If you’re a fan of the actor/singer/songwriter/model Robert Pattinson, then it’s probably safe to assume that you’ve heard of his infamous “Yearbook Quote”.

The quote, which is actually from Pattinson’s 2010 Red Book (pictured above), is commonly associated with the Twilight star, as it was given as a brief intro in the otherwise blank pages of the book. The quote, which essentially means “Don’t worry about what other people think”, has since been used as a mantra by Pattinson and his fans, who sported the quote inscribed on T-shirts and mugs during and after the release of Twilight.

But, as it turns out, the Yearbook Quote isn’t the only thing that the actor/model has inscribed on his books. In fact, the Twilight star has inscribed quotes on a total of eight books.

With the publication of his new memoir, Becoming, which was released in the UK last week, we’re being treated to an insight into the mind of Robert Pattinson. And while some of the quotes may be somewhat predictable (“No, really, it’s perfect. You’re perfect.”), we’re also treated to some rather unique insights into the mind of one of our favourite celebrity authors. Here, we’re going to run down the eight quotes that we think are worth noting.

1. “I really like you. You’re different.”

One of the first quotes that we come across in Becoming is rather intriguing. Written in very distinctive handwriting, the inscription on the front cover of the book is as follows:

“I really like you. You’re different.”

The quote, which is a rather strange way to start a book (unless you’re really into penises, in which case you can stick with “Here’s a photo of my penis”), is said to have been written to a fellow actor that the Twilight star had a brief affair with. According to the author, it was a completely platonic relationship, although the feeling was certainly mutual. The inscription, which was actually found scrawled on a bathroom mirror in Pattinson’s hotel room during the making of the Twilight film, is the first of a number of peculiar details that we learn about the actor’s chaotic life. In the book, Pattinson goes on to explain that he really likes to be direct, and that the inscription was meant to be “a peace offering, a kind of ‘fuck you’ to any other men that may have been in [his] mind” during those few short hours that they spent together.

It’s clear that, even now, decades later, the inscription still resonates with the Twilight star, and his fans. In the week prior to the release of the book, Pattinson’s Twitter feed was filled with people quoting the book’s peculiarly worded starting line. When asked about the line by a British newspaper, the actor simply replied: “I wrote that line three years ago and I still believe in it.”

2. “You can’t have everything you want. You have to be satisfied with what you have.”

One of the first quotes that we see in Becoming is also one of its most poignant and moving. It’s said to have been written on a piece of paper when Pattinson was fifteen years old. On the paper, the young Robert had inscribed the following:

“You can’t have everything you want. You have to be satisfied with what you have.”

The sentiment behind the quote – that we can’t always get what we want – is certainly one that many young people, as well as adults, can relate to. In the years since he wrote it, the young Pattinson has clearly learned to be content with what he has, and to be satisfied with what he can achieve, regardless of his insecurities and anxieties. In the book, the Twilight star talks about the sense of relief that came with finally getting his degree in acting, as well as the pride that he feels in having achieved so much in his life. And it’s clear that this newfound peace of mind has made the forty-something much more appreciative of what he has, and of who he is.

3. “There will always be someone better-looking or someone smarter or someone with more talent.”

One of the most interesting aspects of Pattinson’s quote book is the stark contrast between the heartfelt sentiments behind some of the quotes, and the ironic, detached manner in which they’re presented. The following quote, for example, comes from On Rantanplan, one of Pattinson’s favourite albums:

“There will always be someone better-looking or someone smarter or someone with more talent. And there will always be someone who loves you more than you love yourself.”

These words – spoken by an artist named Laura (of which Pattinson is a huge fan) – are said to have been written in the late ‘70s, when the musician was a twenty-something year old. The inscription is printed on a T-shirt worn by the singer during concerts in the ‘70s, and it was also used as the screencap for the album’s Wikipedia page at one point – before the page was taken down due to “unreliable sources”.

Despite its age, On Rantanplan continues to move and inspire fans of the Twilight star decades later. In the week prior to the book’s publication, the quote was the most Googled term on Pattinson’s Twitter account, and it still holds this honour today. One of the things that makes On Rantanplan so special is that we’re not sure if the singer actually believes all of the lyrics – or if the detached tone of the album is a reflection of the singer’s true feelings.

4. “You make your bed your friend and your bed your enemy.”

Another one of Pattinson’s favourite albums is the aptly-named Bedroom Window. Written and composed by the artist himself, the album is filled with vivid, heart-breaking accounts of young love.

In the book, we’re treated to accounts of the singer’s tumultuous relationship with Kate Bosworth. The two were together for several years before Kate became involved with Ryan Reynolds, which was the beginning of the end for the couple. Like many of his quotes, the following quote comes from a favourite album:

“Make your bed your friend and your bed your enemy. Get used to turning over in it and pulling the covers up to your nose. Because when it comes down to it, there’s nowhere else you want to be than in bed, with your lover. And there’s nowhere else you want to be than in bed with your enemy – except, maybe, in prison, which is kind of the point.”

The quotation may seem rather cynical, coming from a man who was famously known for his sweet-natured exterior. But, as with most of his quotes, there’s more than one side to Robert Pattinson. In the last year of his relationship with Kate, the couple split up their shared residence nineteen times – with Pattinson making his bed (and, on one memorable occasion, a coffee table) his “accommodation” for the night. It was during one of these “roommate relocations” that he wrote the above lyric on a sheet of paper pinned to the wall above his bed. What’s more is that he continued to sing and dance around his bedroom for hours afterwards, despite the fact that he’d already broken up with Kate several times over the course of their relationship.

5. “Some people are more comfortable expressing themselves through their food than through their words.”

One of the things that makes Robert Pattinson so endearing is the fact that he often expresses himself in ways that are unexpected and unique. Take, for example, the above quote, which is taken from a recipe for marmalade-glazed salmon that he included in the book. In the years since, fans of the Twilight star have incorporated his culinary quirks into their own cooking, with many sharing his addiction to all things salmony on social media.