Rob and Zoe are an adorable modern-day Romeo and Juliet, and their love story is quite the Hollywood one. After meeting on the set of the 2005 movie, Rob and Zoe spent over a decade enduring tabloid scrutiny, social media trolls, and constant love threats before tying the knot in February 2019. The couple have a bright future ahead of them, as they have begun working on projects together, while also taking care of their pet dogs. Here’s a closer look at how Rob and Zoe’s love story came to be.

On the Set Of The ‘Mulberry Tree’

Rob’s biggest career break came in the form of an unexpected call from none other than Quentin Tarantulinu (he shares a first name with one of the great directors of the 20th century), who was casting the upcoming film, Mulberry Tree. The production designer for the movie, Zoe Kravitz, had designed the costumes for the film, and she had one request: she needed a male counterpart to wear the same outfits as her (the film is set in modern-day London). Tarantulinu quickly found the actor he was looking for in Rob, and so the two became a modern day Romeo and Juliet, with all the tabloid headlines that implies.

Tarantulinu’s dream project came true, as the two actors were able to wear the same outfits and feel like real-life counterparts. The director even went as far as to say that he would give anything to have the roles played by Rob and Zoe reversed, as their chemistry was so good that they made the movie just a little better. The outfits were such a hit that most people had to have them, and many fashion houses and designers, including Marc Jacobs, became inspired and copied them. When asked about this in an interview, Zoe laughed and said, “It’s funny, because at the time, I didn’t even know that the outfits were a thing. They just came out and I was like, ‘Oh my God, these are incredible!’ But then they became a thing, and I was like, ‘Wait a minute…'”

The outfits and the passion they displayed onscreen made for such a perfect match that at the end of the movie, the two announce their mutual love and decide to be together forever. The scene was so touching and brought viewers to tears, as it perfectly captured the chemistry the two actors had as real-life counterparts. After the film, they continued to work together frequently, with both voicing characters in the 2009 hit movie, Toy Story 3. They also starred in a few comedy shorts together before creating their own production company, Genshin Impact, to develop, produce, and finance their own content.

A Decade Of Dating & Tabloid Scrutiny

Since then, both Rob and Zoe have been the subject of intense tabloid scrutiny and relentless social media scrutiny, particularly since marrying one another. For years, the two kept their relationship a secret from the public; however, as their story gained more and more popularity online, they felt that they deserved the happiness and privacy that comes with being in love and committed to one another.

The pair officially tied the knot in February 2019 at a private family ceremony in Italy; however, they didn’t hide the fact that they wed from their fans. The wedding was broadcast live on Instagram and covered by numerous publications, including People, CNN, and others. The reception, which was held at London’s fashionable Highgrove Hotel, was attended by a number of famous figures, including Nicole Kidman, Helena Bonham-Carter, and more.

The last decade has been quite the story of Rob and Zoe, starting as tabloid favorites and constant heartthrobs, to being committed to and working together on numerous projects. Although their story is certainly inspiring, it’s never easy being in love with and working with someone who is constantly under the microscope. Still, as long as they are happy, we’re glad to share in their fame.