It’s no secret that fashion and food are intertwined. We’re constantly on the lookout for the next big thing when it comes to fashion and often times, it comes down to food and drink. One area that has seen a rise in popularity recently is blankey dresses. Are you familiar with blankey dresses?

In a nutshell, blankey dresses are what you’d get if you merged a blazer and a kimono. They’re basically oversized blazers with a hood that feature obi or kimono cords with drawstrings. The trendy item was first spotted on the red carpet a few years back and since then, it’s been a regular sight at the Oscars. Nowadays, we see celebrities wearing them on the streets and at various events as well. Celebrities are certainly no stranger to incorporating fashion and art into their wardrobe, so it’s no wonder that they’ve adopted this style. It’s definitely a combination of nostalgia and creative minds working together to make a contemporary classic.

Why Are People Embracing This Fashion Choice?

In terms of why people are adopting the blankey fashion style, some cite fashion nostalgia while others cite creative minds finding a way to incorporate the kimono into modern outfits. It’s likely that people are drawn to the blankey dresses because of the fashion and cultural significance of the item. Remember, fashion often becomes popular because it speaks to us on a deeply personal level. When you combine that with the fact that these are items that represent a time in our culture’s history when men and women alike would don their kimonos and obi and hit the town, the fashion ramifications are endless. There’s a reason that these types of outfits still resonate with us today. It comes down to both fashion and food becoming popular recently, so it makes sense that these two worlds would collide.

What Is The Future of Blankey Dresses?

When it comes to the future of blankey dresses, it’s hard to say. While they’ve been around for a while, these types of outfits are enjoying something of a resurgence. Perhaps, the growing popularity of Japanese art and design will lead to even more people gravitating toward this fashion choice. Or, perhaps, food and drink will take the spotlight once more. Who knows? Only time will tell.

Where Can I Buy Blankey Dresses?

Just like any other luxury item, you can find blankey dresses at luxury stores or you can look online for the best deals. If you want to support a brand that you trust, look for stores that offer quality and service at affordable prices. You can also search for coupons or look for the best bang for your buck when buying luxury goods.

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