It seems that Hollywood celebrity couples have taken the recent wave of crisis and isolation and turned it into a chance to reflect on the nature of their relationship. Since the pandemic began, both Robert Thicke and Angelina Jolie have used their private time to work on their marriage. The actor recently revealed that he and his partner have been busy “rekindling” their romance and even booked a vacation to Italy specifically to spend time as a couple.

Is this a real relationship? Can two famous people who are dedicated to their families and careers really find time to rekindle their passion? Or is the public celebration just a marketing strategy to convince fans they’re still committed to each other? We examine the case for and against.

The Proof Is In The Pics

For those who remember, Robert Thicke and Angelina Jolie were first linked as a couple in 2016, when they were photographed together at a private event in New York City. From that moment on, their on-screen chemistry was clear for all to see. Since then, they’ve remained together in the media spotlight despite their busy schedules and their hectic love lives. While promoting their upcoming movie, “Shadows,” the duo was photographed together once more, sparking speculation that their on-screen romance was real.

Jolie later confirmed that the photos were real and that the couple’s chemistry was genuine. “I adore him, and he makes me laugh,” she said at the time. “I think we have a really good connection.” The photos were also accompanied by a love letter, which read, “Dearest Angelina, I love you very much. I’m so happy you are mine.” There were no further details as to what sparked the romance letter, but it seems that their on-screen chemistry and intimate connections weren’t the only thing connecting the couple. In 2019, both attended the annual Film Independent Spirit Awards in California, where they were photographed together for the first time in public.

Time Off For Rekindling?

While acting and promoting his projects, Robert Thicke has maintained a relatively public schedule. In 2019, he and Angelina Jolie were both in the media spotlight, as his schedule was packed with film projects and promotional events for those projects. However, in the midst of that busy schedule, the couple took some time off and decided to spend some private time together. In an interview with Grazia, a fashion magazine, Jolie said that she and Thicke had been busy “rekindling” their romance and had even booked a vacation to Italy specifically to spend time as a couple.

“For many years, our careers took over our lives, and I slowly started seeing someone special. But once you have children, your priorities change,” Jolie said. “Robert is a wonderful father, and I want to be there for him and our children.” Although their schedules may have been packed, it seems that the time off had given the two a chance to “reconnect” and spend some one-on-one time together.

What Is The Future Of This Relationship?

With their personal stories of hardship and survival, many would assume that the COVID-19 pandemic must have been hard for Robert Thicke and Angelina Jolie. The two were forced to temporarily stop working due to the outbreak, and although their schedules are now more open, they still have to navigate their way through a number of practical issues. While on set, they had to adhere to social distancing, and even now, they’re both careful about maintaining a healthy distance from one another.

The outbreak also threatened the couple’s security. While promoting her new movie, “The Private Life of a High School Teacher,” earlier this year, Jolie revealed that due to the outbreak, they had to switch their screening locations from cinemas to home theaters. In the wake of the pandemic, it seems that the romance between Robert Thicke and Angelina Jolie is still very much alive, and the proof is in the photographs. While the world waits for life to return to normal, the two continue to enjoy the time off together and look forward to what promises to be a busy year.