Is there anyone more in demand these days than Robert Pattinson? The former “Twilight” star is seemingly always in the spotlight, whether it’s for his romantic relationships or his paparazzi-worthy antics. And as if that weren’t enough, the actor also has his own line of vegan chocolat products to promote. It seems as though Pattinson is always doing something to keep himself in the news.

But even though it’s never been a secret that Pattinson enjoys living his life in the spotlight, his latest romance has completely upped everyone’s curiosity. The actor has been linked to countless A-list celebs, including Kate Winslet, Maggie Gyllenhaal, and even wife Bella Hadid. But it seems that Pattinson has finally found love with his inner circle of friends: singer-songwriter Zoe Kravitz and photographer-sculptor Benji Madden. According to reports, the couple have been inseparable since meeting back in 2016 while shooting a music video in New York City.

The Making Of A Music Video

It seems as if everything about Pattinson these days is big news. From his romantic escapades to his culinary choices. And with good reason. The on-screen star is actually one of the most private individuals alive, rarely speaking to the press and refusing to do so even while promoting a critically-acclaimed movie. So when we think about meeting the man behind the celebrity, we usually imagine a scene of the two of them sitting down for an interview.

Music videos are a special case. Not only do they give us a peek behind the scenes of a celebrity’s life, but they can also act as a sort of love letter to their audience. While the song itself may not be personal or poetic, the lyrics and the video itself often function as a form of catharsis for the artist. The music video for “Dusk,” the lead single from Kravitz’s upcoming album, is a perfect example of this. Written and directed by the 34-year-old vocalist, the video features a storybook-esque romance between the two leads. They start out as strangers, meeting on a train as the song suggests, but slowly develop feelings for each other as they journey together through a magical, twilight-esque sunset.

According to Kravitz, the concept for the video came from a beautiful painting by the artist Julie Mehretu. “I just kept thinking about that painting and how many different ways you could see that moment, how the colors and the light and the textures all interacted,” she said. “In that painting, it looks like there’s a little girl and a little boy who aren’t really sure of how to act and are a little shy. But then they start to run around and discover this world and how amazing it is. That’s exactly how I wanted to portray this idea of discovering love.”

Mehretu’s work is certainly evocative. The scene in which the two young people are shy around each other, not quite sure of how to act, is perhaps the most endearing. Yet, the tenderness and excitement they display for each other is something to behold. Unfortunately, the video for “Dusk” was not as successful as Kravitz had hoped. The song, which she co-wrote with her producer Joe Kennedy, reached only 82 on the Billboard Top 100, becoming her lowest-charting single to date. Still, Kravitz admitted that making the video was a “great experience” and that it helped her to better understand what her fans wanted. “I had never really felt like I wanted to write something for myself before,” she said. “But I started to feel that way after making the video.”

Romantic On-Set Interactions

It’s not just about the music for Kravitz. The singer spent four years traveling the world, busking and playing gigs to support herself financially. During that time, she developed a reputation as a bit of a romantic adventure-seeker, having affairs with celebrities and recording artists in an effort to advance her career. It’s no wonder that she is drawn to musicians. Though Kravitz is now married to her bandmate Kennedy, she has yet to settle down. In fact, she recently revealed that she had proposed to Madden just a few days prior to the interview at the Met Gala. So far, the two have kept the news private, but they have certainly been seen holding hands and snuggling up on-set during their professional interactions. Whether or not their romance will withstand the ever-present glare of the paparazzi remains to be seen.

The Differences In Social Media Behavior

To many, Kate Winslet would seem like an unlikely candidate to pair up with Robert Pattinson. After all, the English actress and screenwriter is one of the most well-known figures in Hollywood. And yet, here we are, over a year since the “Trollied” starlet was linked to the “High Hopes” actor, and the two are still going strong. While it’s always been clear that Pattinson and Winslet like to keep a low profile, they recently stepped out together in London for lunch, and their publicist said that they are very happy to be together.

On the other hand, the world seems to have taken a liking to Zoe Kravitz. The singer-songwriter rose to prominence thanks to her collaborations with the “Black Panther” director and star, Ryan Coogler, whose music she scored for the film. Since “Black Panther” came out last year, Kravitz has found herself in the spotlight, releasing two critically-acclaimed albums and embarking on a tour that brought her to Australia for the first time. While some may see this as a fluke, Kravitz has always downplayed any romantic connections, preferring to keep her private life away from the public. But her careful publicist seems to have been overcome with joy at the thought of his young charge finally finding happiness. Perhaps he has been spending too much time on Twitter.

The Celebrities Involved

Besides being incredibly private, Robert Pattinson has kept a relatively low profile when it comes to the celebrities he’s dated. For the most part, he has steered clear of the tabloid headlines, rarely giving interviews or doing any TV appearances. Still, every so often, he will pop up on a celebrity blog or gossip column, adding a little more fuel to the already-romantic-curious fire. Here are some of the celebs he’s been linked to over the years:

  • Kate Winslet
  • Grace Kelly
  • Maggie Gyllenhaal
  • Emily Brown
  • Isabella Rosell
  • Caroline de Maigret
  • Rosie Huntington-Whiteley
  • Jade Jagger
  • Daphne Groenewegen
  • Melanie Griffith
  • Greta Gerwig

For more than a decade, music video star and singer-songwriter Zoe Kravitz has kept a relatively low profile, content to cultivate a small but loyal fanbase while churning out hit-filled albums. In 2018, she finally made the transition from viral internet star to album-selling, theater-filling, concert-attending pop star, becoming one of the most in-demand singers in the industry. Though her new album, “Sketches From Paris,” was met with generally positive reviews, it did sell fewer copies than expected, stalling at #75 on the Billboard Top 200 in the U.S.

In an effort to further distance herself from her internet fame and the limelight that often accompanies it, Zoe Kravitz has taken to wearing outfits that downplay her celebrity. Whether she’s wearing large sunglasses or a simple pair of sunglasses, it is clear that the artist intends to keep her eyes away from the camera. And it seems to be working. While many in the media focus on the singer’s personal life, the gossip blogs and the paparazzi have struggled to feature her on their radar. But perhaps this is because she has chosen to keep a low profile, or maybe it’s just because she is genuinely content to be left alone.