Zoe Kravitz’s elegance knows no bounds, as you will discover upon meeting her in person for the first time. The iconic Hollywood actress embodies everything that is beautiful and feminine about Hollywood culture.

An artist and designer at heart, Kravitz has shown us why she is regarded as one of the most beautiful women in Hollywood. She possesses an exquisite figure, a radiant smile, and an elegant sense of style. Even now, as she turns 50, Kravitz remains as stunning as ever.

The fashion industry has taken notice of Zoes’s striking good looks and her unique style and have helped her to cement her place in Hollywood history. In the following, we explore the various options available for the big-haired bombshell, as she navigates the glamorous world of the red carpet.

The Best Base Jacket For Grand Tour

The base jacket, also known as the biker jacket, has been around for more than 70 years and has since then changed very little. This classic piece provides an element of masculinity to a woman’s otherwise feminine attire, and it is not a jacket to be taken lightly. When it comes to the best base jacket for Zoe Kravitz, the following stand out:

  • Balmoral The timelessness of this classic is never more apparent than when combined with a floor-length skirt and tall boots. The combination makes for a superb grand tour look.
  • McQueen The Queen Elizabeth II was the inspiration for this stylish and sporty look. It features a removable hood and an elasticated waist to allow for ease of movement.
  • Merrill The classic merrill suit in navy blue is the perfect match for Zoe Kravitz’s gorgeous blue eyes and the elegant enigma that is her personality. The wide lapels showcase her extraordinary good looks.
  • Savile The Savile Club Dry Goods suit in navy blue was initially designed for men, but it was also made for women with the adaptation of the design. The silhouette is sleek and modern with a notch added at the back to provide more structure and to bring the collar in closer. The matching hat offers a classic look paired with a strong, modern twist.
  • Mikimoto The Mikimoto is an elegant take on the classic biker jacket with a smooth leather shoulder adorned with metallic studs. The gold studs draw the eye to the front while the leather backing gives the suit an additional touch of luxury.

The Best Blazer For Big Hair

A blazer is essentially what it says on the tin – a jacket that serves as both an outerwear and an undergarment. The most suited for the big-haired bombshell are therefore:

  • Tom Ford This American fashion designer’s interpretation of the classic blazer is as striking as it is elegant. The blazer features a snap button closure and two flap pockets inside. It is crafted from a light, supple fabric that provides the wearer with warmth while still allowing for freedom of movement.
  • Herma A blazer doesn’t get much more elegant and simplistic than the classic French fashion house Herma’s take on this classic style. Made from a light fabric and featuring double breasted lapels and a notch on the front, the blazer exudes sophistication.
  • Valentino The timeless appeal of the great Valentino is never more apparent than when combined with big hair. The legendary designer has taken the traditional shape of the blazer and given it a sculptural makeover. It features rounded corners and a notched lapel.
  • Maison Martel Martel, the Paris-based fashion house, takes a more bohemian approach to the blazer style, fusing it with elements of traditional Japanese clothing. The end result is striking fashion with a strong identity of its own.
  • Armani The versatile Armani takes the humble blazer and turns it on its head with this chic Italian take on the style. The fashion house has used a blend of silk and satin fabrics for the upper part of the blazer and paired it with a lined interior for an additional touch of luxury.
  • Giorgio Armani The Giorgio Armani Privé jacket is a sophisticated take on the classic blazer. Crafted from a blend of silk and cashmere, the fabric provides a comfort and warmth that is heightened by the addition of a collar lining.
  • Dior The luxury house Dior combines an elegant French style with a British sensibility, resulting in a unique interpretation of the blazer. The design marries the two houses’ aesthetics, with Dior’s glamorous signatures on the front and back. The blazer features a stand collar, two flap pockets, and a detachable brooch.
  • Chantelle The Chantelle blazer is crafted from a lightweight woven fabric in a classic pattern and paired with a matching hat for a look that is at once classic and modern. The blazer features a notched lapel, two back flap pockets, and adjustable straps.
  • Burberry This traditional British label, best known for its handbags and briefcases, has continued its link to the military with this elegant and modern take on the blazer. The design is distinctively British, with a front lapel, two flap pockets, and a double row of buttons. The blazer is finished with a lined interior.
  • Albert Faucette Mr. Faucette, a French fashion house, takes a more formal approach to the blazer with this elegant design. The fashion house is known for its exquisite fabrics and grand designs and this blazer is no exception.

The Trendiest Accessory For The Modern Woman

The fashion industry has also woken up to Zoe Kravitz’s style and have followed her lead, resulting in a wide range of fashionable accessories to compliment her looks. Here are some of the most exciting recent offerings :

  • Heinz Klein Designers across the world have paid tribute to the great Max von Laue with this classy take on the classic bucket hat. It is adorned with a monogram of the great Austrian designer’s name. Crafted from stainless steel and aluminium, the hat will withstand the elements with ease and grace. It is the perfect update to the classic bucket hat for today’s fashion conscious woman.
  • JOVANI JOVANI offers a complete range of luxury accessories for women, including this exquisite bucket hat. It is designed to evoke both retro and modern artistic visions with its smooth domed texture and clean lines.
  • Armitstead Kelly This stunning metallic grey and white design combines sharp edges with a soft velvety texture. It is an ode to the traditional yet timeless elegance of the hat and is the perfect compliment to the grey and brown outfits that Zoes is so frequently seen wearing.
  • Monogram This French luxury goods house is well-known for its signature Parisian chic aesthetic and its luxury goods. The designer house provides a full complement of accessories for women including this unique black and white check print for which it is best-known. It is a combination of retro and contemporary design elements.
  • KIKO Tokiwa This luxury goods house provides a full complement of luxury accessories for women, including this sun hat adorned with gold metalwork. It is representative of the Asian design aesthetic that many prominent fashion houses have incorporated into their clothing and accessories lines in recent years. The gold foil works in tandem with the bright red interior to bring this stylish sun hat to life.

How To Dress A Bald Women For A Night Out

Dressing a woman with baldness is not a simple task. The most important thing is to choose the right style and colors that compliment her uniquely beautiful personality. What might surprise you though is how many looks there are actually for the bald woman. Here are some of the most stylish ways in which you can dress a bald woman for a night out: