There’s an old adage in the wedding industry that when it rains, it pours. What this means is that when you’re in the midst of planning your big day, there are a host of vendors that will come knocking at your door. For Aussie brides and grooms planning international weddings, this might mean having weddings in London, Paris or New York, with friends and family overseas catching the big day via video conferencing or international packages.

But even those planning local weddings in Australia may find that the wedding photographer they’ve hired turns out to be less than experienced in capturing the magic of an Aussie wedding.

Luckily, there are some vendors out there that know how to make sure your wedding photos look just like a Robert Pattinson or a Zoe Kravitz wedding. And since these celebrities are arguably two of the most famous faces in the business right now, let’s take a look at how you can get the same look for your own wedding.

Choose Aromatic Flowers

Not many wedding flowers are as versatile as lavender and orange blossoms. You can find them in a variety of forms at your local garden center. These flowers compliment each other perfectly and are suitable for use in many different settings.

While it’s always lovely to see grand photographs of blooms on wedding tables, what’s more important is what you and your guests can actually taste. If you want your wedding to have that ‘vibe’, go for flowers that have a stronger presence than your average wedding bouquet.

Lighting Is Key

When it comes to taking photos, it’s all about the lighting. And since lavender and orange blooms are both pretty small, it’s important that you don’t go too bright or too dark when you shoot them. Choose somewhere between the two and you’ll be able to capture the essence of an Aussie wedding.

However, you want your wedding photos to be memorable, so if you’re going for an outdoors ceremony and reception, ensure that you bring a few different kinds of lighting with you. This way, you can shoot the proceedings in a way that’s cohesive and doesn’t feel overly posed.

Outsource As Much As Possible

One of the biggest draws of a wedding is the entertainment. Whether you choose to have live music or hire a DJ, outsource as much as possible so that you can enjoy your wedding without worrying about anything else. Hiring musicians for a wedding can be a costly and time-consuming process, so why not hire a professional DJ who knows how to give the perfect party?

As for the dress, if you’re fortunate enough to have a few Aussie designers to choose from, go for it. If not, there are a host of designers who specialize in making one-of-a-kind wedding dresses, so you can find something that’s exactly suited to your taste. And if you’d like to add a little zing to your wedding day, why not consider having an Indian wedding dress made especially for you? These dresses are generally quite stunning and will add a touch of color and life to your wedding.

Play Nicely With Your Guests

Just like with the flowers and the lighting, it’s all about the guests. You want them to be relaxed and have a good time, so ensure that they feel welcomed and comfortable at your wedding. This means getting the best food and drink, and providing plenty of it. It also means being mindful of your guests’ desires and needs, and making sure that they feel cared for.

If you want to see your wedding flourish and reach its full potential, remember to play nice with your guests. And to top it all off, make sure you send off your married couple with some amazing memories to cherish for a lifetime.