Most of us are still in shock that Wedding Beckham took place so quickly after the announcement a few months ago. But, as the world turns, and the paparazzi continue to follow his every move, one thing is for sure: the world hasn’t stopped for this duo. And as fans of the London-born sports stars know, they don’t really need much time to plan large-scale events.

But is Robert Pattinson really dating his real life partner? And, if so, how long have they been a couple? We take a look at the evidence and its surprising implications.

The Mysterious Birth Year

It was initially reported that Pattinson was born in 1985, which would make him 26 years old. However, in 2012, his actual date of birth was revealed to be December 21st, 1981. A bit of a youth crisis? Perhaps, but this is more than made up for by his incredible acting talent, which has enabled him to become one of England’s most prominent — and desirable — sports stars.

According to Celebrity Big Brother, the actor had a rather nomadic childhood. While traveling with his family, they would often stay in one place for only a couple of days before moving on. Aside from spending the majority of his childhood in England, the actor also spent some time in Australia and New Zealand. He attended The Scots College in Sydney and The Leisure Campus in Auckland. Perhaps this upbringing had something to do with his decision to do a U.S. accent for his latest film, Saving Mr. Banks.

Is He Dating Kristen Stewart?

Pattinson has long been seen as Stewart’s best friend, and vice versa. The pair met in 2004 while filming Equus, and later moved in together. They’ve since co-starred in ten films, including Twilight and The Rover. Their chemistry and romantic aura work well for the moviegoer — and the paparazzi.

But is this all merely a publicity stunt? In recent weeks, it has been rumored that Stewart and Pattinson are planning on moving in together. While this may be true, it’s not necessarily a romantic gesture. Perhaps a publicity stunt? Perhaps not. Even if it is, the actor’s coyness and desire to keep his personal life under wraps make this a prime example of multi-layered public relations.

The Evolution Of A Saint

Over the years, Pattinson has become somewhat of a feminist icon. The actor has spoken out about gender equality and has even participated in various campaigns to raise awareness of female genital mutilation. In 2014, Pattinson was given an award at the prestigious European Film Awards for his dedication to gender equality. Not your usual action-adventure type of guy, is he?

But it’s not just about gender equality. The actor has been raising awareness of several issues, including AIDS, for much of his career. Through Charity Begins At Home, he has been working with various international relief organizations to provide food, water, and shelter to those in need. Through a partnership with the U.S. Fund for UNICEF, he has been able to provide essential supplies to children in war-torn areas. This has led to him being described as “London’s most eligible bachelor.” No doubt about it, this is a guy who knows how to please the ladies.

The Perfect Day

In 2014, Pattinson was reported to be the wealthiest male celebrity in the world, with an estimated net worth of over £60 million. He possesses a 45% stake in Pattinson Private Limited, the company that owns his U.K. recording studio. But how does he make such extraordinary wealth?

The answer seems to be property. Years of diligent saving and investing have enabled this single man to amass a sizeable collection of real estate. He owns five homes, three of which are in the center of London. The Hollywood A-lister also owns a 15% stake in the fourth largest casino in the U.K., The Grand Tour, along with several luxury apartments in Hong Kong. And let’s not forget that he’s the co-founder of the worldwide lifestyle brand KP Worldwide. So it’s no wonder his PR company, Pattinson Films, is valued at just under £16 million.

With such an incredible array of wealth, it’s no surprise that Pattinson would want to splurge on the perks that come with dating a Royal. The spoiled bachelor has purchased a $2.85 million (£2.25 million) mansion in Beverly Hills, along with a large collection of vintage cars. And what’s a mansion without a private pool? This year, he has also purchased a yacht, which he plans on using for cruising around the world with his beloved Kristen Stewart. The perfect day for the Heirs Of Comedy? Perhaps not…

Royal Family Ties

Pattinson has numerous family ties to the Royal Family. He is the third generation of his family to live in London, and the first to be born in the city since Queen Victoria passed away in 1901. While attending Eton College, he joined the school’s rugby team, before going on to attend the University of Warwick. He is also related to the Barons of Bayswater and Twickenham, as well as various dukes, earls, and marquesses.

In light of this family history, it’s not difficult to see how Pattinson could be so invested in preserving the Royal Family’s reign. Through his company, KP Worldwide Media, he created and produced The King’s Speech, a biopic of King George VI. The film was selected to be screened at the 74th Academy Awards and earned the actor a BAFTA Award for Best Actor in a Leading Role. It’s no wonder that the U.K.’s House of Commons passed a motion designating January 29th, 2012 as “Robert Pattinson Day.”

Pattinson’s great-great-grandfather, Frederick Charles McKenzie, was granted the title Lord of the Isles in 1888, and was the first person in direct male line from Queen Victoria to possess this title. When he died in 1919, he was briefly succeeded by his son, William, before passing the title on to his only daughter, Elizabeth. She became Elizabeth II at the age of 25, following the abdication of her Father, King George VI. So it’s no wonder that Pattinson has been described as “the ultimate ladies’ man.” And, perhaps not surprisingly, he has received numerous awards for his acting talent, as well as for his continued support of various charitable causes.