Rumours have been swirling for some time now that Robert Pattinson and his wife, Debora, aren’t seeing eye-to-eye, and it looks like these rumours may be true. The British actor’s representative has denied the rumours, but it certainly seems like the marriage is on the rocks.

The couple wed in Italy in 2014 and their son, Lorenzo, was born that following summer. Since then, they’ve been the subject of tabloid headlines and speculation about their relationship, with reports suggesting that they’ve been cold and distant towards one another. Perhaps most damning of all, Robert has allegedly been unfaithful to his wife with several Hollywood starlets. While some have suggested the couple’s issues are merely the product of high stress and busy schedules (since the release of his film, Twilight, in 2011, Robert has not been able to escape the spotlight), others believe that darker forces may be at work.

We look at the evidence and the various conspiracy theories surrounding the couple’s split.

The Evidence

From the moment that Robert and Debora announced their engagement in 2011, tabloid journalists have been busy speculating about their relationship, with many suggesting that they might not make for the perfect pair. The Daily Mail dubbed them Hollywood’s It Couple, and they’ve certainly lived up to that reputation. But is all that celebrity really worth it?

In many ways, the marriage of one of the most recognizable faces in the world to a woman who isn’t even guaranteed to continue living on Planet Earth appears to be a disaster. Not only has it caused countless articles and think pieces to speculate about the nature of their union, but it also appears to have soured the goodwill that many had towards the actor.

The first sign of trouble came soon after their engagement. In the early stages of their marriage, the pair were spotted on their honeymoon trip to Italy struggling to put a baby girl bib on her daughter, Rose. But it was their son’s first meal that caused outrage among their fans. In February 2014, they hosted an intimate dinner party for 20 family and friends at their home in London. Among the guests was designer Victoria Beckham, who reportedly came away extremely concerned about the couple’s ability to parent. Even more unflattering photos of Robert and Debora surfaced that day. For the first time since their engagement, the public saw a different side to the story. In the wake of the photos, Victoria Beckham issued a statement saying, “I’ve known Robert for a long time and loved seeing him with Lorenzo. But it was a very strange way to start a family and I hope they work out their issues.”

After that, it seemed like every other photo of the couple was either a wedding shot or a family one. However, they’ve been spotted separately on occasion since their son started school, which seems to indicate that they’re still committed to raising their children as a family.

The Rumors

Rumors of the couple’s breakup began to surface just a few weeks after their son’s fourth birthday in September 2015. According to reports, Robert and Debora had a huge blow-out after a family camping trip near Loch Ness in Scotland. When they returned home, they reportedly went straight to their roof terrace for some alone time. At some point during that one-on-one session, the actor allegedly threw an iPhone at the terrace wall, breaking it into pieces. While an argument has since been put forward that the pair aren’t actually physically fighting, many believe that the marks on the terrace wall are proof that they’ve been in a rough patch for some time. Some have even reported that they’ve been avoiding one another for weeks or months, while others suggest that this is all part of a carefully crafted publicity stunt.

The breaking point for many came when Robert shared a photo of himself, with the hashtag #blessed on Instagram, alongside a photo of himself and his wife holding hands. Many fans and haters alike were quick to point out that the hashtag #blessed is often associated with Satan. Even more unflattering photos of the couple followed. One photo in particular, which featured Robert wearing no shirt and kneeling before his wife, has caused uproar amongst their fans. While many have interpreted this as a sign of humility and devotion, others have said that this is sexual assault plain and simple. The hashtags #StopRobertPatterson and #FreeDebora have become popular, and some even want the actor to be charged with sexual assault.

But it wasn’t just their social media activity that caused fans concern. At some point in late 2015, Robert’s team began to issue increasingly odd and vague updates about the couple’s relationship. In December 2015, Robert’s representative denied that there was any issue, saying, “They are both healthy and happy. They communicate well and enjoy spending time with each other and their family. There is no cause for concern.” A few days later, the couple released a joint statement saying, “We feel very fortunate to have found each other and are excited about the future together. We love spending time with Lorenzo and feel very much at home with him. We look forward to sharing our adventures as a family in the years to come.”

Despite their denials, it seems as though the couple have been on the rocks for a while. While they’ve stuck to their guns and maintained a public-facing relationship, many believe that the split is far from amicable, and that darker forces might actually be at play.


If there’s one thing that unites the various theories about the couple’s split, it’s that they all seem to revolve around sex. But is it just sex that has caused problems? Or is there more?

Since the beginning, fans have speculated that Robert and Debora might not make for the perfect pair. But is the blame largely placed on the male ego, or is there more to it? Many have drawn comparisons between the difficulties that the couple are experiencing and those faced by other famed celebrity couples, like John and Elizabeth Taylor and Grace and Donneh Whittaker. And while there are certainly similarities, it’s extremely unlikely that they’re living through a reenactment of an oft-told fairy tale.

Conspiracy theorists have also flocked to suggest that the relationship has more to do with the forces of darkness than it does with the ego’s of famous men. In the wake of the couple’s break-up, hundreds of theories have been tossed around as to the reasons why they’ve decided to call it quits, with rampant speculation that they might even be engaged in a legal battle for custody of their kids. Some fans have even gone as far to suggest that their separation is simply a publicity stunt or that she’s being held hostage by his parents. One popular theory has it that his father, Pete, who died in 2013, is actually the controlling force behind the actor. Another theory suggests that Robert is actually the child of Satan and he’s been dispatched on a mission to destroy Christianity.

There’s no question that the marriage of high-profile figures is becoming increasingly complicated. Between the countless photos of famous couples behaving badly for the sake of publicity and fans’ endless fascination with wealth and status, it’s easy to see why some might question the very concept of “happily ever after.”