Just when you thought the world of vampire-related entertainment couldn’t get any weirder, along comes Robert Pattinson. The Twilight star is now the proud owner of his very own YouTube channel, and along with it, an insane amount of content that will make even the biggest Twilight fan blush.

Pattinson’s first video, titled “Coming Soon—A New Chapter”, sets the surreal tone for his channel, which features content ranging from behind-the-scenes looks at the making of Twilight to weird and wonderful videos of himself in silly costumes or situations and strange objects that he finds or creates. It’s hard to keep track of all that’s in here, but if you’re looking for proof that Robert Pattinson can pretty much do anything, this is the channel for you.

Behind-The-Scenes Vlogs

One of the main attractions at this point in the channel are the videos of Robert Pattinson talking about the making of Twilight. He seems to relish explaining the inner workings of the studio and sharing the process with fans. These are some of the most interesting videos on the channel, mostly because they give us an insight into how much goes into shooting a high-quality TV show and how dedicated the cast and crew are to recreating that special world of vampires that we all know and love.

The first episode, “Making of Twilight Part I”, was released in October 2014 and gives us a glimpse into how this iconic film was made. In it, we follow director Steven Spielberg as he goes about his tasks, such as scouting for locations and hiring local workers for minor roles, while discussing various aspects of the production with his staff. One of the more interesting tidbits dropped in this video is that they had to get special permission to shoot in Vancouver because the city is “geared towards film”…which apparently makes it easier for them to get the shots they need. Hmmmm.

Silly Costumes And Funny Outfits

Another fascinating aspect of Robert Pattinson’s channel are the different Halloween costumes he wears throughout the year. He often dresses in crazy outfits and posts videos of himself in situations where he poses as characters from films and TV shows. In one of these videos, the actor plays the part of a famous detective and even gets to sit in a real police car!

There are several Halloween costumes that stand out, such as a sexy Santa Claus and a zombie policeman, but there are also many more that we haven’t thought of yet. These range from the funny (played by Robert Pattinson) to the downright bizarre (played by a wax figure of Alfred Hitchcock).

In one of the most recent Halloween costumes, Pattinson plays the part of former British Prime Minister, Sir Winston Churchill. The 86-year-old inflected World War II veteran appears in a series of videos in which he discusses various aspects of the conflict and offers up his own opinions on what should have happened in the war and who was at fault. While many people may disagree with Sir Winston’s version of history, it’s still a fascinating insight into how he saw the war. And who doesn’t love an elderly grandpa in a sexy Santa Claus costume?

Strange Objects And Unusual Fixtures

One of the more recent YouTube videos shows Robert Pattinson looking for unusual items to film with. He finds a stuffed gorilla and even gets to sit inside it for a while! He also searches for a giant rat, which he dubs “Fred”, and films it fighting with a real rat. The stuffed animals are not only interesting in themselves but they also provide the perfect opportunity for some great comic moments. Another video shows Robert Pattinson getting inside a giant ball of yarn and taking a ride through the streets of London in a red yarn balloon. It’s unclear why he decided to do this but it’s certainly an interesting twist on the usual running-around-London-in-a-balloon cliché.

When it comes to filming videos where he sits in strange objects or uses unusual fixtures, it’s clear that Robert Pattinson really wants to push the envelope and see how far he can go with these videos. We’re certainly not complaining. Aside from the occasional stuffed gorilla or giant rat, these are generally all pretty funny (and sometimes quite surreal).

How To Make Your YouTube Channel Stand Out

If you’re looking to gain YouTube viewers and want your channel to stand out among the millions of other similar channels, then you need to follow a simple formula that will make your content more interesting and attractive to viewers.

The first step is to pick a memorable and fairly easy to describe name for your channel. The second step is to create content that will keep your audience interested and coming back for more. When done right, these two factors will make your channel stand out above the rest.

Final Takeaway

Whether or not you agree with his political opinions, there’s no denying that Robert Pattinson is one of the most interesting, as well as talented, actors of his generation. And now that he has his very own YouTube channel, it’s the perfect platform for him to share his strange, yet fascinating, opinions with the world at large. As long as there’s a camera attached to his phone, we’ll probably be able to find a video of Robert Pattinson doing or saying something odd or amusing. But whatever he ends up doing or saying, we’ll still be entertained. That’s all that matters.