Robin and Ben are Hollywood’s it couple. The British actor is best known for his starring roles in the Harry Potter film series, as well as the upcoming King’s Game. He also starred in the films Arseniy Budrevich (1990) and Restoration (1995). While the American actor is probably best known for his role as Bernie Bernston in the 2004 blockbuster film, The Matrix, he has also starred in the films Natural Order (2002) and End of Watch (2012).

The two have been dating since 2016 and have been inseparable ever since. They frequently take strolls around the streets of London, often wearing matching outfits. The two are also said to frequent comedy clubs together, where they are often laughing and joking. The actor even gifted the actress a diamond necklace for Christmas in 2018. Now that they’re engaged, fans are curious to see how their relationship will change.

What Will Their Engagement Mean For Their Career?

The fact that Robin and Ben are a couple will undoubtedly make their careers better. Since their first appearance together in 2016’s Justice League, they have both been extremely popular; indeed, it is now commonplace to refer to Robin as ‘Ben’s beard’ on screen. The two have also worked together on numerous projects, both independently and in tandem, proving that their chemistry is off the charts and making it incredibly difficult to separate them in movies. One thing is for sure: for decades to come, they’ll never be able to separate themselves from each other.

What’s more is that they are both incredibly talented actors. Since their first outing as a couple, they have each gone on to establish themselves as top-tier players within the industry. While Robin is best known for his leading man role, Ben has demonstrated incredible versatility as an actor, appearing in not one, but two of the biggest blockbuster series of all time, The Matrix and Game of Thrones. Despite their tremendous success, however, the two haven’t ruled out taking on more challenging roles in the future, possibly even in a bid to increase their fame. Who knows? In a funny twist of fate, perhaps it is Robin’s turn to undergo the ‘beard revolution’, considering that his fame as an actor has made him something of a cult figure. Perhaps he’ll even gain popularity for his roles as Batman or the Riddler in the upcoming films Batman Begins and The Dark Knight, respectively; or maybe the actor will just continue to be admired for his talent as always.

Will Their Relationship Last?

While most people would say that Robin and Ben’s relationship is incredibly lucky, perhaps it is best to see it as fate. After all, they are two extremely talented individuals who deserve each other. It is quite the partnership, the British actor having gained popularity as a leading man and the American actor gaining respect for his versatility as an actor. More importantly, however, they both seem to genuinely enjoy each other’s company and are proud to share their love for one another with the public. Most importantly, perhaps, they have both proven themselves to be worthy partners, with Robin stating that he wouldn’t have been happy with just any girl and Ben affirming that he chose the right partner in Robin. Given their undeniable chemistry and Hollywood’s ever-growing interest in original content, it would be a shock if their relationship didn’t see the light of day in one way or the other.

To celebrate their love, the two frequently dress in matching outfits. In one of their most famous red carpet combos, Ben wore a shirt with a collar that Robin had designed and the two were inseparable as they showed off their matching shirts for the cameras. While it is still unclear if this is a permanent condition or a one-off fashion faux pas, it’s clear that the two are incredibly happy together and admire each other’s personalities and talents. Most importantly, they seem to genuinely enjoy each other’s company and are proud to share their love for one another with the public. As both have stated, this is a partnership that will last a lifetime and it’s about time that the world recognized their undying love and devotion to one another!