What do you get when you combine an incredibly famous older brother with an equally famous younger brother? You get super-successful men who are incredibly handsome, but can also become little monsters when push comes to shove.

But that’s not the case with Robert Pattinson. While his older and definitely more famous brother, Stephen, has had his fair share of tabloid headlines and his share of brushes with the law, at least for the past few years, young Rob has kept his head down and continued to work hard. Which is probably why he was content to stay at home and take care of his newborn son, Jack, after his split from Kate Bosworth in 2016.

There’s been a lot of talk about whether or not Robert would become his brother’s caretaker after the breakup, but he’s always been there for Jack and his mother, Kat. Most recently, they were forced to leave their temporary home in Nice, France, when the COVID-19 pandemic became their new permanent home. They made the decision to remain in seclusion in Switzerland while Kat seeks treatment for breast cancer. But even before that, they’d been spending more and more time together at home, which undoubtedly helped improve Jack’s life (and Rob’s, too, in the process).

While they’re obviously incredibly close, it’s clear that Robert takes quite a bit of care of his younger brother. From the very beginning, when the boys were kids and their famous parents were still together, Rob would help Stephen out with whatever needed doing around the house. Even now, when their parents are not living together, they stay in close contact via social media, usually sharing photos of their baby grandson, and keeping tabs on each other’s well-being.

One of the best indicators that Rob took his role as Jack’s caretaker very seriously is his Instagram posts. On the platform, he regularly posts photos of the two of them together, often commenting on how much he cares for his little brother (or just how cute Jack is). If not Instagram, then it’s Twitter. There, he posts about twice as frequently, and often comments on how much he loves his brother and how proud he is of him. Rob also frequently shares stories about Jack, usually comparing him to famous children, like Abraham Lincoln or Henry Kissinger.

While we don’t know how long Rob will continue to be Jack’s caretaker (God knows how long his mother will be alive), we do know that he’ll always be there for him. And that’s something to celebrate. Because, as much as we might love to see Kate Bosworth walk down the aisle again, at least for now, it’s clear that Jack needs his older brother by his side. And, in the end, that’s what matters.