-greats!

In fact, the only time Esme seems to spend with her parents is when she’s sleeping, when she’s eating, or when she’s on set filming one of her dad’s action movies.

As previously quoted, Carl also talked about how he and Emily were “in this together,” and about wanting to create a “bond” between them. In addition to being Esme’s dad, Carl is also her guardian and shares parental responsibility with Emily. As such, it’s only natural that the couple would bond over their daughter.

Waddling: Paddling in the Water Like a Duck

When it comes to parenting, we often hear about how difficult it is to change a child’s diapers. And, in some cases, it’s true. But, as Carl pointed out to InStyle, “It’s also important to remember that [waddling] is a pretty natural move for a baby. They’re always trying to explore their environment, and this is one way of doing it. So, while it might be awkward at first, it’s also kind of endearing.”

Indeed, as you’d expect from a parent-to-be, Carl has embraced his role as Esme’s father, and he takes on an important role in her life. As she approaches school age, Esme will inevitably start asking questions about sex, which is something that Carl is happy to answer. “I think it’s really cool she’s interested in knowing about these things,” Carl told InStyle. “It makes me feel like a better male role model.”

The fact that Esme is an inquisitive little girl is no secret. Back in April 2014, her father shared with Vogue that she’s “always asking questions about sex” and that he feels “extremely proud” of her for wanting to learn about it. “I think it’s incredible that she’s so open-minded,” he said at the time. “It makes me feel like a better father.”

Eating Insects: The Pics That Prove It

While some might say that a person’s life completely changes after having a baby, Carl disagrees.

When Esme was born, she had a very high appetite, which her father attributes to her having to adjust to new circumstances as a result of giving birth. “[After giving birth] I developed an interest in trying new things, and eating healthy seemed like a nice way to go,” he told InStyle.

And, in keeping with that attitude, Carl tried his hand at raising insects for a brief period of time. As he explains on his blog, he got the idea from YouTube user Skwiggy (yes, the same one who makes videos critiquing restaurants’ menu choices and food styling), who breeds and raises ants for sport. He started by raising a colony of ants and documenting the entire process on his blog. While some garden-variety insects, like ants, are completely beneficial, others, like the cockroach, can carry parasites and diseases. So, it’s important to remember that not all insects are created equal.

To his credit, Carl was careful not to give the baby any uncooked food, and he made sure to dispose of any leftovers properly. Still, even as a seasoned parent, he admits that handling live insects isn’t for everyone.

In the end, however, Carl had to concede that eating insects is pretty darn cool. As he wrote on his blog shortly after disposing of the last specimen, “[F]rom a parental perspective, I have to say that the pictures of our daughter eating insects are some of the best parenting shots ever.”

As for what’s next for Carl, after the joys of parenthood, he’s looking forward to returning to work and continuing to pursue his passion for music. And, of course, he wants to savor every moment with Esme.