When it comes to fame and fortune, you’d think that Hollywood’s biggest heartthrob would reign supreme. And you’d be partially right. While millions of fans may know Robert Smith as the charming prince Charming from Disney’s happily ever after story, he has also become one of the greatest action heroes of our time. With a career spanning almost 70 films, Smith is most famed for his starring role as James Bond in 24.

But which actor has a better career? We’ll go over some of the important factors that make up an actor’s successful career, and help you decide who you think is the better talent. Read on for the details.


One of the most important aspects of any actor’s career is getting the right role. For some, this may mean winning an Oscar or becoming a household name. But for most, it means starring in a movie that becomes a classic and landing a memorable character. When it comes to casting, Smith is the clear winner. He has had some extremely high-profile roles, including the titular character in the Harry Potter films. But perhaps his greatest role is that of Bond. With over 70 films to his name, the part of James Bond is a role that he has apparently been born to play. In fact, he’s been compared to James Bond so many times that it’s almost like Michael Bay, director of the upcoming Skyfall, said it first. But while Smith has played the role with such charm and conviction that it’s hardly surprising James Bond is his character name, it’s not necessarily because he was born to play him. As we mentioned above, he’s had a very varied and impressive career, so it’s clear that he’s not limited by any one role.


Whether or not you’ve actually seen any of Smith’s films, you’ll almost certainly know his characters. He is very much known for playing charming, if also somewhat shallow, rogues and anti-heroes. A quick glance at some of his other well-known roles shows us that the actor is very much in demand for comedic or dramatic roles. One of his greatest achievements is playing James Bond with such charm and conviction that it’s hardly surprising that the character’s name was pinned on him. While Smith is an incredibly talented actor, perhaps his greatest role may very well be that of an exaggerated version of himself. It seems that the world just can’t get enough of Smith’s charm and it’s not hard to see why.


While some actors spend their entire careers trying to break into the industry, Smith has consistently worked his way up the ranks to the point where he now stars in major studio productions. He began his career in minor roles, mostly bit parts, before eventually landing the role of Charming in an Oscar-winning Disney film. Since then he has starred in such big-budget blockbusters as the X-Men films and the latest Sherlock Holmes adaptation. In order to stand out among all these big-name films, Smith has had to improve his game, learning how to bring his charm and charm as James Bond to the big screen. While one might think that filmography would be the first place to look for an answer, it’s not always easy to determine just how much an actor’s filmography means. Does the number of successful movies an actor has been in determine how successful their career has been? It’s hard to say, but it’s clear that Smith has had no trouble impressing audiences with his acting talent over the years.

Oscar Wins & Nominations

While not all Oscar wins are created equal, it would be a bit of a stretch to say that Smith hasn’t benefited from his association with Disney. The studio behind Beauty and the Beast has undeniably produced some of Smith’s most memorable roles. Not only does he receive a percentage of the profits from the movies he’s been in, but he’s also been nominated for three Academy Awards, winning once for Best Supporting Actor for his portrayal of Maurice in The Madness of King George. It seems as though Smith’s charm and good looks have made him a bit of a favorite among voters.

Critical Reception & Popularity

While some popular culture commentators may herald the end of the ‘Golden Age’ of Hollywood, it would be a bit of a mistake to think that the success of films like The Avengers has ushered in an age of bland cookie cutter superhero movies. Instead, it’s produced some of the greatest modern movies ever made, while also proving that smaller, more personal stories can hold their own against massive Hollywood blockbusters. And while we may never know for sure, it’s hard to imagine that the charm and popularity of Smith’s filmography wouldn’t translate well to digital platforms, allowing him to maintain a substantial online following.

Taking all of this into consideration, it should come as no great surprise that Smith is one of the greatest British actors of all time. It seems that the world just can’t get enough of the charming rogue, and since his popularity continues to grow, it’s clear that the world wants more of Robert Smith. How much more we’ll never know.